Michael Muhney Speaks Out – Thanks Fans For Support On Twitter – Headed To Another Soap Opera?

Michael Muhney Speaks Out - Thanks Fans For Support On Twitter – Headed To Another Soap Opera?

Michael Muhney was fired by The Young and the Restless producer Jill Farren Phelps almost six months ago, and his legions of dedicated fans have spoken out against the sexual harassment allegations he was accused of since he left the popular daytime drama. Muhney however seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet since he was removed from the soap opera and no longer playing the role of Adam Newman. Despite the media firestorm that occurred after Muhney was fired, the soap star kept his lips sealed about the issue. He didn’t speak out on his own behalf other than to say not to believe the rumors – and he didn’t apologize either.

Today Michael Muhney logged onto Twitter for the first time since January 6th and reached out to his fans that have supported him this entire time. Muhney tweeted, “Lotta good people in this world. I’m thankful each and every day for the overwhelming love.” Although Muhney’s tweet was pretty vague, his followers seem to be under the impression he is thanking them for standing up for him and defending him. Muhney’s followers are confident that he is innocent of all allegations and believe that he was just another Y&R cast member to be strong-armed off the series by producer Jill Farren Phelps.

While most of Muhney’s fans are just ecstatic that he finally broke radio silence, we can’t help but wonder why he is suddenly reappearing after months of hiding out and living under the radar. Rumors have been emerging for months that Jason Morgan will be returning to ABC’s soap General Hospital, and a lot of fans are speculating that Muhney may be Steve Burton’s replacement. If the rumors are true that Jason Morgan is returning to General Hospital during the month of May, and Michael Muhney will be playing the part- then it makes complete sense that he has decided to reintroduce himself to the world of social media and reconnect with his fans. If not General Hospital, then perhaps he has another gig lined up and is ready to put himself back out there.

What do you think Muhney fans? Why do you think Michael finally broke radio silence on Twitter today? Do you believe the rumors that he is headed to ABC’s General Hospital? Would you watch the ABC soap if Michael Muhney became a regular? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • janie

    That’s the best news! I don’t care what he’s on, I will watch him. I’m glad he’s back on social media! Keep us informed if news comes about a new role!

  • vanda

    I will follow him where ever he goes …but what a shame if he is not back to y&r becauae wow soap is sad without him

  • RedRiver38

    Duh. He didn’t do it. Uniformed people like you breed hate. Get educated before you make a fool of yourself.

    • basket weaver

      Lol her name says it all #gross and jealous

  • RedRiver38

    Y&R’s loss is GH’s gain. I’d take Michael Muhney over Steve Burton any day of the week.

  • msgermss

    Michael was the heart of Y&R and it is worse than awful without him. Good luck regardless of where you go and I’m sure you will do well.

  • xy&rfan

    Your name suits u well. Perhaps 1 day someone will accuse yourself or a close family member of something unsubstantiated and we’ll see how you like it!

  • xy&rfan

    After 40 years I gave up watching Y&R because I could not support a show that treats it’s top stars and it’s fans so poorly. The poor judgement, to say the least, that has been afforded all of the MS, BM and certainly the MM fans is deplorable. Would I watch MM on GH, you could bet your bank account on it! I would in fact, watch him anywhere anytime, even if he were to go back to Y&R! I will always back MM!!

  • April Lewis-Askren

    Love him no matter what!!! Will watch whatever he is on!

  • basket weaver

    Your name gross sizes up your intelligence. Who and where did you hear/read this? #boycottgross you honey Teresa Segal

    • basket weaver

      Nothing you wrote makes a bit of sense

  • basket weaver

    Buh bye hasta luego don’t let the door…you know the rest man hatred much?

  • basket weaver

    Wherever MM goes #teammuhney will follow

  • omg

    I’d watch. Actually, I’ve already started….. it’s really good! LOL …. there’s more going on on General Hospital in one episode that what happens on Y&R in two weeks!

  • Mary1054

    Absolutely! I WAS a follower of Y&R since its inception. Once MM and BM left the show it was not worth watching. I will definitely tune into GH just to see him and his magnificent acting. Y&R has made some critical mistakes in casting especially with the new Billy. I caught a glimpse one day catching Billy kissing Chelsea…I could not switch the channel quick enough. Sorry he is just not making the grade. My new soap will be GH if indeed MM is there!

  • Shelley

    For all of you responding to KelliGross it is actually someone impersonating her, Chris Vea to be exact. She is a staunch MM hater and has used those exact words in her comments here as she does on twitter and has been harassing #TeamMuhney for months. As for the article written it has not been almost 6 months since MM was fired unless you count Dec to April 6 months lol. What does MM need to apologize for? What did he do to us? He owes us nothing! Im pretty sure when Brad Pitt left his wife for another woman he did not apologize to his fans!

    • TaraValleen

      LOL!!! You think you know… but you really, really don’t!!

