Mark Ballas and Derek Hough Gay Couple Rumors: Mark’s Twitter Response After Couple Buys A House

Mark Ballas and Derek Hough Gay Couple Rumors: Mark's Twitter Response After Couple Buys A House

We told you all a few days ago about Dancing With the Stars costars Derek Hough and Mark Ballas buying themselves a new 1.25 million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills recently. It was the kind of purchase that raised eyebrows because we don’t ever see two grown men chipping in for a single family property-regardless of how spacious it may be, especially when they’re pushing 30. Add to that the fact that neither Derek nor Mark is ever really connected to any woman for very long and there you go, rumors galore.

Apparently the guys have caught wind of the jokes about the master bath having his and his sinks and so Mark took to his Twitter to blow off the innuendos saying, “Just a bunch of gossip wankers that don’t know any facts or anything about real estate #getalife LOL”

Well, I’ve never heard of a real estate agent encouraging anyone to buy a home with someone that they aren’t married to or at the very least in a committed relationship with, have you? Usually that’s a big no-no because you are setting yourself up for disaster. Also, did you notice that Mark didn’t deny the original insinuations? He took the time to comment but didn’t bother to call the rumors crazy, instead he name called and tried to blow it off. If there is nothing at all to the gay rumors then I’d expect Mark to deny them and remind people that he and Derek have been best friends since childhood. Instead it’s crickets. What do you think is really up with these two? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Tina

    This is so dumb. Mark doesn’t need to deny the rumors because anyone that is a fan of his knows, that he’s been dating singer BC Jean for way over a year now. Search it up!

    • Sara James

      Beard just like Julianne Hough was for Ryan Seacrest when he and Dereck were a couple.

  • Sarah

    Do some research first. They’re more then just childhood friends. They call themselves brothers. Marks mother calls Derek her son because shes raised him since he was 12. Rumors are spread from horrible articles like this.

    • Human Cobras

      Yeah, she calls him son because they’re a couple. DUh!!!

  • guest

    This is the main drawback for your site, CDL, you post the most libelous and slanderous rumors, and though they were fact.

    I wish you would practice truth in journalism.

  • little girl

    Derek is gay! Derek is straight! What in gods name does it matter! Its not sexuality that defines a person! Its character! Integrity, honesty, humility, compassion, generosity, kindness, a sense of humour! Whether gay or straight, Derek has displayed these traits on the show. He also has a charming personality, incredible talent with good looks as a bonus. Why does sexuality bring out the bully in some people? Relax you guys don’t let your inadequacies define you!

  • Human Cobras

    Childhood friends don’t buy a house together when they each can buy their own expensive house. Come on people. They’re so gay!!! Listen to Mark. The gaydar is going off the charts!!!! Open your eyes. Give it a few years and then you’ll see.

  • Human Cobras

    they are gay

  • Darren Stevens

    Hey, peeps, mind your f’n business! Nice house, roommates, lovers, who cares. It’s their business.

  • Sara James

    When Ryan was through with Dereck they broke up and his sister who was their beard was released. That’s when her film career (Footloose remake, Burlesque, etc) stopped now she is a TV judge on DWTS. It did not take Derick long to find a new man enter, Mark…

  • Anony Mouse

    Unless someone is in your bed, why should you care what their sexuality is?

  • Neha Sam

    That is true , by a close observance of their dances , yes their footwork , straight men don’t dance in that slim legs that which is why Mark has never had a love kind of chemistry with his partners dancin with him in dwts well comeon accept it,