Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 8 “Appropriately Sized Pots” RECAP

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 8 "Appropriately Sized Pots" RECAP

Here’s our recap for Orange is the New Black season 2 episode 8 “Appropriately Sized Pots,” which is now available on Netflix. How are you enjoying OITNB season 2 so far? If you missed our recaps of episodes 4 and 5, then CLICK HERE to get filled in! Our recap for episode 6 can be found right here. Want to read about episode 7? Click here. 

OITNB tells “The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend.”

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OITNB season 2 episode 8 “Appropriately Sized Pots” RECAP: 

Healy tells Rosa about a procedure the doctor is recommending but says the Dept of Corrections won’t approve it – there’s no budget. He says they’ll stick with the chemo and she says there is no way and that she’s going to die. He tells her that he had a cousin that survived lung cancer and she says she’s a dead duck. Healy says no one knows the future and she says doctors do and they think she needs the surgery. He says he wishes he could help and she says you’re all the same – useless.

We see her when she was young talking to Marco, her BF. She picks food out of his teeth and says she’s perfect. He hands her a gun and he say that she’s going to do great and says everyone is nervous the first time. He tells her to put on her sunglasses then kisses her. She, Marco and another guy get out of the car and go in to rob the bank while the driver waits.

Marco tells the girl no dye packs and Rosa tells the woman to hurry. They are done and head out. A security guard comes out of the back, Rosa alerts Marco and tries to fire her gun but it wasn’t loaded. She rants later to Marco about giving her an unloaded gun and says he doesn’t trust her. He says guns are dangerous and tells her to focus on the money. They sniff it with glee.

She notices that he’s been shot – the security guard clipped him. She says to take him to a hospital and the other guy gives a bad nod and says he won’t make it. He tells Rosa to kiss him. She does and then he fades away, bleeding out. She tells him to be strong but he collapses onto her lap dead. She has blood on her hands.

Joe is in the greenhouse and tells Red it looks good and says she has a green thumb. He has a plant and says he wants an area. She asks what he’s planting and he said veggies. He says he’ll come in every morning and sing to them. He looks at a pot and tells her it’s too big for the seedlings and starts to move it but she says it was Jimmy’s who thought she was growing a beanstalk. She asks if he wants to buy her a smaller pot.

Red says to leave the seeds and says she’ll get them going but he insists he wants to do it himself and says it’s therapeutic. He leaves and she grabs the contraband hidden in the large pot and stuffs it in her jacket.

Brook tells Leanne that doing laundry for others is gratifying and Pensatucky says wait until you come across period and shit stained panties then see how gratified you feel. Leanne says she gets it – making dirty things clean. Leanne asks Angie if she’s seen the new powder fresh deodorant and Brook gives a lecture about is being toxic.

Angie says it would nice if they had some windows down here and Pensatucky tells Brook that the girls are trying to say that she stinks. They tell her they know she’s depressed but Pensatucky tells her she reeks and needs a shower. Leanne tells her to lay off. Pensatucky says the Leanne she knew would tell the dirty hippy to wash her pits and parts. Pensatucky says real friends tell it like it is. She tells to watch and learn and turns to Brook and says she smells like a fucking turtle tank, go take a shower.

Taslitz tells Piper that it’s impossible to make Jimmy take a shower and they tell her they covered up for Jimmy’s condition for years. Piper worries how Jimmy will take care of herself out on the streets and Taslitz says she’ll be dead in a week. Piper says the compassionate release wasn’t kind at all. Piper says she knows a reporter but one says that no one gives a shit about old people.

Piper says she finds older people comforting and Taslitz says sarcastically that she’s glad to be of service. She tells them her grandmother is dying and she taught her how to knit. She says she made a blanket and her mom sold it for a quarter at a yard sale and Taslitz says her mom sounds like a twat. Piper says she can be and says her mom always told her to go out and eat the world.

Healy comes in and calls Piper out. She asks if she’s been turned down for furlough and he says he made some calls and made it happen. She’s in shock. She asks if he’s serious and he says to just say thank you. He tells her she can go say goodbye to her Nana. She thanks him again and again and shakes his hand. He tells her she’s welcome.