    • Shelley

      Shelley, you are so right. He did nothing to that child. He’s above that and also above Y&R! There will always be small people with no class to fuel ugliness! Such a shame. (I like the way you spell your name, Shelley from West Vancouver).

  • Tdee

    Wow, I read the comments below. I feel MM is an intelligent guy. Anyone in his position to do what has been accused of would have to be an IDIOT! MM is NO idiot! He would be risking his family and marriage. From what I have read that he has posted in the past I just don’t see that happening. He did respond back in Jan on Twitter. He said the same thing George Maharis told me back in the 1960’s when he starred on Route 66. Met and intervied him for my Jr. High paper. ” Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see…” Michael probably needed some time to himself and for his family. Lets not forget they had a new baby at that time. Y&R has been going down hill for some time now. Really started to decline rapidly when Jeanne Cooper got ill last year and then passed. Since then too many cast changes and NOT for the better. All the new young actors can not act their way out of a paper bag. They all need to GO! I for one watch only occasionally now. With MM gone and Billy Miller gone also. Show just does not pass muster anymore. Current story lines stink! The writers need to go ! Listen to the fans people or your show will go the way of all the others that are now off the air…

  • Herekittiez

    Take these rumours lightly. Unless you have the factual proof don’t be posting on any news outlet that he’s going to GH for sure.

  • Susan

    Michael Muhney can not only act circles around Steve Burton; he can act circles around anyone! He’s an exceptional actor & GH would be lucky to have him. Ratings would go through the roof!!

    • Pattie Patriquin

      i love mm the only reason i came to y&r is to follow steve b..but instead i found mm..a.k.a ADAM..so i guess before watching him i never new wat great acting was like..so thank you michael muhney..your the geatest so @susan you r deff right about running circles around not just steve but around anybody!!

  • jae430

    think i heard rumored that MM may be taking the role of A. J. Quartermaine that Sean Kanan recently signed off on…

  • Betty hannigan

    Bring him back on the y&r he is the best…

  • link Lady

    I definitely think Y&R was wrong to let Michael Muhney go! He was great as Billy, David Tom is trying but he just can’t be Billy. Another soap will be so fortunate to get him and their ratings will go up!! I will always follow MM. Y&R executives should get rid of Jill – fire her!! Then bring back Michael Muhney!!!!!!!

  • Jan

    Since JFP took over, we have ended up with a new not very good Abby, a new horrible Billy, a Phyllis in a coma forever, 2 terrible Kellys, an awful Ian, a very unconvincing Mariah, and probably a horrible new Adam. There must be some absolutely terrible goings on behind the scenes with all those miscasts & departures. I bet the cast & crew who not FOJs are all on pins & needles waiting for the shoe to drop. IMO

  • LB

    It truly blows my mind all the ignorance in this world & what people believe & spread just to ruin a person with NO proof!!

  • lampsis

    most of us has signed petition towards M.M. to come back as “Adam” on the Y.R., and now the same people will follow him on G.H.? I don’t get this, really people/fans? I understand to support his decision (if that is HIS OWN decision) and not decision made for him by others? Well G.H. is on earlier time, which is out of the question for me to watch it, since I don’t get home ’till after 4p.m., but I believe it’s on Demand, I will watch it then, it will be “watch and see”…..

  • Debbie Randolph

    Good luck to MM where ever he goes,he is a very good actor.But young and the restless will always be my favorite soap.

  • Tiffany

    Already became a GH fan right after Y&R got rid of MM and BM. Lovin it too!!

  • No.Mo.B.O.

    In a heartbeat!

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  • ashley

    i agree Lyra, i fast forward too thru most, Jill and that pretend hubby is such a bore, also Cain and his spoiled wife .. The show is going down fast, big mistake getting rid of MM, i will go to the one he goes too.

  • Dean Stacy Sullivan

    Man I love me some Michael and these haters need to go away.

  • iamreasoning

    I am glad he got a job. I think he’s talented. I think the reason Adam has not shown up on Y & R is because they are waiting on Muhney to find another acting gig. He needs to keep his head up and learn from his mistakes like all of us.

  • Fab

    Never watched it again since Michael Muhney left and what you said just confirmed my doubts : The Y&R could never be the same without the talent of our Michael Muhney.Will watch him wherever he goes.

  • Fab

    All these comments just show how beloved Michael Muhney is and any show that hires him will win big time ! He is such an awsome actor and a wonderful gentleman. We all look forward to the pleasure of seeing that beautiful on his face. We love you Michael Muhney.You should take pride in your talent and the beautiful impact you have on all the fans ( all aroun the world) You are an actor of great caliber and filmakers should be aware of your popularity.

  • Lea Kane

    I would LOVE for him to come to GH, as any character TBH. When Jill the butcher went to Y&R, Steve Burton quit GH under the pretenses of moving to Tennessee when he was really following her for a role on Y&R. So it would truly be poetic if Michael were coming to GH to take over the role for Jason Morgan lol.