Nurse Jackie RECAP 5/18/14: Season 6 Episode 6 “Nancy Wood”

Nurse Jackie RECAP 5/18/14: Season 6 Episode 6 “Nancy Wood”

Tonight on Showtime the twisted and darkly funny NURSE JACKIE is back with a new episode called, “Nancy Wood.” On this evening’s episode, Frank searches Jackie’s house for drugs, but she removes them in time and hides her stash in a ladies room at the hospital. Later, Jackie bonds with a homeless, alcoholic nun; and finds comfort in the arms of a fellow drug user. Meanwhile, Zoey confronts Prentiss about his dissatisfaction and encourages him to do what he loves.

On last week’s episode Frank threw his back out searching the house for hidden drugs. Realizing she dodged a bullet, Jackie found a hiding place for them at the hospital. But suspicions were raised again when Grace mentioned that her mother was the world’s best liar. Zoey confronted Prentiss about his dissatisfaction at All Saints. Mia and Kevin made a big announcement. And Jackie popped a surprising question to Frank.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jackie’s fake identity is compromised – but she’s got more pressing problems to deal with: she’s on her last bag of pills, Frank has just moved in, and her sponsor Antoinette is hounding her about her sobriety. Meanwhile, Prentiss plans a big night out with Zoey, but their date is cut short when she suspects that something is wrong.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie tonight. While you wait for our recap and hit the comments.

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Jackie helps Frank unpack and asks him about a device. He tells her it’s a stud finder and gets it to beep on himself. He says that’s why she begged him to move in with her. He offers her a check for half the rent and utilities but she doesn’t want it. Antoinette is there and says she unpacked the dishes but Slippers the dog chewed through a cord. Frank heads to the basement to get wire cutters to fix it. While he’s gone Antoinette asks why she changed her mind and she says she loves him.

Jackie takes Frank’s check to the bank but there’s a two day hold. She takes out cash from her account and goes to pick up her fake prescription but it’s not there. They ask if she wants her to call Dr Roman and she says no, that she has an appointment that day and heads out before more questions can be asked. She then gets a call from Gabe who says his GF is looking for her credit card and asks her to check in the leather jacket she borrowed to see if it’s there. Jackie looks, finds it and then tells Gabe she doesn’t see it. He’s stressed and says he’s got to call around to see if he can find it.

Jackie heads down to maintenance where she sees the old tampon machine. She digs out her pills and shoves them in her bag. She chops up a pill in the bathroom and snorts it. She stares at herself in the mirror. Zoe tells Jackie and Thor she and Ike are going to the opera. Thor says he hates opera and Jackie says she can’t afford it. Zoe says they are like the grumpy old men from the Muppets.

Thor thinks Ike is going to propose to her but Zoe says no way. Gloria comes in and tells them all that Carrie’s DEA number has been hijacked. She tells all the doctors to keep a close watch on their prescription pads. Coop panics but then finds his. A student athlete comes in injured with a line drive head injury. Her dad is there and says he’s kept her talking. Ike refuses Carrie’s assist because of her DEA hijack.

Jackie encourages the girl to keep talking while they wait on the CT scan. Carrie complains to Coop about Ike’s treatment of her and says she’s going to find the SOB that stole her number. Zoe finds Coop checking Ike’s vitals and she’s worried. He tells her he made them a nice dinner reservation to talk before the opera. He tells her they’ll talk tonight.

Thor tells Jackie that he loves Jenny Finch. The kid athlete tells them she takes steroids but she doesn’t know what kind. Jackie tells Ike they need to run a tox screen for the steroids but they don’t want her dad to know. She says her coach knows and she’s been taking them on and off for two years. Jackie asks about her period. Jackie goes to talk to Eddie about the steroids. He says he’ll know more once the tox screen comes back.

Carrie comes to ask Eddie for help on finding who hijacked her DEA number. Antoinette is hanging out with Frank working on the house. He asks if he can talk to her about something. She sits. Jackie is meeting with Kevin, Mia and the girls to help pick out bridesmaid dresses. Grace comes out in a dress that’s gorgeous – it costs $600 and Kevin tells her it’s too much. Grace asks why he brought her there if they can’t afford anything.

Grace gets snippy with them and stomps off. Kevin says his suit for the wedding didn’t even cost that much. Jackie goes into the dressing room with her and tries to talk her down. Grace bitches about money – she says she’s going to work hard, graduate early and move to California for college and never talk to any of them again. Mia tells Grace they’ll go to her store and find something they can afford. Jackie tells them she’ll catch up later but then goes back and buys the dress and a smaller one for Fiona. She charges the $1200 to Gabe’s GF’s credit card!

Frank tells Antoinette that he was hit hard by seeing Jackie take pills the other day. He says he thinks it was a one time thing and doesn’t think she’s a junkie. He says they were probably old pills she had lying around. He thinks by living there he can keep an eye on her. He thanks Antoinette but she looks very, very concerned.

Gabe shows up at the hospital and chews Jackie out. He tells her his GF threw his laptop out the window. He tells her to return the dresses, give him the credit card back and to screw off. He says she was fun but now she’s crazy and he already has a crazy GF. Jackie hands back the card and tells him she’ll fix it. Zoe comes and tells her the softball player is vomiting and she tells Gabe she’ll take care of it all soon. He takes the card and goes.

Jackie tells the dad that nausea is common with head injuries and goes to ger her an anti-nauseant. She digs through her purse when Gloria comes up and says – Nancy Wood – and asks if it rings a bill. That’s the patient that stole Carrie’s DEA number. Gloria says she can’t find it in the patient records – because it’s Jackie’s fake name – and tells Gloria maybe it was from when she had memory problems.

Jackie comes out and tells Gabe she can’t return the dresses. She gives him all her pills and $500 cash. He tells her to hand over the jacket. She does and asks if they’re good. He takes it and stomps off. Zoe come into Ike’s office as Gloria leaves. She has to tox screen from the softball player. Zoe asks why Gloria was there and he says it was about the DEA thing. She tells him the girlneeded Zofran and goes.

The girl’s dad tells Jackie that his daughter was being scouted today. She says that he did right by bringing her in and he says he and the other coaches all get concussion training. Jackie asks if he’s his daughter’s coach and he nods yes. Jackie says she’s such a fucking idiot and says they found steroids in his daughter’s blood and he says it’s complicated.

Jackie says when your kid asks for drugs you say no. Jackie says she has to report it and tells him to call his wife and lawyer. He freaks because it could ruin her scholarship chances.

Carrie is at the pharmacy asking about Nancy Wood. The pharmacist says she has to keep customer information confidential. She asks her to wink if she’s blonde. She doesn’t. She presses for more information – anything at all.

Ike gets dressed for the opera and asks Coop to take over his student athlete case. He asks Ike if he wants him to text update and he says he trust him. Ike ask how he looks and Coop says like a man in love. Carrie comes in and tells Jackie that Nancy Wood wears a leather jacket and thinks it’s a motorcycle or punk rock chick.

Jackie calls Grace and tells her she got her the dress. Grace says she doesn’t want it anymore and says she can’t buy her off. She tells her that she’s got this whole new sucky family that Jackie doesn’t understand. The athlete starts yelling and struggling to breathe and Jackie has to hang up on her. The girl’s heart is racing and then she arrest. Carrie starts CPR and they try to bring her back.

Zoe and Ike sit at a fountain and she says she’s too worried to eat or watch people sing and tells him to just tell her – whatever it is. Ike tells her that he re-enlisted. She’s stunned. She says this isn’t a talk, it’s an announcement. She says she thought he was proposing, then thought it was brain cancer and isn’t sure if this is better or worse. He says it’s better. Ike admits he was scared to tell her. He says he wanted it to be right when he told her and she says telling her in bed would have been perfect.

He says he reports on Friday and doesn’t know where they’re sending him. Zoe is shocked but he says he’s very happy with her. Zoe asks if she’s supposed to try and stop him and throw herself in the fountain. She says she thinks it will be good for her. Ike tells her to say what she wants to say. Instead, she kisses him.

The girl is dead. Carrie, Coop and Jackie stare as the machine hums its flatline tone. Jackie clicks it off. Coop takes off his gloves. Antoinette is there and tells Jackie that Frank has got to go. She says he found her drugs. They walk away to talk in private…

The girl is dead. Carrie, Coop and Jackie stare as the machine hums its flatline tone. Jackie clicks it off. Coop takes off his gloves. Antoinette is there and tells Jackie that Frank has got to go. She says he found her drugs. They walk away to talk in private. Jackie asks what he told her and Jackie says it’s old. Antoinette tells her to stop shoveling shit. She says Frank is a push over so he can’t be in her life. Antoinette says they need to get her check in somewhere. Jackie says she’s fired as her sponsor.

Antoinette says nothing on earth is more important than her sobriety. Jackie points to people in the ER and says they are more important but Antoinette says they are all in danger when she relapses. Jackie kicks her out. Zoe tells Jackie she feels grown up for letting Ike go. Jackie asks if there is anything she can do. Zoe tells her that real life is so much smaller. She asks if she wants to watch the last scene of the opera so she can see how it ends. Jackie asks for context and Zoe explains then they watch the last number online.

Gabe hands off the bag of pills to a girl at a club. She walks off with it then hands one to a girl and then another to Grace. OMG! Jackie’s drugs ended up in Grace’s mouth. Horribly karmic ending of tonight’s episode. The diva finishes the last notes of her aria as Jackie and Zoe watch it on her phone.