Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 7 “Comic Sans” RECAP

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 Episode 7 "Comic Sans" RECAP

Orange is the New Black has returned with an all new, amazing second season. How are you enjoying it so far? OITNB is such a great series because Netflix gives you access to the entire season. All the episodes are right at your fingertips! If you missed our recaps of episodes 4 and 5, then CLICK HERE to get filled in! Our recap for episode 6 can be found right here.

OITNB tells “The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend.”

We’ll be recapping all of OITNB season 2 right here and encourage you to check back often to get the lowdown on a particular episode. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the season, so don’t be shy in hitting up the comments section for some chatting. Continue reading below for the recap of episode 7. If spoilers make you ill, then shield your eyes now. We don’t want you to be angry with us for accidentally spoiling your OITNB Netflix marathon.

Orange is the New Black season 2 episode 7 “Comic Sans” RECAP:

The ghetto girls roll homemade cigarettes and one Watson asks if they should have filters and Cindy says they’re not at the country club and asks if they should include fancy holders. Suzanne says Holly Golightly likes tiaras and Vee explains if you include a filter you have to roll to match it and it will cut down their profit margin. They cover up as soon as they are alerted to a guard. They’re talking about germs and Gallego chimes in then leaves after a cursory check and then they’re back to business.

Vee tells them that you take forever stamps rather than other ones. Cindy says Vee is taking 90% of the profits but she says she’s also taking the risks and Vee says she can always walk away. Cindy complains that Vee’s boys on the outside are turning the stamps into bank. Vee says it’s about making something of yourselves and getting respect.

Suzanne says she’s done and tells her to give them to Taystee. She tells her that Taystee will be selling for her because she has no people skills. Taystee asks Vee how they will hide and sell them and if she has an invisibility cloak and Vee says – you could say that.

Joe complains to the guards that they are disappointing him. He says they just need to be competent like keeping the prisoners in prison. He rants about Jimmy and then chews out Bennett. Wanda says that it’s no big deal and that inmates have gotten out before – she says just to add a couple of years onto Jimmy’s sentence and Maxwell says she’s like 100.

Joe tells Wanda to find out how Jimmy is getting out and Fischer says to just ask her and he says he did and she says she took the trolley. Wanda is aggravated and he says it’s not a waste of her talents and education. He tells them each to write five shots a week but tells Fischer to write six because she needs to toughen up. He kicks them all out.

Donaldson stops Black Cindy to write her up for being late but she still has 45 seconds. White Cindy walks by and he doesn’t write her up and she calls it racism. He says it will be if she doesn’t shut up. She asks what that means and he tells her to get on the ground. He snaps and she does it. We see her back when she worked at TSA yelling at people and making them throw stuff out calling them terrorists.

She drives her cart through the airport beeping at people, then sleeps on the job then goes through luggage. She spots an iPad and throws it in her bag. Another TSA agent finds a dildo. She later drives by and steals a water from a bin then she feels up a really hot guy and says she can’t let him on the plane with these guns and feels his muscles. She was abusive.

Piper meets with Andrew, the reporter, and tells him about guard misconduct and overuse of solitary confinement. He says prison treats inmates unfairly and says they are getting starved and raped so her not getting furlough isn’t such a biggie. He says he dreams about taking down a dirty system but he probably can’t.

He says he may be able to find the $2 million that’s missing from the budget. He says to check and see who Fig is making contracts with and says she may be in on it. Piper says she’ll just look it up on the inmate internet they give them access to when they’re curious about things. Andrew says they requested $200k last year to renovate a gym that doesn’t exist. She says she can’t screw herself by playing high stakes Harriet the Spy and he says he’s sorry about her grandma and to let him know if she changes her mind.

Sophia gets ready to do Gloria’s hair and asks if she’s sure she wants the usual since she’s running the kitchen now. Taslitz comes and tells Sophia that Red said to tell her she has violets growing. Sophia has no clue what she wants but promises to come check it out. Gloria says every day here is more confusing.

