NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 10/6/14: Season 6 Episode 2 “Inelegant Heart”

NCIS: Los Angeles Recap 10/6/14: Season 6 Episode 2 “Inelegant Heart”

Tonight on CBS NCIS: Los Angeles continues with an all new Monday October 6, season 6 episode 2 called, “Inelegant Heart.” On tonight’s episode the team discover that one of their own is compromised when they investigate the murder of a Navy contractor who was involved in illegal transactions involving confidential data. Meanwhile, Hetty is placed under investigation in Washington, D.C., and representatives from the Department of Justice arrive in Los Angeles to investigate the team.

On the last episode, Callen and Sam were trapped in an armed submarine that terrorists had aimed to hit an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Meanwhile, Hetty defied orders and forwent her trip to Washington, as the team tried to locate and save Callen and Sam and prevent the terrorist attack. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode LA team discovers that one of their own is compromised when they investigate the murder of a Navy contractor involved in illegal transactions of confidential data. Meanwhile, Hetty is under investigation in Washington, D.C., when the Department of Justice arrives in L.A. to investigate the team.

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A van pulls up in front of a house and a guy hops out with a hand truck and goes to the door. He rings the bell then steps up and picks the lock. We see mail piled up in the box. He heads inside and stars piling electronics into his empty boxes. He heads into an office and unplugs the monitors but then a dog comes in with blood on its mouth and barks at him. He follows the dog and sees it was eating its owner!

In DC, Hettie is at hearing and they tell her she’s hostile and making things hard. She asks if there was a question. They ask why she’s stone walling. Her attorney whispers to her. She tells the guy he needs to pretend to give her advice and he reminds her she always ignores him. She tells him to sit up straight and say this and hands him a note. He says he understands the prosecutor’s frustration but the work she does is delicate.

He says they are trying to protect active and ongoing operations. Hettie says they could put agent’s lives at risk. She asks them for some patience and Thomas agrees but then asks her about Afghanistan. Kensie and Deeks spar and trash talk. She finally knocks him down and straddles him. He asks if she learned that in pole dancing class and says she hits like a girl. Beal comes in and Deeks begs for mercy. Deeks finally taps out as she chokes him with her legs.

Beal asks what he should have done and Deeks says he should have come off the turnbuckle. He says he doesn’t watch wrestling and they call him un-American. Kensie spits out her mouth guard and drops it in Deeks’ hand. He says he’s going to wash it in the urinal and she tells him it’s his anyway. He’s grossed out.

In the war room, they are told that there was an anonymous tip about a body. It’s Brian Bell, freelance programmer, strangled to death. Nell says they may recognize him from this and shows them a story about him being a boy genius. Granger says he worked for the Navy in cyber-security. He was chasing down Chauvenet – a new Silk Road. Nell shows them some secret websites – like Amazon for terrorists – bought and paid for in virtual currency.

Granger says Bill had access to all sorts of sensitive information and says that the killer took his computers. They hear the tip came from a phone booth and wonder who does that. Granger says he’s pulling Callen and Hanna and they remind the boss that they are in deep cover. He won’t hear it and tells Beal to pull them out. Beal calls Hanna and says the exterminators are done at the house but Hanna won’t do it. He does agree to check in. Hanna hangs up on his coded call.

He’s overseeing a road crew and chews out one of the prisoners – Walinski – aka Callen. He tells him to enjoy the fresh air and get back to work. Callen throws down his rake and they start to argue. They get into a physical altercation and says he’s got two weeks in the box then yells at the other prisoners to get back to work. They show back up at the office and Hanna tells Granger it better be good. He says they can go back under once it’s done and fills them in on the case.

He says he was working on a deep website. He says they need to talk to deceased next of kin. He tells them to think of it as a furlough for good behavior. They want to know when Hettie is coming back. The committee asks why Blye was sent to Afghanistan. Her lawyer says she already answered. He asks why Blye was a better choice than a Navy SEAL. Hettie asks Thomas if he’s been to Afghanistan. He says no and she offers to arrange a visit.

She says Blye has something no soldier does. She says she’s a woman. Her lawyer explains that local women can’t talk to men but they would talk to a woman. Hettie says that’s common sense knowledge for anyone who has actually served their country. Thomas tells a woman to call Adams at the DOJ and tell him to send his people in now. She nods.

Kensie and Deeks are at the victim’s house. He defends the geek stuff and says much of it is collectibles. They check the fridge and Deeks says he had the same amount of food she does and that it’s no wonder the dog turned on the guy. She tells him he’s mean. Deeks spots conspiracy subscriptions and then she spots a gas mask hanging in the closet. Hanna and Callen go talk to the sister. She says he changed after their parents died. She says he had no enemies or friends. She says he barely left the house, had groceries delivered and no in person relationships.

She said he never talked about his work and she says she wouldn’t understand it anyway. She says Brian was prone to paranoia. She says she slept over some nights and asked him to move in with her family. They thank her. She asks if they know someone who could adopt his dog. Hanna says his daughter is allergic and Callen says he’s never home. Hanna tells him to reconsider. He says it would be good for him. Callen reminds him he feeds him and takes him for walks and calls Hanna his dog.

He peels off without unlocking the door. Callen calls him a very big dog and he races back to pick up his partner. Nell says Brian had surveillance cameras but the tape is on his hard drives that were stolen. She shows them some footage from a neighbor showing the thief that broke in. She found similar crimes and then shows them the pay phone with the guy making the call. They are working on facial reconstruction. They wonder if he has the computers.

Deeks tells Callen his beard is like an angelic bath mat. Hanna says he is no one to talk about hair. He asks Hanna if he had dreadlocks back in the day or an epic Afro like a death star. They call him Thor and Kensie calls him a thore loser. Granger shows up demanding an update. Kensie tells them about the MOPP suit in his closet. Beal comes down and says intruder alert and they all run upstairs.

We see people outside the building. The woman holds up a badge for the Department of Justice. Granger takes Nell with him to see what’s going on. The woman says she’s Special Investigator Wallace there to do a forensic audit of the facility and all employees, authorized by Justice. Granger calls the Secretary of the Navy and tells Nell to send the warrant over.

Wallace says they need work space and privacy for interviews. He tells Nell to set them up in the gym. She leads them away. He tells the others what’s going on and has Bela pull up the gym food. Granger says they’re looking for info to bring down Hettie then the rest of them. He tells them all to make themselves scarce and tells Beal to keep an eye on them and make life hard on them. Beal says they got a match – Douglas Fisher is the thief. They all head out.

Thomas asks Hettie about Bernstrom Kohl. He says he was a German agent she shot. She asks if she killed him and he says he doesn’t know. She says she was never a good shot. He says they got information that he was sequestered in an LA nursing home until he died four years ago. He says Kohl had a wife that matched her description. Thomas asks if she kept a foreign operative hidden and the lawyer says this is new information and they need to investigate to protect national security.

She says she kept Kohl as an asset until he was murdered by his own country. The lawyer asks why she admitted it and she says it was the truth. She tells him she’s been tailed the whole time. A woman bumps into him and slips something into Hettie’s pocket. She heads to the restroom. She pulls out the cell phone she was slipped and dials it. Granger answers and she asks what’s up. He tells her they are under siege – a DOJ full forensic audit.

She says Thomas is a sneaky bastard and she may have underestimated him. He says to remind Nell that they have an old building. She says they are digging a deep hole for her in DC and he tells her to watch her back. Callen and Hanna show up to Fisher’s place and knock on the door. He answers and says they’re not open. He asks what it’s about and he says he’ll be right out. He closes the door and Callen says he’s not coming back out.

He comes out the back where Kensie and Deeks are. He ducks back in and Deeks says it’s like playing whack a mole. He drives his van out through the garage door and they shoot out his tire. He runs into a fire hydrant and water spews everywhere. They ask doesn’t he know they’re in a drought. Wallace asks Nell for Callen and Hanna. She says they are on a case. She tells her to call them in. She asks for Blye. She says she’s also on a case.

Nell says she can interview her but Wallace says to tell Granger to produce them in 30 minutes or face a warrant. Granger says he’ll handle it and tells her and Beal to also go to the boat shed. He tells her what Hettie said about this being an old building. She says she gets it. She goes to a store room and opens a back door and turns on a light. Beal tries to sneak out when Nell shuts the lights off.

Wallace asks what happened and he says it’s a super old building and they get rolling black outs when people are using their A/C. He says it could be 20 minutes to three or four hours. She says this is unacceptable and asks about backup generators. He says this is not Homeland Security. He asks if she’ll put in a good word for them to get some. He tells them there is a Taqueria up the street with free WiFi.

Nell has the security footage and says the killer slipped in through the doggy door. She shows it to Callen and Hanna. He took a pic of the guy after he killed him and they decide it was murder for hire. Beal says he may have a motive. He says Papa Legba runs Chauvenet. He says he thinks he figured out his identity and was blackmailing the guy for money.

Nell says if you find out his true identity, Chauvenet is shut down. Beal says he doesn’t know who it is and says he’s trying to reconstruct his research. Callen says the assassin was likely hired on the website. Hanna asks what if he survived. Since the police are sitting on the crime scene they can contact Papa Legba posing as Brian to try and lure the killer back.

Kensie and Deeks are at the morgue taking dead body selfies for the investigation. He asks how they will make the dead guy look alive and she says make up. He says it does work for her. She asks for his shirt to put on the dead guy and he says it’s his favorite and you can’t wash out ghost. They argue – he refuses. Beal sends out the fake email from “Brian” giving him just three hours to pay up or be exposed.

They get an almost immediate response asking for a down payment and installments for the next 10 weeks. They are at Brian’s house and tell him not to leave the computer. He sits. We see someone creeping through the dog door. Callen calls him bad doggie and they kick him in the door. They have the hit man at the boat house. He’s former military and police but neither for long. Danny denies but Hanna says they have video of him killing Brian. They have his phone with the photo of dead Brian.

Nell comes in with emails between Danny and Papa Legba. He says he doesn’t know who they guy is and says no one knows who he is. They tell him the man he killed knew who he was and that’s why he hired him. Nell says she doesn’t think he knows. Beal says he thinks he knows. He looks back at when Chauvenet started and says you had to advertise the site. He found comments from Justin Stewart talking about it when it was new.

He says the guy owns a recycling facility with no business contracts or license. Deeks poses as a homeless guy dumpster surfing near the place. Beal says there are no surveillance feeds. They tell Deeks to do a 360 and he reports a guard out back smoking. They figure there must be more security inside. Kensie says she’s ready. We see Kensie arguing with Hanna who tries to shove her in a car.

The security guard comes out and tries to stop Hanna from taking her. He acts defeated and says he’s brave for a rent a cop. Kensie pulls her badge out and tells him to drop the gun. Deeks chokes out the smoking guard and drags him out of sight. They sneak inside. There are guys doing all sorts of illegals when they call out Federal Agents. One guy pulls an automatic rifle and shoots at them.

Callen and Deeks shoot some of the guys coming out and the rest give up. Justin is trying to scrub the computers when they come in. He says he wants his lawyer and Callen says he bets he does. They all show up and Granger says they did good today. Nell says his computer has given them a ton of black market leads. They show them something they found on Chauvenet. Callen says he recognizes the address. It’s Hettie’s house.

The file was sold. Someone paid $250k to find tout where Hettie lives. Back in DC, it’s a rainy night. Hettie heads back to her hotel and goes inside. Her shadows pull up to the curb and she looks at them. We see that someone in another car has her file, a photo and a gun with a silencer.