Masters of Sex Recap 8/3/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “Dirty Jobs”

Masters of Sex Recap 8/3/14: Season 2 Episode 4 “Dirty Jobs”

Tonight on Showtime MASTERS OF SEX continues with a new episode. On tonight’s show called, “Dirty Jobs” Langham shares his suspicions about Masters and Johnson with DePaul.

On the last episode Virginia and Masters’ met up at a hotel, during their time there she learned more about him and the problems that he experienced during his childhood. Masters told Virginia about how his father broke his nose. It was one of their last interactions and Virginia for some reason was curious. She wanted to know the reason behind the broken nose. What pushed his father over the edge that day? And all Masters could reply was that he couldn’t remember. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show Johnson tries to cover when she and Masters are seen by Langham leaving a hotel together after an evening tryst. Later, Masters attempts to bring Johnson aboard as his assistant at his new post; and Betty tries to conceal her infertility from Gene, over Masters’ objections.

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Bill and Ginny talk about sex for release versus procreation and Freud’s outlook. He shows her some new files and she’s not happy that he’s resumed the study without her. He says the board wasn’t impressed with her application. He reminds her she has no higher education. He says she chose him over school and that she even put “mistress” as her current occupation on the application. She wakes from the nightmare. Bill is having a drink and she’s upset she slept. She says they don’t drink or sleep there – that’s not the arrangement. She says they need to work on the study. He was comfortable but now looks unhappy.

Austin is watching TV lying in bed with his kids while he snacks. He slides out of bed and sets the tray outside his hotel room door just in time to see Bill and Giny heading out of their room and into the elevator. He is in utter shock.

Ginny shows Bill the study files and he says Barbara is muddling the documents. She asks if there is any progress with Greathouse getting her onto the study and Bill says they are waiting on board approval. She says if he pulls up his car she’ll put them in but he wants her to keep working on it and she says that’s his secretary’s job. She’s offended that he wants her to work on the project but without her actually working on it.

He sees the diet pills and asks about them and she says since she’s not getting paid to work on the study, she can’t pay her bills so she’s doing it for the money. Austin watches them from his room as they drive away.

Betty meets Bill in the parking lot and rambles with idle chatter about getting used to her married name – Moretti. She says it makes her fele like she’s pretending to be someone she’s not. They get on the elevator. He’s annoyed.

Libby shows Coral an article she found about how new babies upset men because it makes their home smell different and seem greatly changed. She wants to hide everything away so he doesn’t notice the changes. She tells Coral about a luncheon she’s going to that she hopes will help his work. Libby sees a Dixie cup in her son’s peepee and Coral explains that it’s to keep him from peeing on her. She says she should have “asked” her first and Libby corrects her pronunciation and tells her to keep working on it.

Lillian and Ginny sit at the doctor’s office and Lillian says they need a sample pap-smear kit. Ginny says she made one up and then Lillian says maybe three or four kits. They talk about a visiting doctor and Ginny asks how he likes his coffee. Lillian can’t remember how to say sugar cubes. They are meeting with the namesake of the pap smear and Lillian is nervous.

They call Lillian’s name and she goes back for treatment. Looks like she’s getting radiation treatment focused on her skull. She lies perfectly still as the treatment begins. Ginny sees a chubby nurse eating cookies and chats her up. She talks about stress and the nurse says the cookies are for patient nausea but it’s hard on her. She says she did the grapefruit diet but it gave her cavities. Ginny tells her she’s been using Cal-Metric.

Bill has a potential study participant reject him and says her husband won’t let her do it because there is only one doctor – him – and not the female expert. She had done their study before but says she can’t do if Virginia isn’t in on it. She walks out as Greathouse is coming in. He’s disappointed that she won’t be part of the project and Bill says he needs Johnson. Greathouse says he needs to get a research assistant and Bill says Johnson is indispensable to the project.

Greathouse says that the board sees her as an overpriced secretary. Bill reminds him that Barb seems to have no clue but Greathouse wants her there (shagging her maybe) and his boss promises to float the idea at the bord meeting.