Taslitz asks if he said furlough and her friend says can’t be because no one gets furlough. Joel brings Fischer a hot chocolate and calls her sweet. She gags on it and asks if there’s schnapps in it and he says that one is his. He calls her babe and she says he can’t call her that if he won’t return her texts and he insists he hates to text. Joe watches jealously.

Joel says to call or stop by if he wants to talk. Fig comes up ranting about her shoe. She says they are Louboutins with gum on the sole. She asks where the prisoners are getting gum and asks how it’s getting in. He says he doesn’t know and she says that’s the problem. He says he’s enforcing the shot quota and she says to take control. She asks if Fischer works there and she says yes ma’am.

Fig goes off on her and says she sees makeup and large earrings and asks if she’s in an M Night Shamalama movie where she’s the only one who can see things. Joel says it’s Shamalan and Fig yells at him. He leaves. Fischer says everyone wears makeup and Fig tells her to take care of it. Then she chews out Joe and says just because he has a crush on Fischer, she will get rid of her if she has to.

Brook walks by and Fig yells at Joe to make her take a shower. Daya comes into the kitchen and says she’s tired all the time and is like a necrophiliac. Maria asks what her plan is and she says she’s going to pretend she’s fat and then have it in a broom closet and sneak it out.

Red comes to see Gloria about renting storage space and they cut a deal. Vee watches with interest as they talk. Rosa is getting chemo and the teenager is back there. He criticizes the nurse for doing a bad job on her needle. Rosa tells the kid that the woman is a drunk. She describes what she’ll do and the nurse does just as she said.

He says she’s been casing the joint and she says she has time and he’s not that interesting. He asks what she would do if she was going to pull off a heist in the room. He says to humor him since he has cancer. Rosa says she has a CO that checks on the driver once an hour. She says the receptionist is a smoker who takes a break every three hours on the dot.

He says they need to rob the drunk nurse and asks how he’ll know which is her bag. She says to feel for the one with the bottle. They plan to wait for the opportunity. Back in the day, Rosa and the two guys plan a new bank job. She says she’ll cover the guard while Don gets the cash. They ask if she can handle the guard and she asks if she handled the one in Bayside and two in First National.

She asks if they’re ready to roll. They kiss and head out. They are switching cars after the job but then Andy starts having chest pains. Rosa tells him not to do this. He slumps over and his head hits the horn. Rosa cries and says this can’t be happening again. They run off and leave him – he’s dead.

Piper tries to reach her brother but can’t get him. She starts to dial again and the guard tells her to go to the back of the line. Joe comes up and asks Piper if she’s wearing lip gloss. She’s not. Nicky tries to light her contraband battery lighter but can’t. Joel sits outside with her and she asks if he’s nailing Fischer. He says he’s not one to kiss and tell but says he fucked her. Nicky doesn’t believe him.

He says he grabbed her boobs and she says that’s farther than she got. She finally gets it to light and tells him she told him. He asks how that works and she reminds him he’s head of electrical. Joe comes out and Joel covers for her and says they’re counting batteries. Joe insists that he smells smoke and then asks if she’s wearing mascara. He asks why she has it and she says they sell it at commissary. He walks off and she asks Joel about Fischer’s tits.

Daya says the article is cutting off her comic. Piper says they need to move the article. She reads Flaca’s advice column about how to deal with a bitch that’s stealing stuff. Piper says the administration will never go for it. Piper says it has to be done by tomorrow because she has furlough. They are in shock. She says her grandmother is sick. Daya says she applied too and say sit never works.

Flaca tells her to say goodbye to her grandma quick so she can head to the club to make her ass clap. Daya says girls are going to be pissed and says to watch her back. Sister comes over to ask about her furlough and says even as a nun, that’s the first honest to God miracle she’s ever head of. She tells her to use it well. Piper says she will – she says she’s going to ask her grandma all the questions she never go to.

Joe busts in and asks Bennett what he has and he says it’s a smoothie. He asks if he smokes and he admits he chews tobacco occasionally. Joe says he’s playing whack-a-mole with contraband and asks Bennett to help and tells him to not protect anyone. Joe says you make friends in here and then it gets out of hand. He says that you trust people and then it bites you. Then he yells fuck and runs out.

