WWE Monday Night Raw in Montreal Review – Five Clear Takeaways From Monday Night Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw in Montreal Review - Five Clear Takeaways From Monday Night RawWWE Monday Night Raw has become exciting once again and the latest installment on July 7, 2014 in Montreal was a good example. The crowd was about as hot as they have seen in months and it only amplified the fun in the middle of the ring. With the Authority “on vacation” it almost seemed like a breath of fresh air. Despite them being gone, they did a wonderful job of keeping their presence through lackies Kane, Randy Orton and their latest golden boy, Seth Rollins. Here are five clear takeaways from Monday Night Raw this week:

The WWE Universe Is Still In Love With C.M. Punk – Even though Punk is not with us in the WWE anymore, he is still as popular as he ever was. In fact, some would argue his abrupt departure has left him reaching legendary levels. Months after he left, the Universe still chants his name at every opportunity. They are not likely to forget very soon.

The WWE Authority Appears Committed to the Divas Division – For the first time in what seems like forever, there are multiple Diva storylines going on and they are dedicating a little bit of time to them. Right now, Nikki Bella is feuding indirectly with Authority figure Stephanie McMahon over her sister’s departure. The Tons of Funk girls are turning on one another. Divas Champion AJ Lee and Paige are fighting over the title. Layla, Summer Rae and Fandango all have triangle issues and Alicia Fox is going nutty. Not bad for a division proclaimed dead not so long ago.

Dean Ambrose Has Finally Gotten Over – Ambrose always seemed like he was a bit behind the eight ball among the Shield but that has passed. He now gets some of the loudest pops of the former group and has become relevant. Best of all, his in ring work is finally getting noticed.

Seth Rollins Has Turned Into A Megastar – By the time Wrestlemania 31 rolls around, Seth Rollins will be the biggest star in WWE if they continue to push him. The guy is magic on the mike and has always been magical in the ring. He has a unique and exciting finishing move with the Curb Stomp and he will almost certainly be cashing in for the Championship fairly soon.

Dolph Ziggler Will Never Get the Push He Deserves – As happy as I am about Seth, I am sad about Dolph. The guy simply will never get his due in the WWE and I truly have no idea why. He is the best in ring worker they have and spends countless hours in the gym. He sells for the other guys and always makes them look great. When will someone finally make Dolph the champion he should be?