Michelle Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal Hook Up Encouraged by Busy Phillips

Michelle Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal Hook Up Encouraged by Busy Phillips

This situation is interesting, especially because nobody’s seemed to think of it before. Michelle Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal dating? The two already have a professional history after working together on Brokeback Mountain, but would Jake ever date his Heath Ledger‘s ex-wife, knowing how close they were? According to Radar Online, it’s Michelle’s BFF Busy Phillips who’s playing matchmaker on this one, and she’s reportedly very interested in Michelle and Jake getting together.

A source tells Radar, “Busy’s been trying to match-make them for a good year now and got her hopes up when she saw how Jake really became a shoulder to cry on for Michelle at their friend Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s funeral. But despite her efforts, she still hasn’t gotten them to go out on a date yet.”

Michelle recently got out of a months-long romance with Jason Segel, and before that she was linked to Spike Jonze and Cary Fukunaga. But even still, it never seemed like she fell head-over-heels in love with someone the way she did with Heath. A part of that could be practicality – she does have a young daughter to take care of and a career to manage, but a part of that could just be hesitation. Michelle seems fiercely protective over her family and friends, and she might just be holding back from getting that close to someone again.

The source also confirms what we were saying, that Busy’s not taking into consideration the fact that Jake probably won’t date an ex of Heath’s, no matter how much time has passed. So even if she wants to make matchmaker with her friend’s romantic life, she should probably aim for someone a little less high-profile.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet