Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Fight Over Living Arrangements: Is Divorce The Next Step?

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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are fighting – again. This makes it, what, the millionth time that these two have gone at it, according to the tabloids?

Reports suggest that instead of fighting over who cheated on who, Miranda and Blake are supposedly fighting on where to live this time around. Sources explain that both Miranda and Blake are ‘officially’ giving their Oklahoma ranch as their permanent residence, but apparently Blake is, “secretly hoping to make their roots in Nashville.”

But alas, Miranda doesn’t necessarily agree with that. She doesn’t think that Blake can be trusted living in such a big city, never mind the fact that he spends most of his time in Los Angeles right now. Sources close to Miranda also add, “Blake has a lot of drinking buddies in Nashville, and the temptation to go out carousing would be stronger if they lived there full-time.”

Ok, so Miranda and Blake both bought a house in Nashville – together – but Miranda doesn’t want to live there? Why buy a house if you’re not going to use it? Plus, if Blake is going to go ‘carousing’, then he’ll do it whether Miranda likes it or not. I mean, if Miranda ‘lets’ him party in Los Angeles, she’s going to let him party in Nashville.

Yes, this is Star Magazine, so of course they bring every Miranda/Blake story to the same issue – that Miranda doesn’t trust Blake. Period. It doesn’t matter where he’s living, she seems to think that he’s forever going to be cheating on her. And hey, maybe that’s true, but I don’t think she would agree to buying a house in Nashville if she had no intention of them staying there.

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  • Elizabeth southerland

    No that’s stupid who is going to leave someone for just moving or stuff like that yeah now I do see someone leaven because being cheated on now that’s one good reason but come on now they care about one another why say stupid things like that and married people are going to fight and stuff but they all ways fined a way to work it out so yeah way say stupid stuff so think about about what your going to say before you say it

  • Elizabeth southerland

    And for one woman should have a say in if the man they are married to wants to go out and party they care about them so yeah when a woman said s no that should stop him because he has a family ok so just shut up ok please god dose not like people that talks like that no one get it