Mob Wives Recap – Victoria Gotti Gives Big Ang Advice: Season 5 Episode 3 “Storm A-Brewing”

Mob Wives Recap - Victoria Gotti Gives Big Ang Advice: Season 5 Episode 3 "Storm A-Brewing"

Tonight on VH1 their docu-soap series Mob Wives continues with an all new Wednesday December 17, season 5 episode 3 called “Storm A-Brewing,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Karen Gravano and Natalie Guercio have a showdown at Big Ang’s party; Karen learns upsetting information.

On the last episode Drita wanted to work out her issues with Renee; Drita’s angered shifts toward Natalie. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “Big Ang’s party is the setting for a continuing showdown between Karen and Natalie. Meanwhile, Karen discovers unsettling news about her boyfriend, and Drita meets the new addition to Ang’s family.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of VH1′s Mob Wives season 5 episode 3 at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Mob Wives tonight.

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On #MobWives, Drita is on the phone with her hubby Lee. She says she’s organizing her jewelry and is taking a day off work. She says things are crazy at Lady Boss and Big Ang’s party stressed her out. She tells him how well their daughter did on her spelling bee. She says he’s really making up all the time he was away. Drita says it’s easier in jail because you’ve got no bills, no kids. She says it’s like vacation. He tells her jail is like Groundhog day – the same thing over and over. She says it’s easier on her now he’s out.

She asks if he remembers them going out back in the day. He says those were the good old days. She says she has a lot of stuff on her plate so they can’t do what they used to do. She says they need to do something together and he tells her to make them some reservations for the weekend. In Phillie, we’re at Natalie’s house. She takes a call from her BF London. She says they had a fight at the Drunken Monkey and that confirmed her fears about their relationship.

She asks if Karen and Storm kicked him out of the club. He wants to come by. He comes over to her house. He comes over and she says Karen’s BF Storm really jerked her off last night and London didn’t stick up for her. He says they don’t see things the same way. She says he doesn’t have her back in a lot of situations and should have said something to Storm rather than being all polite. She calls him passive and mocks him. She says London wants to be a peacemaker but says she’s dating him not the UN and he needs to be on her side or get the f- out.

He tells her she takes everything so personal and he doesn’t tell her how to act. She says he does and he says only when they’re in public. She tells him to shut up and let her talk. She’s mad and says to man the f- up and show people that he’s her woman. He asks why she’s always creating these situations. She says if he doesn’t fix this, their relationship won’t work out. She says he’s not listening to her and not having her back. She says he’s risking their future if he keeps doing what he’s doing. He says he’s trying to fix it but she says he’s not trying hard enough.

Renee meets up with Karen to talk about the Drunken Monkey party and about Karen and Natalie. Karen says London came over without Natalie and was very nice but says he can’t control her and says pretty much she’s a cop-caller. Karen says she doesn’t know why he’s there with her. She says Natalie was provoking her to put her hands on her so she can call the cops on her. Renee says she wouldn’t have been calm and collected.

Renee says Ang for letting Natalie into their circle. Renee says she’s got to call Ang about the petty nonsense between them and about her letting no good filthy Natalie push Karen around. Renee says she’s going to tell Ang to never bring Natalie up again. We see Big Ang talking about the out of control women. She says Natalie and Karen are ready to kill each other and she’s had enough of all of them. She needs some outside of advice and says she’s going to see the boss of bosses.

She shows up to see Victoria Gotti. She greets Ang and Ang says that’s the family you want on your side. She talks about John Gotti and says he was like the president. Victoria says walking with him was like parting the Red Sea. Ang says he was a gentleman. Victoria says there are no ethics and morals left anymore. She says she needs her advice. She says she needs advice on how to control these women. She spills the story about the circle of girls and says they’re fighting and backstabbing.

Victoria asks about who stirs it up and Ang says it’s Natalie who’s reckless. Victoria tells her to diffuse it. Ang says Renee is talking shit about her family and Victoria says family is off limits. Ang says Victoria is right but says Renee doesn’t give a f- about anything. Victoria says at that level, they need to be reined in. She says women should build each other up and Victoria says the women in her circle act like she wants them to act.

Ang says her circle is tearing each other apart. Victoria tells her to set boundaries and call the next person out who acts out. She says to tell them to keep their family members out of it. She says if they don’t see the error of their ways, they are on the pay me no mind list and then on their way out. Natalie meets up with Drita and Big Ang. She asks how Natalie has been and she says London and her had a big fight. Ang says London doesn’t want to fight.

Drita says Natalie need someone like London to balance her out. Ang says they have to talk about what she said to Karen. Natalie says she said what everyone else wanted to say to her. Ang says she was vicious and Drita agrees. Ang says Natalie’s mouth will get her in big trouble. Drita says she hits people when she’s mad but Natalie throws verbal grenades. She says no one is going to change who she is and will say what she wants to say to bitches like Karen.

