Mob Wives’ Alicia DiMichele Is NO Victim – She Cheated With Rob LaScala On Husband Eddie “Tall Guy” Garafalo – CDL Exclusive

Mob Wives' Alicia DiMichele Is NO Victim - She Cheated With Rob LaScala On Husband Eddie "Tall Guy" Garafalo - CDL Exclusive

On Mob Wives: New Blood we have watched Alicia DiMichele get put through the ringer this season. After the reality star learned her husband Eddie “Tall Guy” Garafalo was “cooking the books,” she was actually brought up on similar charges. As if raising her children alone while her husband sat in prison wasn’t stressful enough, Alicia discovered that her husband Eddie had been unfaithful to her before he was incarcerated.

We all felt for Alicia on Mob Wives: New Blood when we watched her discover Eddie’s infidelities. But, a source close to the Mob Wives star has confirmed that Alicia DiMichele was not the heart-broken victim we all thought she was. Alicia actually had committed some infidelities of her own, long before she knew Eddie Garafalo had cheated on her.

When Alicia’s husband Eddie went to prison, a close family friend, Rob LaScala stepped up to the plate and promised to “look after Alicia.” And he did, he even went above and beyond, and began a steamy affair with Alicia DiMichele.

While Alicia DiMichele was being portrayed as a victim on Mob Wives, she was actually the complete opposite. Alicia recently implied that Carla Murino was trying to steal her husband Eddie, when in reality Alicia was out stealing another woman’s husband! Family friend Rob Lascala has a wife and kids of his own!

Although Alicia tried to “set the record straight” and deny claims of her alleged affair with LaScala, a Philly restaurant owner, our source is telling us that is not the case. DiMichele didn’t discover Eddie’s infidelities until she listened to the tapes of his phone calls, and the affair with LaScala began long before Alicia was handed over tapes of her husbands’ phone calls.

Are you as surprised as we are about Alicia DiMichele’s affair? She seemed so sweet and innocent on Mob Wives: New Blood!

Mob Wives' Alicia DiMichele Is NO Victim - She Cheated With Rob LaScala On Husband Eddie "Tall Guy" Garafalo - CDL Exclusive

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  • This show is full of drama too.

  • Rick

    Rob her boyfriend s been paying everyone of her bills . She was 6 months late on rent at her store in cherry hill all of a sudden she’s got the rent $ plus she opened a new store . She had to move out of her home cause she couldn’t afford the mortgage . She was able to stay in her home . She had a court appointed lawyer cause she could afford one . She’s got an attorney now. She tells everyone her brother pays , her brother is a two bit bookie.

    • Debra Yates

      Not the brother from the good family that knows nothing about organized crime!

  • weirswalker

    As long as you don’t call them DELICIOUS, we’ll be OK…I love those bitches..

  • anna

    They need to stop lying about here I feel for her she have to go how this shit

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  • Debra Yates

    She is nobody’s victim! When the Feds come for you they already have their case made. She pled guilty because she is guilty.

  • Daniel Branch

    She knew about the books. She’s manipulative and calculating. They all know what their husbands and boyfriends do. Of course not every detail, but they know. So I believe she cheated. She felt entitled. I don’t think she’s a bad person. But I’m not buying any of the blind damsel in distress routine.

  • Daniel Branch

    I disagree. I love Natalie. What’s wrong with dressing sexy if you look like that?

    • Dee

      Agreed. Some women are just insecure and jealous

  • Daniel Branch

    Let’s not get crazy. The Philly girls made the show this season. If it weren’t for them we’d be watching Drita rap, Ang freeze her eggs and Renee relapse.

  • LuvIsNecessary

    It says she was having an affair before she heard the wire taps. But doesn’t mean he wasn’t cheating on her first. But regardless it sounds like they’re both ho bags. They need to stay married, they have more in common than they think…

  • Dee

    I love how you act like you know this for a fact

  • Dee

    You sound ridiculous and insecure with an overwhelming tone of jealous! Ew

  • Dee

    Team Alicia! F*** you haters and jealous fools.

  • Melissa0513

    If you notice when Renee commented on her having a boyfriend when they were arguing at lunch she said so what if I do. Whose business is it. She didn’t deny it at all.. She plays the victim card and she’s not. She may be innocent with the books thing, but other than that she’s not. I mean come on.. You had to suspect something with you husband. But as far as her and Natalie calling women that steal married women with kids husbands dirty whatever it was they said, don’t throw stones!