Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 6 “You Also Have A Pizza” RECAP

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 6 "You Also Have A Pizza" RECAP

Orange is the New Black, Netflix’s groundbreaking drama, has returned with an all new second season. How are you enjoying it so far? OITNB is the perfect show to binge watch, as it’s so easy to get overly engrossed in the story. There’s no having to wait for future episodes: They’re all right at your fingertips! If you missed our recaps of episodes 4 and 5, then CLICK HERE to get filled in!

OITNB tells “The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend.”

We’ll be recapping all of OITNB season 2 right here and encourage you to check back often to get the lowdown on a particular episode. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the season, so don’t be shy in hitting up the comments section for some chatting. Continue reading below for the recap of episode 6. If spoilers make you ill, then shield your eyes now. We don’t want you to be angry with us for accidentally spoiling your OITNB Netflix marathon.

Orange is the New Black season 2 episode 6 “You Also Have A Pizza” RECAP:

It’s Valentine’s Day at the prison. Sister says love is light and acceptance. Sophia says it’s horrible pain that you want again and again. Lorna says she has so much to say about love. The kitchen girls cook heart shaped cookies. Flaca says she hopes Ian will visit. Maritza talks about romance. Maria says one year, Yadriel stole flowers from his cousin’s funeral for her and says it was sweet. Gloria says it’s a holiday invented to make people feel like shit.

Fischer is there and says it must be hard being locked up on Valentines. One of the girl offers her a cookie and she takes it but is horrified to see that it’s shaped like a dick. Bennett walks up and Fischer panics and shoves the cookie in her mouth (hilarity) and almost chokes herself (more hilarity). One of the kitchen girls quips that she knew she didn’t swallow.

Bennett looks at Daya and walks over. She asks where he made dinner reservations for them and says she’s trying to pretend they’re normal. She tells him her dress is sexy but not slutty and he says he can’t wait to see it. Aleida sends Daya to get more flour and hands Bennett a list and tells him it’s stuff she wants.

The ghetto girls are soaping up in the sinks because of the 30 second shower limits. Taystee doesn’t want to join custodial – she likes the library and tells Vee no. Vee says it would have been easier for her to leave her in the foster home with the fucked up foster dad.

Jimmy wanders in and says she’s looking for Jack because he buys her chocolates every year. She says he treats his ducky right. Vee says to kill her in her sleep if she ever gets like that. She tells Taystee to do what she says. Poussey says V Day is just about chilling with someone, making jokes and staying up so you don’t have to be without them.

On an Army base in Germany, we see Poussey rolling a joint with friends. She speaks German and her girlfriend kisses her. A friend of hers comes up and complains about Army. She kisses her GF and he asks how you say in German that he wants to watch her and her GF get it on. She says “nein.” She’s an Army brat at an international station somewhere.

Watson complains to Suzanne that she hates custodial and thinks it’s bullshit that Vee forced them to be there. Suzanne holds up a mop and speaks in a very nice British accent saying that she needs to back off. Then Suzanne tells the mop that Watson has the right to express her opinion about her new job. They continue a debate as the other girls come in laughing.

Boo tells Watson she looks tired and offers to come by later and give her a massage. Boo says she wants a piece of whatever they have going on. She tells Watson that tomorrow she’s going to put the V in her valentine. Watson double birds her and Boo says, that’s right, fuck me.

Black Cindy asks Suzanne who her Valentine is going to be with her crazy eyes and she says someone who deserves her, which is her. Her British mop calls her a loser. Cindy says this is depressing. Watson spills water on herself and Cindy says she pissed herself and says she’ll go find her a diaper.

Piper comes to sit with Larry and says tomorrow is Florence Henderson’s birthday which they always celebrated instead of V Day. She jokes and he takes it to a serious level and says he heard about her grandma. She says she wants her home when she gets out. She says she wants to come home. He says that’s quite the statement and asks if she’s sure. She says she is. Larry says he’s asking future, free Piper, not her and asks if she will. Future Piper says she hopes so. He says present Larry can’t live on hope.

Larry says there’s a reporter from the City Post – Andrew – asked him about financial irregularities at the prison and he says he thinks he could write about it with her investigated for him from the inside. Piper freaks and says he’s doing it again. He says they can expose it – she tells him to stop being the moon and he asks what’s wrong with that and she says it doesn’t have its own light. He asks if she’s the sun and he’s just a crap rock.

He tells her she can move on, fuck Alex or whoever and he’s stuck with her sweaters, shoes and Sephora products. He’s angry and says it’s like living in a sarcophagus. She tells him to take her stuff to Polly’s and says he means mausoleum. He gets angry and says not to say what he means. He tells her that at least you can walk on the moon – he says you burn up if you get too close to the sun.

Red works in the greenhouse and says that Vee doesn’t change. She tells her son to hurry. He’s down in the hidey hole welding. He’s sad about his lover leaving and she tells Vasily that he probably deserved it. Jimmy wanders in looking for Jack and she sends her off. He finally cuts through the manhole cover that was under the floorboards and hands her up a bag of stuff.

Piper asks Nicky what she imagines going home to once she gets out. Piper says she thought it would be Larry but maybe not. Nicky says she can help her forget what day it is and Piper says she’s not interested in being a shockingly low valued prize in her sex game. Piper laments that she lost her hot psychopath ex and her sweet confused fiancee both. She says she doesn’t have a home anymore.

The electrical box sparks and Nicky says she does and it’s this shit hole. She tells Piper that Larry is on the right track because they never spend money in here and says this is the third time she’s worked on this electrical box.

Fischer tells Joe the phone calls are amazing. She plays an anal sex call and says it’s like reading Dickens. Joe tells her maybe it will help Fig get off his ass. He says Fig asked him to implement a shot quota. She says it’s nice that he stands up to her. He asks how it’s going with that guy and she says it’s not because he wore too many vests. Joe nervously asks her to come see his band tomorrow night.

She says she has to work the Valentine’s party and he says he can get her off, then hastily changes that to get her off the shift. She agrees to see him there.

Leanne says she had a thing with her boss at Long John Silver’s and says that his wife was wicked hot and that was nice.

Poussey reads Louis Carroll to Taystee and they talk about Alice in Wonderland. They talk about finding a small crack rock that says “smoke me.” The guard tells Taystee she’s on custodial now and Poussey asks why she would leave the library since she loves it. Taystee says she owes Vee and offers to get Poussey transferred, but she says she’s got it good there.

We see Poussey and her GF bumping clams back in the day. Poussey told her that scissoring wasn’t a thing and they lie down side by side cuddling in the girl’s bedroom. Poussey talks about love with her in German. They kiss. The door opens and the girl’s German officer father comes in and stares at them horrified.

Bennett tucks his sock up where it looks like he’s hiding contraband. He hears rattling as he walks and shakes his leg. He looks around worried then heads in jingling his keys to cover the sound. Eliqua tries to sneak in an e-cig and the guard sends her out with it. He stops Bennett and says pat downs are now mandatory. He stops at his knees and then says he’s just kidding and says he doesn’t want to touch his peg leg.

The kitchen girls decorate the cookies and Flaca ices one that says Ian in case he shows up. Bennett walks in and Aleida grabs the stuff he brought and says she’s so glad they’re family. He smiles at Daya and she comes over with a cookie for him. He asks if Daya cooked up something special because the house smells great. She snaps and says she won’t be a little housewife and asks if that’s what he expects. She says she doesn’t want to play the normal game anymore because she doesn’t think they’ll ever be normal.

Brook talks with one of the girls who tells her that she got Healy as her counselor and Brook says none of the girls like him. He overhears and looks hurt. Piper talks to the electrical guy and asks what happened to the electrical budget. He says that went to upgrading the A block. She says she didn’t notice that and he asks if she’s getting that and says the report says it was done. They get the lights back working and he congratulates her on earning another 11 cents.

Yoga leads a class and Boo watches one of the girls bends over and Boo steps up and touches her and says she can help. She tells her to get away. Red comes in and kneels down beside one of the ladies and hands her eyeshadow. She gives Boo some sunflower seeds. She goes to Yoga and hands her some tea bags and Yoga says, well look who’s back. Red apologizes for interrupting the class.

Nicky comes in and says she bagged a four pointer. She says they’re almost tired then pops her sore jaw. Red comes in and tells Gina the angry nonsense has to stop and says they all will need each other soon,. She offers Gina a tube of medicine. The girls walk out. Red sits and tells Nicky they have to stick together and Nicky says you can’t buy their love back. She walks out on her too.

Bennett asks why they’re asking him about love and says you shouldn’t be talking to me. They take inventory in the commissary and the guard leaves. Poussey walks up and Vee comes out to talk to her. She asks if she’s upset about Taystee getting transferred out and Poussey says if you get her in trouble, I’ll kill you. She says she knows Taystee thinks she owes her but Vee is just a bully that uses lost kids and then dumps them. She calls her a vampire.

Vee talks about a guy that she was hot for when she was younger. She says she saw him with his hands up another girl’s skirt. Vee tells her that Taystee will never love her. Never. Not the way she wants. Poussey laughs and says she doesn’t want her like that and is just looking out for her. She walks off looking hurt thought. We see her back in the day smoking out her window. Her dad comes in and she says there was some soldiers smoking outside.

Her dad comes in and sits down. He tells her that he’s sorry and she asks what about. He says they’re being transferred back to the states. He says he doesn’t know why. She’s devastated and her dad says he let her down. She cries.

Piper steps outside and looks at a junction box. She opens it up and peeks inside and looks at the poor wiring. Maxwell comes out for a smoke and tells Piper she’s out of bounds. Piper says she won’t tell if she won’t. Maxwell complains that they are treated like prisoners. Piper asks about the plans to build a gym there and Maxwell says what always happens. Healy steps out and asks why she’s asking so many questions. She says she’s interested in the health and safety of the inmates.

He says he’s helping her with her Nana and asks why she’s asking questions. She says freedom of the press isn’t only for the free. She says she wants to start a prison newsletter written by the inmates with articles and op-eds. She says she’s trying to get out of her bubble.

She says this is their home and they need to be communicating more and says this could really help us get to know each other and this place better. She says, with your approval of course, Mr Editor in Chief. He tells her not to oversell it. Healy thinks. He says he’s not saying yes and tells her to show him some sample stories by tomorrow. He says the girls used to like me and Piper says they will again.

Vee comes to check on the girls in custodial and asks why Taystee is pouting. Vee says her methods will be clear soon. Taystee says she doesn’t believe in her and says she doesn’t have a plan. She tells Taystee to open a box. She does and we see cleaning supplies. There’s a false bottom and out falls tobacco. They are stunned. Suzanne stops staring at the wedding invitation Lorna stole from Christopher then threw away and comes to check out the contraband.

Piper has a Valentine from Alex in her mail call. She throws it into the trash unopened.

Flaca and Maritza talk about love. They say it’s like a warm chocolate bath with the Smiths playing, warm lighting and guys giving you lots of attention and then there’s a pizza, there’s also a pizza. At the Valentine’s party, Flaca shares some hootch and they agree it’s pretty good. Healy and Bennett hang out and he’s angry that Joe and Fischer are both off and they’re stuck there. He thinks it’s a security risk.

Healy yells at two girls dancing close with a girl to leave room for Jesus and threatens to shut it down. Bennett says he’s in a woman’s prison but doesn’t understand women at all. Healy says with women you think you’re meeting them halfway but are really only doing 10-15% and says women are really bad at math. Jimmy asks Bennett if Jack called and wanders off.

He goes to talk to Daya and she says for him to take her somewhere now. They head into an office and get busy. He’s happy with her pregnancy boobs and then he’s inside her. Jimmy wanders around and then down a hall. She wanders outside of the prison.

Taystee sneaks up on Poussey in the library and tells her to close her eyes. She tells her to open her lips and she does. She’s hoping for a kiss but Taystee pops a cigarette in her mouth and says they’re in business and are getting paid. She says she told her it was next level Mr Miyagi shit.

We see Poussey and her GF argue. It was her GF’s dad that got them transferred and she begs for them to stay together. The girl says Poussey is the love of her life but she tells her she was just fun to fuck. The girl leaves crying.

Bennett buckles up and tells Daya that was unexpected. She tells him he’s sweet and hands him a piece of paper. He opens it and it’s a sketch of them on a sofa with a dog. He tells her it’s great and kisses her. Then she hands him a red envelope and it’s a card that she thought he sent her. He says it’s from Mendez, not him and she snatches it back and looks angry.

The ladies dance. Healy prowls. Piper comes up to a couple of the Golden Girls and says she’s trying to start a newsletter. She asks them to define love and one says it’s a retarded fucking question. Piper asks what was the last time they saw any major plumbing work and one says it was a decade ago when a fatso broke a couple of toilets. They laugh and Piper winks at Healy, thinking he’s building goodwill.

Healy calls Katya but gets her voice mail. He tells her he wanted to wish her Happy Valentine’s day and asks if she would like to dance. He says he learned that Russian phrase for her. He says he’s a good man and is going to make her proud to be married to him. The girls are line dancing. Brook tells Sophia that in Ferris Bueller, Ferris doesn’t exist – he’s just a figment of Cameron’s imagination.