Austin sits down with Ginny and says he wonders why she left the study last year. He says he wonders what complicates every relationship and what splits people up. He tells her that when he goes to see his kids, he stays at the Chancery Park Plaza Hotel and saw her there with Bill. She asks why he didn’t says something and says they could have had drinks. She tells him they are still working on the study and says they are publishing the paper.

She says that she’s not welcome at his hospital nor he at hers. She says they work there. He asks why she quit the study then and she says they had a difference of opinion on whether it was ready to present. She says after the presentation debacle, they had a meeting of the minds and she came back. He seems to buy her stories.

Libby is with the ladies talking about their husbands. She says Bill is happy there and then a couple of them ask her about the study. They want to know what the best thing is she’s learned from all his experiments. She says she worked in his office for part of the study and that it’s terribly boring. Coral comes in with the baby. The ladies want to hold him and then ask Coral about her baby experience. She starts to tell them how she raised her brothers when her mom died but Libby cuts her off and says they were just being polite. Then the woman holding the baby says there is something crawling in his hair.

Ginny goes to see the pill pushing lady. She tells her she made all the sales without her script and she says that’s why her sales stink. She says she doesn’t like using a script that makes women feel bad but the woman says women who feel good about themselves don’t buy diet pills. She tells Ginny she needs to use the script to get better. Ginny says she doesn’t want to get better. The woman tells her that following your dreams won’t let you afford to live but tells Ginny maybe she’s special. She’s heavily sarcastic to her.

Ginny meets Bill at the bar. She’s late and he says he thought she wasn’t coming. She says she had to turn in her sales and he says he doesn’t want their work interfering with her diet pill sales. She tells him about Austin spotting them. She says she handled it but he goes into a panic. He reminds her he’s a married man and she says then it would be imprudent for them to go upstairs. He goes home and finds Libby in a panic with the house torn up.

She says Johnny has lice and he says the baby is crying. She’s freaking out and says Coral brought it into their house. Bill calms her down and says just to wash the baby’s stuff and not everything and to get shampoo at the drug store. He takes the diaper pail out.

Lillian talks to the pap smear guy and is losing her words but Ginny steps up to fill in. He tells them he’s starting a research center of his own at the University of Miami. They show him the testing kit prototype. She mispronounces another word and Ginny has to translate.

Betty rushes up as Bill is coming up and he asks if she’s conspiring to stop him. She has Gene there and says he’s there to make a donation. Bill says he’s given enough money but they clarify they’re their to donate sperm so he can check it. Betty grabs a magazine and a vial for Gene. Barb interrupts and tells Bill that Greathouse wants to know what time the study starts tonight and he tells her that he needs to make sure that he knows they are looking at older men with enlarged prostitutes. She’s lost and he finally yells at her that it will be old men masturbating!

Coral is scrubbing the toilets when Libby comes in and hands her a bottle of shampoo and asks her to use it tonight. She says everyone that she lives with should use it too. Coral insists no one in her family has lice and it didn’t come from her. Libby says she never said that. She holds it out and Coral grudgingly takes the bottle.

Betty tells Bill to look at Gene’s sample and tell him his swimmers are no good. He says he can’t stare at a cup and say that and she says to put it under a magnifying glass. Bill says it’s a shame she didn’t pursue a career in medicine. Bill gets angry and says he’s not going to tell Gene that he’s sterile when he knows for a fact that she’s the problem.

Betty says they can end it now. She says he can go ahead and tell Gene she’s infertile. Gene comes in with his sample just then and next we see Gene with his head in his hands. She says that Bill just got her test results and she’s the culprit. Gene says he doesn’t know what to say. She says you think that all you have to do is to find the right guy and it hurts to find out her body isn’t cut out for baby making.

Bill says there is nothing to be done about it. Gene thanks him for trying and Bill says he really didn’t do anything. He hands Betty the sample and says she should be the one to dispose of it. Outside, Betty tells him she’s devastated but they still have each other. He goes to pay the bill and she says that Masters took care of it. She wants to go home but he insists on paying for all her fertility treatments now. Uh-oh.

Ginny asks Papanicolaou about the Williams Prize, which he chairs the committee for. She says that kind of endorsement would be invaluable to the pap smear program that Lillian is running. She says that Lillian as done everything here with no help or guidance. He says he didn’t expect to be impressed but was but then also admits that he didn’t remember Lillian as a student. She tells him Lillian’s program is remarkable and he agrees it is. She says she hopes he bears that in mind when meeting for the Williams Prize.

Bill hands the “magic wand” to an obese lady study participant. She complains that it’s cold and he says his partner used to warm it with a towel but he forgot to. He tells her it will warm up with use. She’s not  too happy but she goes to work anyway. Greathouse comes in and says he thought it was prostates and Bill says it was a clerical error and they’re doing post-menopausal. Greathouse makes a crack about her weight then says “thar she blows” when she starts to climax. Bill says he needs Ginny and Greathouse says he spoke to the board but it’s a process.

Austin comes into the office and says hi to Lillian. He says the worst part of divorce is eating potato chips for dinner and says he’s fantasizing about his wife’s cooking. Lillian says if he’s going to sit there and blabber, she needs a drink. She pulls out a bottle and they drink and get drunk and giggly. She says she has exams to grade and he says to let Virginia do it for her. They toast to Virginia. Lillian says the second she met her, she thought she had her pegged as someone who would latch on to a man to get ahead but she was wrong.

Austin says she wasn’t and then tells her that he saw Virginia and Bill leaving the hotel. Then he tells her that Virginia used to fix Bill’s tie. He says there is a wall around Bill Masters that no one but Virginia can get through. He says he can’t believe it looking back and says he should have known they were sleeping together the whole time. Lillian is floored.

Coral comes in and Libby wants to know why her hair is the same. She says her brother checked her and didn’t find anything. Coral says it costs her $4 to get her hair done. She turns to Bill and says for her to please tell Libby that black people can’t get lice. Libby is aggravated that she’s dragging Bill into it but he takes Coral’s side and says “negro” hair is inhospitable to lice. He tells Libby he’ll be home late.

At the oncologist, Lillian tells Ginny that she cheated at calculus because she struggled. She says she bought the final exam from another student. Ginny says she’s impressed that Lillian broke the rules and she says it was just one shortcut and doesn’t diminish what she’s done since. She says that’s her secret and asks what Ginny’s is. Ginny says she doesn’t have any and Lillian says she doesn’t believe it. She tells Ginny she’s seen her at her worst, naked and afraid and sick and says it’s only right that she should share with her. Ginny says honestly she’s not that interesting. Lillian tightens up and just stares straight ahead.

Libby calls Coral into the bathroom and says she has to be able to trust her to tell her the truth. Coral apologizes and says she’ll use it but Libby says she can’t trust her. She wants to wash her hair and says if she doesn’t let her she can leave and won’t be welcome back. Coral sits and Libby washes her hair. She says they have to be on the same side.

She says she can’t go to Dr Masters about anything and says he’s not a part of this and the two of them have to stick together. She finishes up with her hair and leaves Coral dripping and unhappy. Libby gives Coral the money to get her hair redone and says it’s her treat. Coral is clearly upset.

Lillian meets with Dr. P and asks him to take her new program with him to U of Miami. He says he already has a staff. She says she isn’t asking for a job but has realized that the university there doesn’t have the personnel to staff it. He clarifies that once she hands it over her role will be finished. Lillian says she understands.

Greathouse finds Bill and asks what’s on the study menu tonight. Bill says he needs to apologize for last night and forgot to warn him about the transference effect. He says observation of sexual activity can produce tension in the observers that can cause erotic sensations and says it can even happen between a man and another man. Greathouse says he doesn’t understand.

Bill says he’s being doing it so long, he’s immune but says he’s seen men that observe it too much and then it “turns” their attentions to men and they don’t come out the same. That gives Greathouse a shudder. He walks away. Bill is putting the equipment on a really attractive woman. He goes to the observation area and finds a bunch of doctors watching through the two way glass. One says it’s better than his bachelor party.