The guard comes out and Lorna says she’s still there. She tells him that Fischer brought him a Dr Pepper and a Heath bar at the end of the day. She asks if he will do it and he says no. She asks for a pee break and he tells her to squat behind the break. The receptionist leaves the room and Rosa calls the drunk nurse over to check on her while the kid tries to make the heist.

Rosa asks about her ring and she says it’s two carats. She asks if she was a jewel thief and she says no. Distraction done, Rosa asks for water to get rid of her. He hands over the wallet and they high five. Rosa laughs and says she never thought she would get so excited over $63. She hands him $20 and says she was the brains. The nurse calls for Yusef and says his mom is there. He says he’ll be back and tells her it’s not enough. She says it never is.

We see Rosa back in the day crowing over their $50 grand. She tries to kiss her co-robber and he says they have to drive more but she wants it now. He pulls over and grabs a gun and says she wants to rob the bank. He says they don’t know anything about it and says he’s not doing it. She says she doesn’t need him and heads in.

Sophia tells Piper that she thinks she’s hot shit because she got furlough. Sophia threatens to give her a scary haircut and Piper says that her family is expecting a hardened felon, so that could be cool. Anita asks what her plans are and she says to be with her family and watch her grandmother fade away. They ask if she will stay with Larry and she says she doesn’t even know if her stuff is there.

She babbles about him being a clueless jerk. She says things are complicated. Anita asks if she gave Healy a reach around and she says no and just thinks they took pity. She say the prison may have a heart after all and Anita says they don’t. She says she applied twice – once for her granddaughter’s birth and they said no.

Sophia says she applied to when her father was dying and says they hadn’t talked since she transitioned but he relented when he was dying. She says she missed out on getting closure and says we don’t get a lot of that in this life. She works on Piper’s hair.

Joe goes crazy tearing up the greenhouse and Red asks what he’s looking for. He tears everything up and says this is the last time she pulls one over on him. She says she’ll help and she starts upending pots and hands him the last one, then dumps it out. She says hopes that was therapeutic.

Fischer complains to Wanda and O’Neill about Fig. O’Neill says the shot quota is a bad idea and Wanda says she doesn’t mind the paperwork and he says a prison riot could break out. Joe comes in and Fischer looks down. Wanda gestures to her to talk to him. Fischer says the shot quota is unreasonable and she says that the prisoners need to think that discipline is justified.

Joe goes nuts and says they have to follow rules and Fischer says not all rules are enforced consistently. She continues and he tells her she’s fired. He says he’ll pay her through the end of the month. Fischer starts crying and runs out. The other guards look at him like he’s a monster. He asks if anyone else has something to say to him and they all look down.

Gloria tells Blanca that she’ll put the stuff in the freezer. Vee is there and brings Gloria a cigarette and tells her it’s fee. She says she even made it a menthol. Gloria says if they find her there, she’s going to get a shot. She asks about Red and Gloria says it’s none of her business. Vee says she knows Red is doing business and Gloria says whatever Red has going has nothing to do with her.

Vee says all that Red wants is the kitchen back. Gloria says Vee knows nothing about what’s going on. Gloria says she doesn’t trust any of the crazy bitches and says that she and Red are both scorpions. Vee leaves the cigarette when she goes and Gloria tucks it into her bra.

Fischer sits in the chapel and finds Nicky lying on the floor smoking. Nicky scrambles for excuses but Fischer says she doesn’t care because she got fired. Nicky says that’s good and Fischer says she’s not good at anything. Nicky tells her there’s a million things out there for her and says this place is soul sucking and she’s well done to get out. Fischer asks if she was flirting with her and Nicky asks how she did. Fischer says not in a 1,000 years but thanks her for the attention. She tells Fischer to pack and run and she asks Nicky if she’ll be okay. Joel comes in and tells her that it was lame she got fired.