Nicky meets Taystee I the bathroom and she shows her a box of tampons. She tells her to take one and she unwraps it and finds a cigarette inside. Nicky is over the moon. Nicky hands over a book of stamps and Taystee shows her a Litchfield lighter – a battery with tin foil arcing the ends. Nicky lights up and says it’s like the third best day of her life. Taystee tells her to blow into the drain.

Sophia comes to the greenhouse and Red tells her to come in and close the door. She hands her some goodies. Sophia says she doesn’t know how her people lost the cold war. Red also gives her some candy and tells her that this covers the cost of her hair do. Sophia asks if she’s ever kissed a six foot tall transgender – she’s pleased and tells Red she’ll be back. Taystee flashes Rosa a cig and she’s thrilled.

Blanca smokes in secret in the freezer while Gloria smokes for her. Gloria complains to her crew that Latinas should be able to make rice and beans. One says she grew up eating Chinese with an Asian step-dad. Bennett comes in and Flaca runs up and calls him Santa. He says this is the last time he can do this. Blanca and the girls say they want porn and a magazine of just gay men. Bennett says he’s not buying gay porn. Gloria yells at them.

Brook complains to Piper that she’s a vegetarian. Brook says the salad bar is crap. Daya asks if they can help with the newsletter and she says that’s great. She asks Daya if she knows about the kitchen vendors and she says it’s just guys in a truck. Brook rattles on and Poussey says to get with it and if a cow breaks her out, she’d quit eating meat that day.

Rosa talks to the Sister and the Sister wraps her cornbread in a napkin. Fischer says she knows she has diabetes and writes her a shot. Rosa asks how she can write up a nun and tells her it’s the end of days. Piper sits by Jimmy and cuts her meat for her. She thanks her and calls her Roberta. Jimmy says she saw her husband last night and says he plays the bass now. Uh-oh.

Black Cindy has Angie cleaning her cube for a cigarette. She says that karma wise, her people have this coming. Maria brings her jelly and Cindy complains that it’s not strawberry and she says they’re out and it’s the best she can do. Cindy sniffs the tampon and says she’s holding premium shit. Maria says she doesn’t smoke and needs it to bribe someone to let her use their straightener.

We see Black Cindy coming to see her niece and gives her the iPad. Her mom says it’s too much for a nine year old and Cindy asks to take her to ice cream. Her mom doesn’t want to send her alone and Cindy says she’ll look out for her and tells her to leave the iPad here. They head out. Her mom looks at the iPad and sees a bunch of other people’s pictures on it.

Lorna comes and asks Piper if she can help with the newsletter. Piper says it’s her and two Spanish girls, one that she’s scared of, and says yes. She asks what Lorna wants to write about and she says she doesn’t know. She asks Lorna to write romance but she says she’s off that for a little while. Piper says it’s fucked up how they’re stuck in there and the world outside keeps turning. She asks her to write a beauty column and she laughs and says you don’t have to let yourself go just because you’re in here. She’s thrilled.

Nicky asks Poussey if she’s got a cigarette and she tells her she’s at the wrong house. Nicky says she didn’t start the Negro Tobacco League, Vee did. Poussey says Vee is letting the girls do the dirty work and when someone gets caught, her hands will be clean. The alarm chimes and Nicky and Poussey drop to the floor.

Nicky asks Poussey if she remembers in high school when, as a lesbian, you strike up a BBF deal with a straight girl who’s really into it and we tell ourselves that friendship is good until she gets a boyfriend that we hate. Poussey says she’s not in love with her and Nicky says sure. She says if you hate her boyfriend (aka Vee) that you will drive a wedge in. She tells her to get close to the BF and make him like you.

Bennett tells the Latino girls that he’s not doing this anymore. He tells them they’re all getting shots and he says they forgot how prison works. Maritza says that he’ll be in trouble when they found out he raped an inmate and he says she’s going to solitary. She freaks and he asks the other girls if anyone else wants to go and they back down. He hauls Maritza away. The other girls say they didn’t think Bennett had it in him.

Piper comes to see Joe at his request and he says he’s been thinking about her newsletter. He says it could be a good way for the administration to communicate with the inmates about their side of things like the shot quota thing. She says that’s what fascists say and he says he may be related to Mussolini on his mom’s side. He asks her to put something in the newsletter about the guards being people too. She grabs a pen and asks him what he likes to do in his spare time.

We see Larry answer the door as Polly comes in. She slaps him and asks what’s the problem. Larry tells her he’s spiraling. Polly says she can’t do this and says it’s stupid. She says they were friends before they each met Pete and Piper and that they’ve always been there together. She tells him he’s boring in all the right ways and then tells him to fuck her. They kiss and he says he doesn’t know what this means. He says he hasn’t had sex in months and is worried. She tells him to shut up and stay to the right because she has a blocked milk duct.

Red tries to explain the internet to Taslitz. Boo sneaks up on Red and asks for matches. Red says good because she was thinking their chances of dying from an arsonist weren’t high enough. Boo says she’s just trying to get her smoke on and Red asks what she’s smoking. Boo says the black girls have cigs. They ask if she needs muscle and say Taslitz axe murdered a guy and she says that was before her arthritis. Boo gets angry because she won’t help and Maxwell writes her a shot for slapping the trash can.

The newsletter crew meets and Piper suggests Lorna for assistant editor but then Flaca says that puts two white girls in charge and says she did yearbook in high school. Lorna says yearbook is just smoking weed and taking photos of your friends. Lorna says she wrote a column and Daya says she drew a cartoon about being in jail.

Flaca corrects Lorna’s grammar and they argue over the phrase “I couldn’t care less.” Piper does have to agree and says language evolves. Lorna says she’s being a dick. Jimmy comes to Piper and calls her Roberta and says she’s being followed. Wanda is there and they can see it’s true. Flaca says she will write an advice column and tell people to get their shit together.

Black Cindy tells Vee she has nothing for her and says not everyone has stamps and that doesn’t mean the others shouldn’t get a smoke. Cindy says she let them trade for it old school like the red man. Vee tells Cindy if she can’t be trusted, she’s back on maintenance and will roll with Suzanne and sweep up. Taystee tells her that if she cheats Vee, she’ll go Wolverine on her.

Cindy says she doesn’t do grunt work and Vee says she’s stuck there until she pays her debt off then she can try sales again. Black Cindy says fuck that. Vee stands and tosses the box of tampons to Poussey and says she can take Cindy’s place. Poussey says she’ll think about it and Cindy tells Vee she’s not scared of her. We see Cindy with the young girl back in the day and they are singing inappropriate rap.

She says some of the kids at school make fun of her for not having a cell phone and call her a nerd. Cindy sees a guy and says she thought Martin was in jail and the girl says he got out last month. She tells Martin she got a government job and he says to come up and see Fozzie. She tells the girl to stay put for 10 and that she’ll be back in 20 minutes top and says love you then heads inside. She hugs her criminal friend and goes inside.

Jimmy brushes her hair while Wanda watches from her desk. O’Neill comes in to talk to her and says he’s sorry. Wanda says it’s too late for that and he says things were moving too fast. She says at her age, it’s shit or get off the pot. He asks to move in and says he misses her. Wands turns and calls him panda and they kiss and hug. They cry a little and she says she missed him too. He says he’s learned some things about female anatomy she might enjoy. While they make out, Jimmy creeps off.

Daya chews Bennett out for punishing Maritza. He says he can’t let the girls push him around she says he should have thought of that when he didn’t want to use a condom. She calls him a pussy and tells him to write her a shot and she says he could if he wanted because he has the choice and the power and she’s an inmate who has nothing.

Fig’s hubby says he hates the elderly and she pours him a drink. Fig says to say what he has to say because the geezers get out and vote. There’s a knock and an aide comes in and tells them that the golf course guy just got a major donation. Fig says they’re fucked and he tells Gavin he can leave. He tells her hubby that it was a great speech and they engage in some eye fuckery while she’s not looking. Hmm…

Fig tells her hubby that a reporter is buzzing around the prison driving her crazy. She says he wants to know why they’re not giving the inmates luxury items instead of fixing sentencing laws. He says they are the good guys and they will win then fix this and maybe even have a kid. Fig says if he wants a kid, he will need to have sex with her. He says he’s tired but she says she wants to feel like he wants her. He says he more than wants her, he needs her.