Bill asks Greathouse to step outside and tells him this is a scientific study and not a stag party. He tells Greathouse that he won’t let those slugs sit there and watch. He says if he will immediately authorize hiring Mrs Johnson and clear the jerks out of his study room. Greathouse says he’s not going to let him promote a secretary above her pay grade and tells Bill to stop thinking with his cock.

Bill comes back in and shoves an egg roll in one guy’s mouth then punches Greathouse twice. Remember last week we learned that he’s been boxing since boarding school. Greathouse says by the time he gets off the phone tomorrow, no hospital will have him. The fight stops when the woman moans as she’s climaxing. The other doctor’s stare and Bill rushes in and covers her and pulls down the blind to block their view.

Lillian gives Ginny the files to copy to send to Dr. P. She’s shocked that she gave him the program and asked why she didn’t tell her before she made her decision. Ginny says they’re partners and Lillian says it’s her research. She tells her she recommended her for the William’s Prize and tells her that Dr. P will take all the credit. Lillian says she didn’t go into research to see her name on the study.
[11:12:42 PM] Rachel Rowan: Ginny runs into Lorraine outside her house and tells her about Cal-Metric. She asks her how she feels when she looks in the mirror. Lorraine asks how she feels and Ginny says she feels great and says women who feel confident in their figures always feel great. She says women who have put on a few pounds or are sagging don’t feel great. She says that it’s hard when the checkout boy no longer checks you out. She tells her it could be the start of a brand new you.

Bill comes in and finds Austin at his house. He says Johnny has a bad case of the cutes. He says he needs to talk to him about a new case. Bill isn’t happy to see him there but has no choice since Libby invited him to stay for dinner.

Betty and Gene eat dinner and she chatters while he sits silent and annoyed. He corrects something she says and he calls her a phony. She says she deserves it and says she wants him to know she loves him and that she’ll be there when he’s done punishing her. He asks why she just didn’t tell her the truth when they met and she says he never would have married her. He says he met her before the church thing. He says he’s always been shy about girls so he went to a brothel to try and work through it.

Gene says he thought he could learn there and never met a girl who was as nice to him as she was and he wanted to stay and thought he’d never see her again. He says when he saw her in church, he knew they were meant to be. He says he never thought she was a good Christian girl, just the love of his life. He keeps eating dinner, but he’s clearly upset.

Austin lights Bill a cigar and tells him it’s an acquired taste but gives you a Hemingway air. He admits he’s there to give Bill some advice. He says he married his wife hoping it would cure his roving eye but says he screwed a dental hygienist three months after they married. He says he’s asked himself why he couldn’t be more like him and then when he saw him with Ginny he realized they’re the same. Bill tries to perpetuate the lie but Austin says that Lillian also knows and that bachelor life sucks so he needs to keep it under wraps.

Austin says some days are like heaven but then he walks by the nursery it reminds him how much he misses his kids. He tells Bill to weigh what he has with Virginia against everything else he has and ask if it’s worth it. He looks and sees Libby at the window and gives her a tight smile.

Bill wakes in his single bed and sees Libby isn’t in hers. He finds her smoking in the kitchen and she says she got a call from Greathouse’s wife telling her that he got in the fight and he’s fired. She screams that she shouldn’t have to hear everything third hand and says this is the second job in two months. She rants about the study and says there won’t be a hospital left that will take him.

She asks how many more opportunities he’ll squander. She says he has a wife and child that depend on him and he says all he thinks about is how to do right by her and the baby. He tells her she has to trust him and says he’s going to take care of her. He says she has to believe it and then begs and gets quivery. When she sees him start to shake, she stops and goes to him to comfort him. She says he’ll find the right job and everything will be okay.

Ginny’s kids do their homework and she chastises her daughter for having her son do her math problems for her. She says everything worth having is worth doing on her own. They ask if that’s what she’s done and she says no, but from now on it will be.

Bill is at Buell Green Hospital. He says he and his partner are both pleased to bring their work there together. He’s at the black hospital. Cool!