Sister tells her to shut the fuck up and Brook apologizes. Nicky tells her to sit on her face to shut her up and Sister says she’ll keep that in mind. Pensatucky is going crazy and asks why Leanne is ignoring her. Leanne calls her a Hillary Clinton dictator and says they want to be a democracy. The girls tell her they’re done with her.

She says if she’s Hillary, you’re some sister wife trailer trash non-reading nothings. Pensatucky says none of them challenge her and if you play tennis with someone less skilled, you’ll lower your game. One of the girls asks if she plays tennis. Pensatucky snaps and says it’s a metaphor and then calls them all whores. She walks off and Leanne tells Angie to get her some punch. Hmm. Is she the new queen bee.

A new song starts and Flaca sidles over and tells Bennett she’s happy he’s taking such good care of Daya. Maritza and Flaca want some items to keep their silence. They want an iPod, cell phone, special mouthwash and a bunch of other stuff.

Boo confronts Nicky about her spreading the rumor she has crabs. Nicky tells her not to whine. Boo asks for her point count and she says 36. Nicky says Pirkle was gross and she just did her in the shower. They’re tied and then agree to stop because they are grossed out by some of the chicks they’ve done. They launch into a cookie eating contest.

Joe’s band finishes a number as Fischer comes in. He tells her he’s on break and she says he looks so different. She says they need a table and she has O’Neill and some others with her. Joe isn’t so happy and she says they need another chair. O’Neill and Wanda are arguing and then Joel is there as well. He says Joe looks like the gay Edge. Joe is pissed. He pulls the reserved sign off the bar stool he had for Fischer who is giggling with Joel.

Suzanne says love is like you become more you but wilder and then the person you choose takes on all your weird. We see Larry shows up to Polly’s with a load of Piper’s stuff. Suzanne says when they take it on, you can feel more normal. Larry rings for the elevator but Polly is there. He asks her if the moon would do this and grabs her up into a kiss. Pete is right behind her but doesn’t see the kiss. He asks what the stuff is and he says it’s Piper’s stuff. He insists that Larry join them for Valentine’s dinner. He does.

The girls play pin the dick on a dude at the party. Suzanne sits by Lorna and holds out the invitation. Lorna snatches it away and Suzanne asks if that’s the guy she always talk about. Suzanne says that the ones that don’t love us back don’t deserve it. Lorna says he’s ruined this day for her forever. Lorna cries and then laughs with Suzanne. She tells Suzanne that she still wants to believe in hearts and love. Suzanne says it’s not sad, but brave and Lorna thanks her then hugs her and Suzanne hugs her back.

Maritza asks Flaca if she should get fake tits and she says probably. Maritza has a paper dick taped to her head and Flaca throws her Ian cookie away. Maritza says they are wasting the best years of their lives in here. She says no one will kiss her and Flaca says she will. They kiss then she peels the dick off her head and they deepen the kiss. It gets steamy for a second but then they laugh and both say “no, no.” Instead, they cuddle while Flaca cries about Ian not showing.

The girls dance to a hip hop song while Taystee drops down into a split. She bounce around and isn’t happy to see Poussey flirting with a girl. She tells Taystee to head back to Erykah Badu and gestures to Vee. The girl walks off while they argue and Poussey is mad at Taystee. We see Poussey go to confront her GF’s father and says they’re not leaving.

She curses her dad and says he doesn’t get to decide and tells him she loves his daughter and he says that’s why she’s going home. She starts to pull a gun but her dad is there and stops her before he sees it. The German dad tells her dad that there are programs that could change her and make her normal but her dad says she’s just fine. He pulls her away.

Joe sings a song and is annoyed that Joel and Fischer flirt. Vee approaches Red and they complain that there are no men, booze or drugs. Vee asks how the gardening is going and she says once the thaw comes, they will really get going. She tells Vee this won’t end well and they look serious for a moment.

Pensatucky pouts all alone and then mopes out of the room. She comes out and finds Healy sitting on a bench alone. She comes to sit by him and they are both so sad. He splits a cookie in half and gives her part. She holds it to her chest then wraps her arms around him in a hug and he puts his arm around her. It’s desperate, but non-sexual.

There’s a girl at the bar watching Joe as he sings and he finally notices then also sees that Jimmy is standing there behind her with twigs in her hair, disheveled, smiling at him.

Nicky asks Piper about love and she says love is like coming home after a long trip. She smiles and tells her thanks for asking.

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