Nina Dobrev Dating Ian Somerhalder: Nina’s Mother Forced Her Back Together With Vampire Diaries Star

Nina Dobrev Dating Ian Somerhalder: Nina's Mother Forced Her Back Together With Vampire Diaries Star

Nina Dobrev is mired in a ton of controversy right now, not least because she’s being linked to every eligible bachelor in Young Hollywood. Co-stars? Check. Ex-boyfriends? Check. People she has dinner with? Check. We can obviously guess that the tabloids are exaggerating a vast majority of those stories, but most people still take tabloids at face value. That means that the more Nina appears in these stories, the more her reputation gets affected.

Up until last year, Nina had a pristine reputation in the industry, especially when it came to guys. She dated Ian Somerhalder, everyone knew it, and it wasn’t a big deal – except to fans of the Vampire Diaries, of course. It was only after her breakup with Ian that things started getting heated, with Nina being linked to many different men in the space of just a few months. And lest you think it’s all rumors, there are some legitimate reports and sources that have confirmed a large number of those hookups.

Now, Nina’s entitled to date whoever she wants, and she’s probably taking advantage of that. But unfortunately, Hollywood has a twisted double standard when it comes to women sleeping around versus men sleeping around – i.e., the men get praised for it, and the women’s reputations get ruined. We’ve seen it time and time again, and sources tell us that Nina’s team is worried that the same thing’s happening to her. Because she’s become so prevalent in the tabloids and the media, and most notably for her romances, her public image will inexorably be linked to that. In the end, that’s going to end up affecting not just her reputation in the industry and among fans, but also the roles that she’s cast in the future and her career in Hollywood.

Thus, her team [including her mother] are reportedly pressuring Nina to get back together with Ian and/or settle down before the damage to her reputation becomes irreversible. But will she listen?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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13 responses to “Nina Dobrev Dating Ian Somerhalder: Nina’s Mother Forced Her Back Together With Vampire Diaries Star”

  1. melisa says:

    Nina wasnt linked to new guys in Hoolywood by Serious Media.She is single.Serious media writes her as single talented actress.Her public image is fine.her actress carera too.She is the main woman actress of Vampire Diaries playing 3 roles.During hitauses Nina always makes a new movie.After break up,during this year she made two movie!!! Her fans know her well.They know she is single girl and have male friends as any normal girl.Her fans know she is not a girl for a night .She is not a girl of short relationships.Her fans know she is not a girl sleeping around,hooking up with every guy in Hoolywood.Her fans know her well,support her.Dont worry about her public image in Hoolywood.Search!!! Serious media,presses dont link her to her every co star,every male friend around her in Hoolywood!!! Only you, Celebrety Dirty Laundary,you write about Nina everyday since last year May 2013.You blame nina for their break up.but you have not proof.You write her as bitch.You try to write her as slut ,you try to bring down her image.Everyday you try to find new guy for her.She is linked to her every male co star by you.She is linked to every male walking ,breathing near her by you!!!She is linked to every male friend by you.You write her with disgusting words.You write her as a girl sleeping around.Now,you write you have sources about her love life.Its not true.You have not proof.Your articles are funny.Stop!!!!Enough!!! Why you hate on Nina Dobrev so much!!!! She is 25 years old young talented actress.She is single,lives her life as normal single girl!!! Stop writing her with every male friend around her!!!!What you want!!!Money!!!Attention!!!! but where is justice.Dont use 25 years old talented actress living her life as normal single girl for getting Attention,Money for CELEBRITY DIRTY LAUNDARY!!!!!! Enough!!! its too much!!!! Everyday,you write the same things. Her mom doesnt force her daughter to get back with Ian.Dont write about her mom.Ian lives his life.He enjoys his life around women.He doesnt need Nina.he is not crying for her.Nina is fine.She lives her life.She doesnt want to get back to Ian.She is working.One day she will fall in love again and will date to the person she loves.Leave Nina alone!!!! Poor Nina!!!! Stop writing bullish about her everyday!!!! I wish you not Delete my long comment!!!

    • dd says:

      „During hitauses Nina always makes a new movie”.
      Sure! Great actress! Films that appear in 5 minutes. In only undress and kiss other women.

      „Her fans know she is not a girl for a night”.
      For a night? Maybe 2 hours …

  2. Mandy says:

    “Mother FORCED Nina back”….gee that sounds romantic. Happy couples don’t break up. They obviously weren’t happy no matter what the fans believe. If they were dandy, May 2013 would never of happened. Your article is so lame if you believe Nina’s career and reputation means having to be Ian’s shadow. She might as well just jump off a bridge now, there’s nothing left for her except revolving around Ian’s Sun. Hopefully the Mother can also put a sock in it, she not only gives desperate fans false hope, but also you guys ammo.

  3. Guest says:

    All these comments from Nina fans make me laugh. Ian is out there doing his own thing, and has more than proved that Nina is a thing of the past for him. Come on. You don’t question what is palpable, and obvious. Want more proof? Just look in his facebook page. There is not a single pic in there of him being with Nina. He does, however have many pics. with the other members of the TVD cast, and even the Lost cast, and other friends where they’re all just hanging out and having a good time outside of the show. Now why doesn’t he include Nina on these fond moments? Actions speak louder than words my dear. Ian looks happier than ever. Although he did look very happy back in the days of Lost when he was dating Maggie Grace. Something he never exhibited during his so called romance with Nina. Truth always comes out.

  4. dd says:

    “I am sure you are a girl for 2
    hours!”. Error. You don’t have
    arguments and offending. It’s my opinion. It’s OK if you do not agree, but I’m not hurt others. Nina is a public person, the star. If it is seen with 3 men in one week, you want to write that it is a saint? I’d lie if I write that.

  5. dd says:

    Sure. Why not?

  6. dd says:

    This site is OK. You have a problem. If you don’t like it, don’t come here. Ask: what did Nina in this summer besides pictures ridiculous and naive? You say: ‘ You seem to be very ugly and sexually unsatisfied ‘. Nothing of what you say I can offend. How do you know me? I am
    not so passionate, I was merely expressing an opinion. If offending, I’ll offend me too.

  7. dd says:

    „He works for his foundation, not for his
    actor carera”. What’s wrong with it? Do something useful for me, for you, for
    all that surround us. He loves animals very much. That says everything about him. Sorry, but Nina is stupid in everything you do. She was fun in bars with men all summer …

  8. KC says:

    OMG. Are we still having this conversation??! Nina is a B movie actress and is not the great celeb Melisa seems to think. Ian is also not A list but has a helluva lot more going for him than Nina.

  9. KC says:

    And also, Ian is not interested in getting back with Nina. And Nina has the attention span if a tse tse fly

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