Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Dating Again Due To Nina’s Mother – Thankful Nina Stopped Sleeping Around

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Dating Again Due To Nina's Mother - Thankful Nina Stopped Sleeping Around

Ian Somerhalder recently testified in front of Congress to promote animal and environmental rights, and guess who happened to be Ian’s biggest supporter? That would be none other than Nina Dobrev‘s own mother, Michaela Constantine.

Michaela tweeted multiple times in the lead-up to Ian’s presentation, writing, “Ian will be testifying in front of Congress at 2p.m.EST. He’ll tweet the streaming info, as soon as he gets it, so stay tuned.”

Hmmm… so while Michaela was busy tweeting about Ian’s congress appearance, Nina was on vacation and taking selfies. Sounds like mother and daughter might not agree on something, huh? I can’t imagine mama Dobrev is too happy to hear about her daughter’s recent string of boy toys, especially not after her long and stable relationship with Ian. Since Michaela and Ian are clearly still close – and Ian reportedly wants to get back together with Nina – it would make sense that Michaela is pushing her daughter for a reunion with her ex-boyfriend.

However, whatever is keeping Ian and Nina apart continues to do so, despite the influences of their parents and friends. Nina just doesn’t seem interested in settling down, and even if Ian didn’t give her an ultimatum on marriage, I don’t think she’s that interested in getting back together with him. Instead, she seems more interested in playing the field and enjoying her status in Hollywood. But obviously, her mother doesn’t feel the same way – and let’s be real, what mother would be happy about their daughter dating a bunch of dudes from Hollywood? The industry doesn’t exactly have an endless supply of stand-up guys, especially not with the recent glut of famewhores and reality stars.

Do you guys think that Nina should heed her mother’s advice and get back with Ian? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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11 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Dating Again Due To Nina’s Mother – Thankful Nina Stopped Sleeping Around”

  1. jody says:

    Why would i delete your comment – we welcome all points of view – but don’t blame me just because Nina seems to like men.

  2. jody says:

    we only delete comments that use really bad language – never for what you say.

  3. Saitaina Moricia-Malfoy says:

    Who cares if she is anyway, she’s allowed to do as she wished. why don’t YOU stop slut shaming.

  4. Dashdoll says:

    Ok Nina has turned into a bitch. I mean come on, sleeping around is a must in a hollywood girls life but Who would sleep with anyone other than ian?

  5. ? bluesarius ? says:

    it seems the relationship has ended, so, lets get on with life. it may sound cruel but its quite unfair for him. hope things will work out naturally. live life to the fullest and accept each other’s decision. gambate ian..

  6. Dwayne says:

    You do realize that the person was agreeing with you right?

  7. Maddie says:

    I’m with mama Dobrev. Nina should stop messing around and get back with Ian who unlike the other a-list Hollywood actors who think about themselves and women, is doing something great and making the world a better place. Literally.

  8. Kaysinger says:

    Hear hear!

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  11. mas,ta,pri3es says:

    you only know to say “nina hater” and “nina slut?shame on you”!!nothing else…ok you are in love with nina we get it…but she is a slut if he sleeping with many guys every month!!who wants to leave from the show?ian..so is ninas fault because she is doing crazy life!!