Neil Patrick Harris Looking For ‘Next Chapter’ – Referring David Burtka Marriage and Relationship?

Neil Patrick Harris Looking For 'Next Chapter' - Referring David Burtka Marriage and Relationship?

Neil Patrick Harris has become one of the most in-demand actors, hosts, and all-around entertainers in Hollywood over the past year. And the end of How I Met Your Mother has only intensified that demand, as his schedule is now freed up enough to allow him to book more movie roles, more Broadway roles, and more hosting gigs. But while his career reaches new heights, his personal life gets negatively affected. There have been many rumors suggesting that his marriage with David Burtka is delayed thanks to his increased work commitments.

Neil’s recent comments to In Touch Weekly suggest that he’s always looking forward to the ‘next chapter’, and some people have taken it to refer to his delayed marriage and realtionship. He explained, “I’m not designed to stay still. I’m always looking for the next chapter. Maybe I’ll get to take a nap on Aug. 18!” That’s when Hedwig and the Angry Inch ends its run on Broadway, but if Neil’s not joking, when exactly is he supposed to spend time with his family? He jokes about working non-stop, but after such a strenuous and long Broadway run, shouldn’t his first instinct be to go spend a few months with his family? NOT ‘looking for the next chapter’ already?

Then again, Neil does spend a lot of time speaking quite lovingly of his mate and their kids, daughter Harper and son Gideon. So even though David might be upset at the amount of time Neil is spending away from his family, perhaps Neil feels like he needs to capitalize on the buzz and take full advantage of his career while he can.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet