Nurse Jackie RECAP 4/27/14: Season 6 Episode 3 “Super Green”

Nurse Jackie RECAP 4/27/14: Season 6 Episode 3 “Super Green”

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny NURSE JACKIE is back with a new episode called, “Super Green.”  On this evening’s episode, Coop gets crushing news. Carrie gets a lucky break. Jackie gets blindsided.

On last week’s episode Jackie tried to find a new drug source but came up empty until Frank took her dancing and she hooked up with a dealer. Meanwhile, Coop is recruited by a so-called sperm scout; and Akalitus won a classic car in a poker game.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Coop learns that his sperm count is too low to allow him to donate; Carrie helps with a medical segment on TV; Akalitus goes on a winning streak in poker; Jackie cares for a patient with severe auto-immune issues; Grace gets arrested for shoplifting.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap go and hit the comments.

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Frank and Jackie get ready for work. He makes a smoothie and she comments that Grace and Fiona have been upstairs a long time. He offers her some of his drink and she rejects it. She says it’s new that there’s a guy with her at the house that’s not their dad. He gives her some smoothies to take up to the girls. Jackie is shocked that Grace has cut her hair and then Fiona shows her the Vine they took of her cutting her bangs – she used the F word.

Jackie fusses and says she doesn’t know what’s going on with her and Grace marginalizes her concerns. Frank comes up and compliments her hair. Jackie gives up and leaves. She goes to the gym to swim. Then she gets into the car with the guy from the club. She asks how old he is and he says he’s 28.

He takes a bite of her donut and tells her it’s cool. He tells her his name is Gabe and hands over some pills. He asks if she’s a nurse and then says he was into music for a while but his GF supports them. She gives him some money – at a lower price than she usually pays. She asks him to give her a ride to work. They head off.

She hops out of the car and heads into work. She sees Zoe and Ike on the way in and tells them it’s great them walking in together. She says it was sad watching them try to hide their love. They run into a guy tagging the hospital doors with “Dr Prentis sucks” and a penis. Jackie tells him Prentiss has two s’s. He yells at Ike and tells him that he came in sick and he treated him like crap. Ike yells at him and the guy runs off. They don’t think Gloria is going to like this.

They come in and Gloria is all smiles. She tells them she won at poker again and hands out scratchers to everyone. They tell her about the tagger and she asks how bad it is. Ike says there’s a big dick on the front entrance and she laughs and says she’ll call maintenance. Jackie asks Zoe if she just giggled. Zoe tells Ike that bedside manner is important. He says people don’t come to see him for his bedside manner and Zoe tells him no one will come see him because of the giant dick outside.

Thor comes out and tells them there’s another one. Jackie says they need to notify the CDC. There’s another gay guy with bacterial meningitis – the sixth case this month. CDC doesn’t want to cause a ruckus and they discuss they need to get the gay guys to take a vaccination. Thor says he’s glad he has a BF and is off Grinder. Zoe wants to go to the Cock – a gay club – and hand out vaccinations. Thor is horrified but then agrees to help her.

EMTs bring in a woman who has a purse full of pills. They tell her the woman’s name is Lauren and she says her doctors are here.

Coop gets a call on Skype and takes it. It’s Dennis from the fertility clinic. He thanks him for the donation and says the genetic tests were great but they can’t use him because his motility is way low. They tell him they’re sorry and that it’s the end of the line. The guy ends the call. Coop is upset.

Jackie asks Lauren what she’s taking. Zoe reads off the medicines and it looks like she’s got auto-immune issues. Her airway is struggling to stay open and Jackie goes to get Eddie. Coop runs into Eddie in the hall who’s upset about his sperm. He tells Eddie the bad news and then asks him to keep it secret. Carrie walks up and asks Coop if his sperm thing is going well and Eddie lies and tells her he’s going to be the father of a ream of private school douchebags. She pulls Coop off for a consult and Jackie shows up to nab Eddie.

Eddie tells Jackie that Lauren’s pharmacist should have caught the interaction issues and narrows down the drugs that he thinks are the problem. Frank comes in and tells Jackie she needs to come with him. She asks if she’s under arrest and he tells her that Grace was – for shoplifting. She grabs her bag, gives order to get Lauren’s doctors down there and what meds are causing the problems then tells Zoe that Grace was arrested. Jackie tells Frank she should have know something was up that morning with the damned hair cut. They leave.

Zoe tells Eddie that girls are crazy and that she stole a couch once. Gloria tells Ike they are on the way to clean up the graffiti but he’s stressed out and says it’s like a bad Yelp review. She tells him not to worry so much.

Thor, Carrie and Coop are treating a local TV personality Pat Kiernan. Thor says he loves their show. Carrie tells him to focus. Pat says he’s had light headed symptoms and Carrie asks about his other symptoms. Thor can’t stop making small talk and Pat mentions his kids and Coop asks about them enviously. Carrie asks about the house he mentioned and she says they should check for Lyme disease. Coop says it’s just fatigue and to discharge but Carrie is being very thorough. Pat tells Thor she’s great and Thor qualifies it and says – today she is.

At the police station, Frank tells Kevin and Jackie that he had someone take her prints and mugshot to freak her out. They’re not pressing charges and he asks if he wants them to tell her this. Frank says she stole a bunch of pricey conditioner and walked out without paying for her new haircut either. They decide to let her sweat for a while.

Jackie asks Kevin about the friend Mandy that was with her but wasn’t picked up and he says she’s older. Jackie says she doesn’t like her. She asks Frank if Grace told the arresting cops that her mom’s boyfriend is a cop and he says no – Grace says her dad was a cop and they called him. Kevin isn’t happy with this either.

They go in to talk to her and Grace says it’s not a big deal. Kevin tells her it’s a big f-in deal. Grace says she’s not the problem and doesn’t have to tell Jackie anything. Grace mentions Mia and Jackie asks who that is and Grace says it’s her dad’s fiancee. This is news to Jackie who gets up and walks out. She goes to the bathroom and closes herself in a stall and makes a call. She leaves a message asking to meet before she does something crazy but then takes some pills before going back out. She comes out and sees a dog sitting there. A female cop comes in and asks if he’s bothering her. She takes the dog away and says she’s working.

Kevin tells Jackie it just happened last night and he was going to tell her. She congratulates Kevin and tells Grace that it was good news, but not hers to tell. She tells Kevin not to let Grace go anywhere without a family member with her.

Antoinette is showing a house when Jackie shows up. She tells her she didn’t even know Kevin was dating anyone but she should have since he was looking good and wearing tighter jeans. Antoinette says it’s good news because it will give Grace someone new to hate. She tells Jackie that Kevin will always be healthier than her because he wasn’t an addict. Jackie says she really wants to use and Antoinette encourages her to eat instead and says – get fat, not high.

Gloria is working with the maintenance guy on the graffiti and says they need to do better. She spray paints the needed S onto Prentiss’ last name and is pleased.

Jackie comes back and Zoe tells her that none of Lauren’s doctors have showed up. Jackie takes the phone and calls the doctors and lies to them all and says they each have a loved one in the ER in bad shape and they need to come ASAP. Zoe picks up on this and starts making similar calls. She adds more drama and blood. Jackie gives her an update on Grace. Zoe tells her she bets her people get here first.

Coop comes in and asks why Pat is still there. He wants to get Carrie on TV to do some medical segments because he’s so impressed. She tells him that she had media courses in college. Coop says Gloria will have to approve and won’t like it. Carrie runs off to talk to her and tells her about WASQ that wants her to do medical segments from the hospital. Gloria says she’ll think about it and Gloria gives her a scratcher. She won something. Gloria tells her not to bring them all down. Carrie asks if that’s a yes.

A doctor comes in asking for his mother and then another comes in. A third doc comes in and says her mom is on a cruise and not dying. They bring all of Lauren’s doctors in and tell her that Ike will be running the meeting. One of the docs asks if he’s the penis guy. He asks what their diagnosis and treatment plan is because they’ve caused Lauren harm. The first doc asks how his mother is and Ike says he has no idea but to focus on Lauren.

Thor, Coop, Eddie and Gloria watch Carrie get her segment and wonder if it’s a disaster. Zoe comes to grab her vaccines from Eddie and she heads to the bar. She hands out vaccines and ring pops. One guy is lurking out of the way and she offers him a free vaccine. She tells him the risks but he’s not interested. But then Ike is there. The gay guy is loving him and he agrees to take the shot from Ike who tells Zoe he came to be nice. The gay dude is crushing all over Ike. He asks Ike why he’s not dancing and he says he doesn’t dance. Zoe tells him Ike will dance with him if he’ll get all his friends to come get vaccinated and he says it’s on.

Jackie is chopping up food when Frank comes in. He asks what’s up and she says she got a dog that’s 35 and has arthritis. Her name is Slippers. He says that’s a terrible name. Frank pets the dog and asks how she’s feeling about Grace and Kevin. She says at the end of the day she just felt like she wanted a dog. She tells him it’s a good impulse when he asks if it’s too much for her. They sit and pet the dog and talk about how nothing is smooth sailing around there.

Ike dances with the guys but isn’t too happy about it. Coop is there soaking up attention from the gay guys and pulls off his shirt. Eddie is there dancing too and Coop says sometimes you just need some extra attention. Coop hops up on a table and starts running his shirt back and forth across his crotch while the other dancers ogle him.