Nina Dobrev Jealous Of Ian Somerhalder’s New Relationship With Molly Swensons

Nina Dobrev Jealous Of Ian Somerhalder's New Relationship With Molly Swenson

It’s very likely that Ian Somerhalder has been secretly dating his new girlfriend, Molly Swenson, for quite some time. He’s often pretty undercover with his relationships, with the exception of Nina Dobrev, so it’s not all that hard to believe. However, sources tell us that Nina is also quite jealous of Ian’s new girlfriend, and she’s upset that she’ll no longer have the opportunity to get back together with Ian if she so wishes.

Well, that’s what happens when a relationship goes kaboom. Obviously, it’s probably difficult for Nina to fully understand that considering Ian was her first serious relationship in Hollywood. There were even rumors that they were going to get engaged, but all that imploded when they broke up last year. However, their cordial working relationship and on-set flirting led to rumors that the former couple was thinking of a reconciliation. Even after Nina had her rebound flings with Derek Hough and Liam Hemsworth, sources were whispering of a possible Nina/Ian reunion.

But alas, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen – and Nina is reportedly seething about it. Ian and Molly are supposedly pretty serious, and they also happen to share the same interests, considering Ian is on the advisory board for her company. Also, being with Molly allows Ian a modicum of privacy because she’s not a celebrity, something he never had while he was with Nina.

It’s certainly also possible that Nina started hooking up with Michael Trevino purely as a way to get back at Ian dating Molly. The difference is that Ian knows how to be undercover with his romances, whereas Nina’s love life seems to be out in the open for everyone to see.

  • Clare

    So disgusting. How disrespectful to Molly and her REAL boyfriend. Do your research instead of spewing crap that comes off the top of your head.

    • guest

      I agree, also disrespectful of Ian, who it seems ,can not go out with one of his best Friends, and enyoy himself, without someone looking to different reasons or dragging Ninas Name in to it.

  • Patty Cakes

    You guys must love getting paid for writing fantasy? Maybe Nina is too young to bei with Ian in a permanent relationship? Maybe she wants to date a few guys (and I don’t mean sleep around but if she does, up to her). Maybe Ian is a very immature guy, he comes across that way and will never settle down? Who knows? My fantasy reasons are as valid as the writer above:) But who cares? It’s their business …

    • Ashley

      Ian doesen’t come across a immature guy to me, he’s pretty smart in interviews. He’s also a really good guy and has done many work for the enviorment and charity, I don’t think Nina is bad though BUT that doesent mean Ian’s immature, maybe Nina wasn’t ready to settle down just yet, she is only 25 and he’s 35. But your totally right, it’s their business.

      • Patty Cakes

        Well, I’m old so he does to me lol:)

  • Ashley

    Why are people saying that Molly and Ian are dating when their is barely ANY proof? It’s like how there are rumors about Micheal and Nina dating but are people not aware that Micheal still has a girlfriend? I think these people need to do more research.