Paul Walker’s Baby Mama, Rebecca Soteros, a Dangerous Alcoholic: Daughter Meadow Living With Paul’s Mother, Cheryl

Paul Walker's Baby Mama, Rebecca Soteros, a Dangerous Alcoholic: Daughter Meadow Living With Paul's Mother, Cheryl

Aww, this is sad. According to reports, Paul Walker‘s daughter, Meadow Walker, is living with Paul’s mother, Cheryl Walker, because her own mother Rebecca Soteros has major alcohol and drinking issues. Poor girl. As if she hasn’t been through enough, now she has to deal with an alcoholic mother? At least she’ll have those millions that her father left her to keep her happy.

TMZ reports that Rebecca was arrested for a DUI in 2003, and then once again in 2013. Although Meadow was reportedly initially living with her mother, she ended up moving in with Paul in 2011 because of her mother’s drinking problems. Paul was reportedly very happy to see Rebecca move in with him, and he would often open up in interviews about how ecstatic he was that he got to spend more time with his daughter. Anyone who spoke to him could tell that his daughter was his priority, but unfortunately Meadow’s mother doesn’t seem to have the same priorities.

Paul also requested that his mother Cheryl be appointed the prime legal guardian of Meadow in the event of his death, and that’s what’s likely to happen. I don’t think any judge would grant Rebecca custody, not when she hasn’t shown any sorts of responsibilities towards her daughter lately, plus there’s her rumored drinking issues. Besides, Cheryl and Meadow will be just fine. They’ve got that $25 million estate from Paul, plus it looks like they get on  very well. This isn’t going to be a repeat of the Michael Jackson family disaster, largely because the Walker family isn’t comprised of a bunch of backstabbing famewhores. Well, mostly not.

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