Nina Dobrev Pushed Ian Somerhalder Away – Molly Swenson Rejected Vampire Diaries Star Too!

Nina Dobrev Pushed Ian Somerhalder Away - Molly Swenson Rejected Vampire Diaries Star Too!

Objectively speaking, Ian Somerhalder is an incredibly good-looking actor. Like, really, really good looking. Obviously, there’s a reason that so many women swoon for him, especially after he started playing Damon on The Vampire Diaries. So when Ian recently revealed that there’s been women who’ve turned him down, our jaws dropped to the floor. Um, who are these woman and what’s wrong with them?

We kid, we kid. But seriously… who are they? Ian revealed this little tidbit while he was a guest on Chelsea Lately, and when asked about whether a woman had ever turned him down, Ian stated, “Actually, yeah. It recently happened. It’s cool. It was very appropriate, and it was for the better … It’s good. You have to experience these things in life.”

Hmm… this is very interesting. Considering Ian’s use of the words ‘recently happened’, that leaves us with very few options. One is obviously Nina Dobrev, and the other is his rumored girlfriend/hookup Molly Swenson. A lot of sites are jumping on the Nina/Ian bandwagon and stating that it must have been Nina that Ian was referring to, but we don’t think so. It’s actually more likely that it was Molly, considering that Ian and Molly were rumored to have been hooking up [or doing whatever they were doing] for the past few months. However, Molly clearly shut the lid on any possible romance between them when she told the world that she was already taken and had another boyfriend. Clearly, Ian was hoping for more and it never happened.

Plus, Nina was reportedly interested in a reconciliation with Ian recently, but he turned her down because he was with Molly and he was no longer interested in a reunion – especially not when Nina had already gone through several rebounds and made him wait more than a year.

What do you guys think? Who was Ian actually referring to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.