Nick Cannon Thinks Mariah Carey is Getting Old and Fat – Dresses Like A Hot Mess? (PHOTOS)

Nick Cannon Thinks Mariah Carey is Getting Old and Fat - Dresses Like A Hot Mess? (PHOTOS)

Mariah Carey seems to be having a real problem with aging lately. She has been working overtime to try and convince her fans that she is still the hottest thing around but her attempts are registering as a bit ridiculous. Riding the subway or going to the playground in a ballgown – both of which she has recently done – only tends to make people laugh at you and it seems that even her husband, Nick Cannon doesn’t get it. According to the June 30th print edition of Star magazine Nick recently had a nifty chat with his wife and told her flat out that she looks absolutely ridiculous. He also told her that the fans are right to make fun of Mariah and that it’s time to dress her age and start to class it up a bit.

Sources say that Mariah couldn’t believe that Nick dared to talk to her that way – especially since the couple are rumored to be on the verge of divorce – and she still insists that she looks good and these desperate attempts prove it. Just how hard is Mariah trying to prove her youthfulness? Well girlfriend tweeted a photo from 1997 and tried to pass it off as a current shot! Apparently getting older isn’t sitting well at all and instead of fighting it in graceful, subtle way Mariah thinks that pouring her plump self into dresses that belong at a New Jersey prom will lead her to that fountain of youth.

Do you agree with Nick that Mariah needs to find a stylist that will morph her into a class act? Or do you kind of like the cheesy Mariah that dresses herself badly and is a consistent fashion don’t? Let’s face it, Mariah is LOW CLASSY despite her vainglorious attempts to portray herself otherwise – the elusive chanteuse can’t tell the difference between form and content regardless of how many pink poodle and bubble bath photos she posts on Instagram. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 responses to “Nick Cannon Thinks Mariah Carey is Getting Old and Fat – Dresses Like A Hot Mess? (PHOTOS)”

  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    Nick Cannon is a pig and he was very rude of saying that to her. He doesn’t get her age because he is couple years younger then her. Nick Cannon doesn’t understatnd woman at all. He cheated on Christina Millian when they were dating eachother. Mariah Carey is in her 40’s and she can dress the way she wants to. Nick Cannon doesn’t know about how older woman dress. He should get a book or something and read about it. He used Mariah Carey for her money and she doesn’t need him anymore. Nick Cannon is a immature asshole who just want to control her.

  2. Alan says:

    Mariah isn’t getting old at all. She looks sooo young for having 44 years old. No one wrinkle. She has Happiness and kids. I didn’t expect that nick was that shameless and mean. She MUST be dressed properly tho

  3. CerealandBerries says:

    Mariah Carey could lose so much weight IMMEDIATELY by just taking out those ridiculous breast implants and butt implants. She is so gorgeous naturally and looked fine the way she was before so why mess with it. The plastic surgery just look so obvious [and bad] because it is not proportionate to her body frame and not to mention suddenly out of nowhere, she got that kardashian/jlo butt thing going on back there.

    Add that on with the cheek fillings and it all makes her look fat and bloated. The work she got done isn’t even questionable did-she, didn’t-she type thing. It’s just obvious and bad.

  4. Rayof Light says:

    He married this train wreck and knew very well what he was getting…Yes she’s old, yes she’s fat and yes she acts mentally unstable, so what’s new…Nick, ride it out and wait for this mess to buy the farm and cash in your retirement account…

  5. Lucretia Chancler says:

    I don’t think Nick said that at all. However, she does need to wear clothes that fit. It’s not a good look with her chest and hips bursting out of clothes. She’s not a big woman. But when you wear your clothes 2 sizes too small, you will look bigger.

  6. Hillary Hussein McBush says:

    she is fat.

    She is not average size. Even her fingers are fat.

    She needs a food intervention.

    Her waist cinches now look convex.

    If you really care about her, you would want her to have people around who are honest with her and get her back in shape so she doesnt die early like mama kass.

    Size matters because once you start putting weight on it becomes easier to put more on and harder to get rid of it. On top of that the health related problems with being overweight are immense.

    Her face looks like an overinflated baloon now.

    Girl needs to lose the weight and fast before she loses her health.