Julianne Hough Buys Nina Dobrev Sexy Valentine Lingerie – For Ian Somerhalder? (PHOTOS)

Julianne Hough Buys Nina Dobrev Sexy Valentine Lingerie - For Ian Somerhalder? (PHOTOS)

Sexy underwear is uncomfortable. I know that may have deflated some balloons, but women tend to dress to impress. Otherwise we wouldn’t lie to ourselves by saying thongs are real underwear. So when Julianne Hough was spotted shopping for sexy lingerie then they must not be for her. Her last relationship ended a while ago and seeing as she’s too single to be wanting to please anyone at this point – are the naughty panties actually a  gift for someone else? Hmm… I don’t know. They would have to fit certain categories in order to get Julianne to buy them underwear.  It would have to be who Julianne considers to be her best friend ( like someone that she invited on family vacations), they would have to had a recent special occasion ( a birthday sounds good), and they probably would have made a comment to Julianne about wanting to spice things up. For instance how about this person is at an awkward stage of rekindling an old relationship.  If you happen to think this fits someone perfectly then, OMG, I was thinking that too!

Julianne Hough Buys Nina Dobrev Sexy Valentine Lingerie - For Ian Somerhalder? (PHOTOS)

I’m sorry I went there although you did sorta see it coming. Of course this was going to lead back to Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. The two were last seen sharing Nina’s birthday together. And do you know who was also in the picture with them? It was Julianne. There to help celebrate and give her silent approval. Admittedly, she did try for a short time hooking Nina up with her brother, Derek Hough, and yet nothing came of it. Because no matter who they get introduced the answer is always the same – Nina and Ian love each other!

They may go through the occasional rough patch and the odd break up here or there, but they fit each other. You can tell when you see them during one of their breakups. They never talk trash about the other nor do they try to do a Taylor Swift snub. You know always public and cringe worthy for everyone. However these two seem to care about each other even when aren’t supposed to.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Instagram

  • Sebastian Mihai

    omg. shut up she is single… she said it. moveeee one!!!!!!!

  • guest

    Why is it too hard to think that maybe Julianne has found someone that people don’t know about yet?

    I would think that Nina would be buying her own sexy lingerie, or if she has someone else buy it for her, it wouldn’t be someone who also is usually followed by the paps in LA.

  • Gina

    Maybe Julianne was buying lingerie to have sexy times with Nina. Maybe they have interesting sleepovers in LA. Maybe Nina has done both brother and sister. Come on CDL, that’s your style. The same old story of Ian and Nina is boring after 8 months. It’s very obvious they’re over. Haven’t the PCAs, interviews and EX comments sunk in yet? Of course they still “care” they have no choice but to see and work together everyday. But I bet they won’t spend anytime together this Summer coming, nor when TVD is finally over. A bit like Ian and Maggie, Meghan, Ashley, Kate, Sarah, Nicky etc etc.

    • XXY

      What are you saying, Ian fakes his “relationships” with women? Sure seems like it.