Renee goes to see Karen. They hug and Karen says the move to New York has been stressful. She says she’s happy with the house and says it’s been the hardest move for her. She says she has no furniture and she and Storm need to go shopping. She says she stayed with him and he was out all night and asked if she was still there. She says she was disoriented and she says she felt nervous energy from him and then says she saw a bitch standing there.

She says that was her house with him and this bitch was there. He says she wasn’t with me, she was with my friend. Then she says she hit Storm and the woman freaked out and ran. She says she flipped out and says she moved there to work on their relationship and then this. She cries and Renee hugs her and she says she and her daughter were in a good place and he now violated her. She says she came there to be with him and now she doesn’t know where they are and what was going on with him when she was in Arizona.

She says maybe they can sit down once her mind is more clear. She says her dad has been teaching her to think about it before she reacts. Big Ang says AJ and Gabrielle had their baby and named her Angelina after her. She says AJ wasn’t there for the birth because he violated his parole and was sent to Rikers. She shows up to Drita’s house and hugs her. Ang tells her she looks sexy. Drita says her p*&^% and her meatballs keeps her husband.

She asks about AJ and Ang says he’s in Rikers and can’t believe her son is there. She says he was doing so well on parole but then he failed a drug test. She says he’s not a criminal but has a problem and needs to get into a program. Drita says maybe AJ needed a kick in the ass and maybe it’s a wake up call. Drita says it took him out of the atmosphere and says maybe he’ll get better. She says Lee is a prime example of that. She says she always thought he was meant to be with her but then says it changed his life.

Ang says Drita is right and maybe his new baby girl is the wake up call she needs. She says Renee called her to meet up. She says Renee is so bitter and isn’t sure the friendship is worth saying. Ang says she has no time for nonsense and Drita says she gets it. Renee is with her son AJ and his GF Andrea. They’ve been dating over a year and Renee says she thinks she’s a positive influence on AJ. She asks if they’re planning on living together and he says he’s only 20. He calls her boss and gets annoyed. She says it’s hard to be a single parent and she wonders if he’s doing the right thing.

Renee says she was married and had a child at 23 and made some mistakes. She says she might like to get married and move away from New York. She says it’s all BS and drama here and says she knows she causes some of the problems. AJ says she’s a badass chicken and she says that’s an insult. She says he’s thin skinned too and Andrea agrees. Renee tells him to shut up.

Ang gets a call from AJ from Rikers. She says she hates the place of him locked up in that filthy place. She says she can’t wait on him to see the new house and Angelina’s nursery. He says Rikers is jail and jail sucks. He says he’ll be happy once he’s home with his daughter. Ang says he’s got two strikes and really has to watch it. He says he’s going to work for his dad when he gets out delivering produce. Ang says he needs to get a good job to support Gabby and the baby.

At Karen’s, she’s unpacking stuff in her kitchen. She says the last thing she needs is Storm not being there to help her but he’s running around doing god knows what who knows where. The doorbell rings and it’s Storm on the porch. She says she didn’t know he was coming and he asks if he needs to let her know. She says the last time she saw him was with a straggly ho. She says she needs an explanation. He says that’s it’s his friend’s main girl and she came to use the bathroom.

He asks what the problem is and she says this doesn’t make sense. She says she was supposed to be gone and he didn’t explain who she was. He says she blew up and says she ran off when she heard Renee flip. He says he didn’t come to argue and she says he needs to see it from her side. He says she’s crazy KG and can’t hear any explanation. She’s mad and says Storm is trying to flip it on her. He says they’ve been together three years and she’s never caught him with anyone.

He says he doesn’t care about that bitch and she says he put her in this position. She goes inside the house. She says she loves him but is disgusted and says love may not be enough. He comes into the house and she yells at him. She asks how he’s laughing when he knows he hurt his girl. She asks what kind of man brings a bitch home then tries to flip it onto his girl. She cries and says she always picks the wrong guys. She cries and says she moved her daughter cross country and can’t bring him into this.

He says she loves drama and she says she has nothing left to say to him. She says it’s over and she ain’t with him. She says – we done. She says she didn’t move 2,500 miles to be disrespected. She tells him to go and yells at him to get the f- out of her house. He says he’s not moving. She leaves and tells him he’d better be gone when she gets back. He sits while she leaves.

Renee goes to meet up with Big Ang. She says she and Ang have a lot of history between them and need to set the record straight. Ang says it took a lot to get her to agree to meet with Renee. Ang says she has to let her know how she hurt her. Ang says she’s not used to confrontational sit downs. They agree something went wrong between them. Ang says she doesn’t like it and wants to straighten it out and move forward. Renee thinks Natalie is the problem.

Renee asks Ang what the problem is and Ang asks why she’s bad mouthing her family. This woman walks in and Renee wonders what this is that Ang is doing.