Robert Pattinson and Nettie Wakefield Hookup: A Kristen Stewart Christmas Present?

Robert Pattinson and Nettie Wakefield Hookup: A Gift Kristen Stewart Christmas Present?

Hollywood Life continues to pretend as though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are dating, despite the fact that they are continents apart and haven’t seen each other in weeks, if not months. According to their latest report, Robert Pattinson is thinking of giving a sentimental Christmas gift to Kristen Stewart in the form of a Nettie Wakefield art piece.

Apparently, Kristen is a ‘huge fan‘ of the artist, and Rob thinks it would make a great gift to show her how much he cares about her. A ‘source’ tells Hollywood Life, “Rob spent some time with Nettie Wakefield over the holidays in London. Rob and Kristen are both collectors of her work. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rob was commissioning her to do something cool for Kristen as a Christmas or New Year’s gift. Rob and Kristen have very similar tastes when it comes to artwork and Nettie is also a very dear friend.”

So Rob isn’t commissioning the gift for Kristen, this source thinks that he might do so. Quite a distinction, no? Also, why would Rob get any gift for Kristen, much less such a nice and expensive one? They’re not dating anymore, and there’s absolutely no reason for them to be exchanging gifts. I could understand maybe a card or even a smaller gift, a token of their respect and friendship, but giving her an expensive art piece would pretty much be screaming desperate. And also, they’re not going to be seeing each other for a while thanks to their work schedules, so when exactly would Rob be giving her this gift? Would he be willing to overseas mail such an expensive and rare gift?

Too many plot holes in this story, not even considering that this ‘source’ doesn’t even sound legitimate to begin with.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Danity Donnaly

    Anyone is better than Kristen Stewart.

  • Jocelyn

    Because that pic clearly shows something scandalous!

  • MakeHerUp

    Rob just needs to move on

  • allie

    Let’s all think positive thoughts, lol

  • catherinedove

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