Rosa is leaving and sees Yusef crying with his mom. She asked to talk to him. Rosa says it’s the curse and says anyone she does a job with dies. Yusef says he’s not a man in her life and she says he’s too young to die. He says he’s not dying – he’s in remission and is done with chemo. She cries tears of joy and he wishes her luck and tells her to enjoy prison. She tells him to enjoy life and calls him shit pot.

Back in the day, Rosa’s BF comes to see her in jail and she says she’s glad the curse didn’t get him and says she should have listened to him. She says she was greedy and tells Tony she misses the smell of cash. She says it was a rush from robbing banks. She asks what she’s going to do for kicks in jail.

Taystee gripes to Vee that Piper is getting furlough and says it’s special treatment. Poussey says she tried too and that a dead black mom is nothing compared to an old white lady. All of the women bitch at her. She sits and Nicky says everyone hates her fucking guts. Poussey keeps talking trash about how the white bitch keeps getting the red carpet. Black Cindy says she must have sucked Healy’s dick.

Piper stands up and says as a spokesperson for the white race, she’s sorry that got a raw deal. She says she loves her grandmother and she’s sorry that she’s a whitey too. She tells them to shut the fuck up. Suzanne throws food at her and Piper turns to stare.

Gloria tells Red not to drag her into her shit with Vee. Gloria says she is not getting caught up in whitey vs blackie war and wants nothing to do with it. She tells Red she has three days to get her shit out. She asks Gloria if the freezer is the best she can do and she says it’s working. Red relents and says thank you and asks for a little time to let things cool down and says she has her order coming. She says they’re good.

Piper comes to see Healy and says she has to give her furlough back because there are people here that are more needy. He asks what her deal is and she asks why he did it since he hates her. Healy says he spent his morning telling an old lady that the DOC won’t cover her surgery and that she has to die. He says she called him useless and she was right because he can’t make a difference like he wanted to.

He says once in a blue moon he can use his paperwork to do good. He says she should be grateful and she says she was until it turned her into a target. He says no take backs and to be in the car when it shows up. He says girls will talk and get jealous and says to let it happen. He says that she knows to go clear her conscience and say good bye. He tells her to take it. She says that was pretty good counseling.

Joe brings plants out to the greenhouse. The Golden Girls are cleaning up. He says they’re for him and says he doesn’t have time to work in the greenhouse and will find another way to relax. He tells them to make sure Red gets them and leaves.

Piper asks Red how she would spend one day on the outside. She says she would go to the market and taste Pirozhkis – like a meat pie. She says she was famous for them and made them on Sundays and there was a line out the door. She puts on her lipstick while she talks. She tells her it’s in Queens and is a quick ride on the N train and asks her to go. She says she needs her to go, order a sandwich and see how it’s running. She thinks her sons are lying. Red says she wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. Piper says she has to be at the hospital and says she’ll go if she can. She asks again how to pronounce it.

Wanda drags Brook to the shower and says there have been four complaints filed. Brook refuses and falls to the floor and says it’s passive resistance. They drag her up and says it’s aggressive response. Wanda tells her to strip and she pulls off her clothes. She goes crying into a stall and turns the water on. She cries and Black Cindy tells her to wash fast before shit starts coming out of the drain.

Anita asks Rosa if she saw her friend and she says he’s in remission. Rosa tells her that she’s going to be dead soon and that she pictured herself going out in a blaze of glory and a hail of gunfire. She says that this kind of death is, this slow invisible disappearing into nothing is terrifying. She says she’s going back to sleep and says chemo wipes her out. Anita tucks her in. She leaves and Rosa pulls the cash out of her bra and sniffs it. She sighs in happiness.

Piper reaches her mom and says she got her furlough. She asks who is picking her up and she says that her grandmother died last night. Piper is stunned and says, but I’m getting out. She says she missed it and cries. Her mom says she was there in spirit. Piper breaks down and moans.

Fig is shopping for shoes on the internet when Joe comes in and says he fired Fischer and says she had value. Fig asks if there will be a sexual harassment suit. He says they are understaffed and she says she understands. He says he finds the best people he can for $18 and hour. Fig says they need more muscle and he says he’ll do his own hiring but she says it’s already been taken care of.

We see a car pull up and a guy get out – it’s George. Pornstache is back!

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