Mob Wives RECAP 1/16/14: Season 4 Episode 7 “Loose Lips”

Mob Wives RECAP 1/16/14: Season 4 Episode 7 “Loose Lips”

Tonight on VH1 their docu-soap series MOB WIVES continues with an all new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “Loose Lips,”  when Ang, Drita, and Renee make a visit to Philly to show support for Alicia during this difficult time. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode the women decided to make the most of their last night in Vegas by going to a strip club. When they got back home, Drita had to come clean to Lee about the $8,000 she lost and Alicia had to face the reality of Eddie’s sentencing.

On tonight’s show Drita has a violent nightmare that she is convinced is a bad sign of things to come. Natalie reveals to Ang and Drita that Renee’s apology was meaningless, and that she is still furious over Renee’s admission that Renee sees her as a “piece of trash”. Meanwhile, Renee tells her son, AJ that she can’t get over Natalie’s insults about her Mob Candy clothing line. When a tabloid newspaper runs several articles attacking Alicia, the women all speculate…who could be feeding the press information? They also worry that Alicia could be headed to jail after the judge for her case summons her to court. When Ang, Drita, and Renee make a visit to Philly to show support for Alicia during this difficult time, Alicia shocks everyone when she accuses someone in their inner circle of being “the leak.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of VH1′s Mob Wives Season 4 Episode 6 at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Mob Wives tonight.

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Tonight’s episode of Mob Wives opens with Alicia, her brother pays her a visit at her house. Alicia is grateful her brother has paid her a visit to cheer her up, she is still stressed about Eddie’s sentencing being postponed. Her brother wants to talk about what is going to happen if she goes to jail. Alicia doesn’t want to imagine going to jail, but her brother points out that she needs to be prepared. And, she needs to make plans regarding her kids, bills, and house in case the judge throws her directly in jail.

Natalie pays Big Ang a visit at her house. Dirta joins them to discuss everything that happened in Vegas. Natalie apologizes, she feels horrible that their trip was ruined by her drama with Renee. Even though Renee apologized, Natalie is not happy because she confessed to her that she thought Natalie was “trash.” Natalie doesn’t think that Renee’s apology was sincere. Drita points out that even though she apologized, Renee isn’t going to let their fight go, she is going to keep bringing it up. Big Ang agrees with Drita, Renee doesn’t let anything go. Natalie declares that is Renee “f—-s with her, she is going to wish she never met her.”

Big Ang is eating dinner with her husband Neil, her son AJ, and his girlfriend. Ang is excited because Gabby is pregnant and she is going to be a Grandma. But, she is annoyed that her all his girlfriend does is sleep. Ang announces that she wants to try to get pregnant and have a baby with her husband Neil.

Renee and her son AJ head out to play darts, so that she can tell him about everything that happened in Vegas. AJ tells her to “move on” and let go of what happened with Natalie. He tells Renee to “say f—k the girl and move on with it.”

Drita meets Ang at a café so that Ang can show her the newspaper. There is a picture of Drita and Alicia on the front page drinking in bathing suits on their trip to Vegas. According to the newspaper Alicia never got permission to go to Vegas, she told the judge that she was visiting her son in college. The article is full of details of their Vegas trip, that only certain people know. According to Big Ang, “the article has rat written all over it.” Someone sold the story about Alicia to reporters.

Alicia meets up with Natalie and shows her the newspaper article about her. Alicia says that it “isn’t true.” Alicia got permission from the judge to go to Vegas. She is upset because someone is selling stories to the press about her that aren’t even true. Alicia is freaking out, because this story could hurt her chances of not going to jail.

Drita is taking time out and “focusing on her family,” and spending time with her daughter Gizelle. Drita is going to take her daughter Gizelle to meet an agent and see if she can get some modeling gigs. When Drita was her age she modeled, and she loved it.

Alicia heads to her lawyer’s office to see what kind of damage the newspaper article is going to do on her case. Her lawyer tells her that she didn’t break any laws, but the article is definitely going to make her look bad in front of the judge. He tells her she needs to stop posting personal things on her social media accounts, it is giving people ammunition to write articles about her. He tells her that worst case scenario, she can be sentenced to five years in jail.

The next day Ang finds another article in the paper about Alicia. In this article a source is telling the papers that Alicia makes way more money than she is claiming she does, and she has been hiding her assets from the court. Ang calls Alicia, and Alicia is freaking out. Someone clearly keeps selling lies to the papers about her, and it is screwing up her sentencing. The judge isn’t going to show her any mercy if he reads these articles.

Drita pays Renee a visit at her house, and Renee apologizes for all of the drama she caused in Vegas. While they are talking Ang calls them on the phone and tells them about the latest article in the paper about Alicia. And, the judge is not happy. The judge told her lawyer to have her in court this week. The fact that the judge wants to see her before her actual sentencing is not good.

The next day Alicia visits Drita at her house. Alicia knows that someone is deliberately trying to hurt her by selling these stories to the newspapers. Alicia thinks she knows who is “ratting her out.”

Drita, Ang, and Renee head out to lunch. They discuss how scared they are that Alicia may go to prison this week. They know that Alicia is “not jail material.” Drita doesn’t think that Alicia knew she was “cooking the books” for her husband Eddie. Renee reveals that she heard the recorded phone calls, and the reason Alicia is in trouble is because they have her on tape saying “I know everything my husband does.” They decide they should go see Alicia and give her some support before her sentencing.

Drita, Ang, and Renee head to Alicia’s house. Alicia reveals to her friends that the judge is going to sentence her this week, and it’s all because of the articles in the paper. Alicia thinks that someone “in her circle” is selling stories about her to the press. Ang doesn’t think any one of them are “snitches.” Alicia thinks that Renee is “spreading her business.” Alicia wants to know who told her what was on the tapes, but Renee refuses to tell her. Renee is upset, she came to Alicia’s house to show her support, and in return Alicia accuses her of snitching on her and spreading rumors about her.