Nurse Jackie Finale LIVE Recap: Season 6 “Flight”

Nurse Jackie Finale LIVE Recap: Season 6 “Flight”

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny NURSE JACKIE is back with it’s finale episode for season 6 called, “Flight.” On tonight’s episode Coop gets a surprise. Jackie hits the road in the season finale.

On last week’s episode it was Kevin’s wedding day and Jackie wasn’t that excited about it because she didn’t want to go, she was only going because Fiona kept begging her to. Meanwhile at All Saints, Akalitus turned her suspicious eye on Jackie now that the DEA was breathing down her neck, Carrie demanded that Coop introduce her to his mom, and Zoey’s hunch was confirmed when she witnessed Jackie make a near fatal error with a patient. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Season 6 ends with Akalitus ordering Jackie to take a drug test or admit that she’s using drugs. Meanwhile, Coop confronts Jackie, but she reveals to him a big surprise.

Tonight’s finale episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and enjoy the sneak peek of tonight’s season finale below.


Jackie walks up flight after flight of stairs with her high heels in hand to knock on someone’s apartment (we don’t see who). They open the door and she asks if it’s a bad time. Zoey sits in Gloria’s office, there to talk about Jackie. Zoey is uncomfortable and Gloria offers her water. She looks down at the license lying on Gloria’s desk. She gulps the water and tells her it’s hard for her to say. She guzzles more water.

Finally, she starts. She asks what would happen if, hypothetically, she felt it was possible that Jackie was using drugs again speculatively. She tells Gloria that Jackie almost killed a patient today. Gloria drinks some water too.

Eddie asks how the wedding was and he asks if she brought cake. She says she left before cake was served and he says that doesn’t sound good. Eddie’s got a new story on about a hurricane disaster and she asks why this happens since they had notice. He says they think they can ride out the storms. Jackie kneels in front of him and touches his face. She kisses him.

He wraps his arms around her and she him. She kisses him some more.

Zoey says that Jackie gave the wrong insulin dosage and Gloria says that everyone makes mistakes but Zoey says that Jackie doesn’t. She admits she didn’t write it up. She asks why she thinks it’s drug related and Zoey says she hasn’t seen her using. She says Jackie seemed very off and that Grace called her and told her that her mom brought a drug dealer to her dad’s wedding reception.

Gloria says that has nothing to do with the hospital. She asks if she has anything else to tell her. Zoey looks at the pic of the nun on her fun that Jackie used for the fake license. She puts the phone back in her pocket and says no. Gloria says she has to take this accusation seriously and Zoey says she just wants Jackie to get help and says she thinks she needs rehab.

Jackie sneaks out of Eddie’s later. Zoey tells Gloria she’s worried for Jackie and for them. Jackie comes to work and Carrie calls her over for help with an ocular trauma. The kid, Andrew, was doing a science experiment. Jackie says she can do a science experiment with him. Gloria pulls her away and asks Thor to step in. Andrew asks what about their experiment and she says Thor is an even madder scientist than him. He laughs wickedly at the kid who smiles.

Gloria pulls Jackie aside and asks if she’s been treating patients while impaired. Jackie says the only drugs she’s had are the ones Gloria gave her after running over her foot. Gloria says she heard about the near fatal mistake and Jackie says that’s ridiculous. She says the impaired person in the ER is Carrie and says she’s impersonating a doctor. Jackie goes to march out and Gloria tells her to sit.

Jackie sits back down. Gloria tells her to tell her now if she’s relapsed so she can get her into a diversion program. Gloria says she calls and says she has to test her blood and urine. Gloria says if there is anything in her tests except for the vicodin she gave her, she’ll lose her ability to practice nursing ever. She pushes Jackie to self-admit but she won’t. Gloria says she’ll have the test documents ready in an hour and tells her not to touch another patient. Jackie slams out.

Jackie comes to see Coop and she says she has to tell him something. She says as ER Chief he has to put aside his feelings for Carrie. She says Carrie ordered the wrong dose of insulin and now Gloria is on her. Coop says he hasn’t heard about it but is on it. Gloria runs into Zoey in the hall and tells her she offered Jackie diversion but says she won’t take it. Zoey thanks her for trying.

Thor is finishing up with the kid when Jackie comes looking for Zoey. A stab wound victim comes in and Coop calls for Jackie. She runs over but Gloria steps in front of her and tells her to step away. She puts on gloves to take care of it herself. Zoey is at the police station looking for Frank. She says she wouldn’t ordinarily show up at his work but says she’s worried about Jackie.

Frank says he and Jackie are done and isn’t surprised that she didn’t tell Zoey. She says there’s some bad stuff going on and Frank says there is nothing that will get him to talk to her again and says they are good and over. Coop calls Carrie in about Jackie’s accusations. Carrie says a nurse working under her made a mistake so she takes full responsibility. She says she trusts he’ll deal with this fairly and not let the fact that she’s carrying his child affect this.

Jackie goes to Eddie and says she’s nothing without being a nurse but says she can’t take the pay cut and shame that comes with diversion. He asks what she’ll do and she says she’ll go back in time. Then she asks if he can help her. Zoey sees Jackie and tries to avoid her. Jackie is trying to corner her but Zoey keeps moving until she has her.

She tells Zoey she should have come to her. Zoey says she does. Jackie asks her to go to Gloria and tell her it wasn’t her mistake. Zoey says that’s not what this is about and tells her she knows she used a picture of a dying nun to make a fake ID then convinced that same nun in her last moments to lie for her. Zoey says she stole a DEA number and has been using this whole time. She tells Jackie if she doesn’t go to rehab, she’ll hand the photo over.

Jackie says she has to believe her and Zoey tells her that’s the problem – she’s always believed her. Jackie puts on her coat and Gloria asks her to come talk to her. Jackie walks out of the ER while Gloria tells her not to go and asks what the hell she’s doing. Jackie walks out of All Saints and hails a cab. She paces outside until Grace comes out.

She asks where Fi is and says they need girl time like the old days. Grace says the old days suck. She asks Grace if she wants to go into the city. Mia comes out and tells Jackie to go or she’ll call Kevin. Grace tells her mom she needs help and goes back inside. Mia tells Jackie she ruined their wedding and that Fiona was so upset that they had to cancel their honeymoon to be with her.

She says she’s lucky Kevin isn’t pressing charges. Jackie says she’s sorry for what happened and then asks where her money purse is and says she’ll be hearing from their lawyer. Jackie waves up to Fiona in the window but she walks away. Jackie starts bawling and walks away. Jackie is at home snorting drugs and packing. She zips up her suitcase and leaves.

Eddie has a bag of drugs for her, boarding passes and cash and tells her not to be late. He offers to come with her and she says she’s in enough trouble and doesn’t want to hurt him too but he says it’s too late for that and kisses her. He tells her not to die. Eddie comes back to work and finds Zoey waiting for her. She says Jackie is going to be in serious trouble if she doesn’t go to rehab.

She asks if he knows what she did and Eddie says he doesn’t care. Zoey hears a dog bark and opens the door to see he has Slippers. She asks where Jackie has gone and he says – where she had to. Zoey starts crying and Eddie hugs her. She says she doesn’t feel like she deserves a hug right now. She cries some more.

Coop tells Carrie well done for taking responsibility for Jackie. She says she is a professional. She says she’s only about 20 minutes pregnant and he needs to keep it under his hat. He says his sperm are slow but relentless. Thor tells Zoey the kid is done and can go and he goes to get a snack.

Zoey asks Gloria if she’ll write an application for her nurse practitioner program and tells her she’s her second choice. Thor introduces Zoey to the temp replacement nurse Rosa who is smiley and eager like Zoey herself was on her first day. And, like Jackie did to her, she tells her to sit there, don’t talk or get in the way and watch what she does.

Jackie is stuck in traffic headed to JFK. She’s cutting it close for her flight and finally hops out of her car and looks around at traffic.

She buckles back in and then pulls into the emergency lane to drive. She sees a medical emergency up ahead. There’s an overturned car and a man is begging for help. Jackie looks at them and starts to drive on but then stops.

She gets out of her car and runs back and puts a tourniquet on the woman. She puts a coat over her as the emergency truck rolls up. Jackie heads back to her vehicle and changes her shirt since it had blood on it. She watches a plane fly overhead and knows she’s likely missed her flight. She drives on then hits the ambulance head on. Pills fly all around her as the vehicles crash together.

The police see all the pills and her flight information. He asks if she’s impaired and she says no. We see her getting her mugshot taken at the NYPD. That’s the end of the episode and the season. Holy cliffhanger Batman! Jackie’s going to jail!
[7:08:19 PM] Rachel Rowan: that’s all of it
[7:21:17 PM] Rachel Rowan: rising star again
[7:21:19 PM] Rachel Rowan: There are more than a million home judges voting, according to Josh. He reminds us that if you check-in but then don’t vote, it counts as a no.

Next up is Austin French, a 20 year old pastor from Georgia. He plays music for services and works the crowd. He began singing at two and hasn’t ever stopped. He says it’s who he is and what he loves to do. He’s about to get married to Jocelyn and is a happy camper. Josh tells him to sing harder on some of the notes in the coaching session.

Austin is ready to sing and will be playing the guitar as well. He has chosen Georgia on My Mind by Hoagy Carmichael made famous by Ray Charles and covered by Michael Bolton and a ton of others. Luda is the first celeb to vote yes, then Kesha and Brad left. He ends with 87%. Josh says his family is an amazing cheering section.

Luda says the runs need a little work but it was good overall. Brad says he knew he was going to get the 70% but was waiting to see if he was still going to bring it. He says it’s amazing to watch a performer deal with nerves. Kesha says it was amazing and she was waiting on the high notes and then he nailed them. So he goes for a seat with April and is the second winner of the night.

Josh is sitting in the audience with the winners of the last episode. They will be back for head to head duels later. Next is a trio of girl singers – Triniti. Cassie and Lauren are 19 and Jessica is 30. The work at the same vocal studio and teach voice to kids. They are excited at a shot at the big time and Josh says they need to focus on the wow factor.

The girls have chosen to sing Ariana Grande’s Problem. They have nice crisp voices and are hitting high notes. One of the girls gets a little pitchy and screechy on a high note. The celebs haven’t voted yet. Luda votes NO! Brad votes no and Kesha yes. The girls end up at just 30%. Josh calls them out through the door and they come downstage.

He asks Brad why he voted no. He says singing in a trio is one of the hardest things to do and says their whole act needs improved. Kesha says she gets a Destiny’s Child vibe off of them and says she sees them as a diamond in the rough. Luda says they need more work with harmonies. He says you’re only as strong as your weakest link and says they need to work better together if they want to be a group. Kesha says the rapping was just meh.

Alice Lee is next. She’s 25 and from Chicago. She says she grew up on K-Pop somewhat. Her dad is a singer and she says she always knew she wanted to perform but has mostly done theater. She quite a great off-Broadway show to come and do #RisingStar. She says this show can give her the opportunity to chase her real dreams.

Alice is performing Lady Gaga’s You and I. Her voice is interesting. The votes are slowly climbing and she’s close to 25%. In the last moments, Kesha votes yes, then Luda and that puts her at 70%. She ends on a huge note and is thrilled when the wall comes up. She waves to her mom. Josh asks Luda who says she brought a little too much Broadway, but he voted yes because she was so strong in the face of adversity.

Brad voted no and says there’s a bluesiness to the song that her Broadway style didn’t quite fit and says he’d like to hear her sing something more in her wheelhouse and Josh says he’ll do a Broadway duet with her right now to piss him off and Brad tells him to do it. Kesha says she waited because there were a couple of pitchy moments but then it got amazing.