Larry answers the door and it’s Pete with a six pack saying g’day mate. He says Polly has been a pill today and says he watched the baby all afternoon while she went out. He says when she got back she was in a weirder mood than before and says what’s up with bitches. Larry has little to say.

Jimmy say she’s afraid to get in because the water is cold. She says – her I come and dives off the stage in the chapel then moans in pain. Bennett does a count with his clicker. After he goes by, Vee goes to Cindy’s bed and sits by her. She startles her awake and Vee says she’s funny, always joking and clowning.

Cindy says if you can’t laugh in her, what else do you have. Vee says jokes are all she has and that she only lives for the day, with no ambition. Cindy says carpe diem. Vee says that phrase was made when people only lived til 40. She tells Cindy she’s given up on herself and doesn’t think she has a future. She calls her a loser and leaves her there to think. Back in the day, she tries to tell her mom that they got held up.

Mom says the girl’s clothes smell like pot smoke and she’s only 9. Cindy says she’s jealous and Cindy says she can do what she wants with her own damn daughter. Her mom says she has no right to call her her daughter and Cindy says they can tell her the truth and see who she chooses. Her mom says she isn’t going to tell her then walk out and leave again. Cindy says maybe she will take her and her mom says is she going to braid her hair, sit up sick with her and pick her up from school. She tells her to take her and go. Cindy doesn’t.

Fischer listens to Spanish phone calls when Joe comes in and she comments on his plant. He says it’s for the greenhouse and he brought it from home. He says he’s sorry he had to crack the whip and tells her that job isn’t easy and he wants to be warden one day. He says the people upstairs like initiative and she says she understands.

He says some people have no ambition and want to drink beer and do as little as possible. He mentions Joel and she says he’s nice and she likes talking to him about work. Joe tells her that he’s headed out to the greenhouse and he goes. Fischer hears on a call that Daya is pregnant.

Daya and Flaca argue over the font on the comic. Lorna wrote about using coffee as eye shadow. Healy comes in and they tell him that they are all assistant editors. Flaca shows him a comic strip. He looks at it and says it’s good artwork. Piper asks about her furlough. He sees a piece on Joe and asks what that’s about. She says it’s just ego and to keep them off her back. He tells them the walrus is funny (no clue that it’s him) and tells them to keep up the good work and goes. Piper and the other girls giggle.

Gloria comes to see Red and drops off a yogurt. She tells her there’s more where that came from and Red tells her to be original since she invented the yogurt scam. She asks Gloria what she wants and she says they’re making lighters with gum wrappers. Red says she doesn’t like this thing. She asks if Gloria is on Vee’s side and she says no. She just wants to grow cilantro and some peppers in the garden. Gloria tells her not to push it. Red grabs up the yogurt.

Joe comes into his office and tacks up the first issue of the Big House Bugle where he’s on the front page. He smiles smugly. Black Cindy shows up to the tobacco operation. Vee and Suzanne are playing chess and she coaches Suzanne on the bad move she made and tells her to think further ahead and tells her to think about the long game.

Black Cindy tells Vee that she’ll take her medicine and Vee tells Suzanne to give her the bag. She says it’s used tampon tubes. Vee says that tampons cost $5 for the commissary and that someone had to do it and Black Cindy says it’s disgusting but gets to work. We see her back in the day at TSA checking ID. There’s a little girl whining and the dad asks Cindy if she has kids. She says no. She’s sad as she continues on.

Jimmy is escorted out with guards and asks Piper (aka Roberta) to help her. Sister says they are taking her to the bus station and Piper asks if she’ll be out on the street. Sister says it’s called compassionate release. Piper says it’s so cold outside. Jimmy cries as they shove her in the van calling for Roberta. Sister crosses herself and Piper looks crushed.

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