Paula Patton Cheated With Denzel Washinton Before Robin Thicke Separation – Report

Paula Patton Cheated With Denzel Washinton Before Robin Thicke Separation - Report

There has been speculation for months now about Robin Thicke’s fidelity to estranged wife, Paula Patton. We watched him seem to enjoy Miley Cyrus’ twerk-filled VMA performance last summer and in the months that have followed Robin hasn’t exactly kept his hands to himself. He has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar that at one point we were even told that he and Paula may enjoy an open marriage. Of course now we know that it’s simply not the case and that Paula has been fed up with his flirtatious behavior for a long time now. She agreed to roll through awards season with him and then promptly informed the world that they were dunzo. But has she been an angel?

Well, according to the March 24th print edition of National Enquirer long before we watched Robin throw is marriage away Paula may have been having an affair of her own with none other than Denzel Washington. The two first worked together back in 2006 but when they paired up last year for 2 Guns word from the set was that their relationship was anything but just professional. They simply weren’t carrying themselves like 2 married people.

Denzel is rumored to have jumped at the chance to reach out to Paula when news of her separation broke leading some to wonder what the real deal is between these two. Denzel has been in the doghouse with his wife Pauletta repeatedly in recent years and this situation could explode in everyone’s face. If Denzel is hauled in to testify in Paula and Robi’;s divorce the end result could be a disaster for two marriages. Do you think that Paula and Denzel have hooked up? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


6 responses to “Paula Patton Cheated With Denzel Washinton Before Robin Thicke Separation – Report”

  1. Jazzy RT fan says:

    I dont think thats true at all…Never belive what u read on the internet NEVER i think she wouldent do that because she wanted to see how her huband (Robin Thicke) Would turn over a new leaf and i think he is doing an incredible job at it especially in the daddy dempartment… so Robin Thicke keep up the good work

    • Raun says:

      Jazzy RT agree to never believe what you read on the internet. I am glad someone speculated on Paula Patton. She has everyone fooled. She is not that angelic. Paula is using the Miley twerking performance to get out of this marriage. Did she tell Robin to use naked women in his video?

      No one has looked into Paula’s past. I bet she has lots of skeleton in here closet but she manages to keep the focus on everyone else. Let us focus on Paula for a minute. What did she do before marrying Robin Thicke. Please don’t run that false bio crap that she has put together. Over half of that stuff ain’t true. I believe Paula Patton was born Sherry Hill from Hopewell’ Virginia and she is 47 instead of 38. She has a son in a previous marriage. If you don’t believe check it out. All you need is to check her DNA. Instead of thinking that this information is crazy, check it out. You would be shocked! Give Robin a break man. You need to look at Paula or whatever her name is, very close.

      In 2006 she was notice for Idlewood. Where did she come from? Where were she before then. Don’t believe that Alexander Hamilton High School across in front of MGM. Anyone ever met her parents. Has Robin Thicke met her parents or relatives? I believe she used him to succeed.Now she don’t need him anymore. She is using the twerk thing to help the split and smell like a rose. Everyone is reaching out to her. Everyone need to open their eyes, Paula ain’t who or what you think she is. Check it out.

  2. garagekept22 says:

    Yea cmon now im gonna say to words denzel washington. Rich and in charge aleeady in the dawg house. What a perfect way to get over the famous robin thicke. Sounds true to me.

  3. Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3 says:

    Part of me is hoping this doesn’t end up being true.

  4. Brian Swanson says:

    is Hollywood. there is a 99% chance of all the sin and indiscretion and a 1% chance of faithfulness, honesty, & kept commitments. it’s no shock, these trappings are so common for EVERYONE w fame, power, money and these people being worshipped. all you young naïve posters who continue to believe in any virtue coming from Hollywood, and continue to believe in the “fairy tales” of their real lives….it’ sad that u are gullible and easily deceived by lies. remember 95% + these people are fake on AND OFF the screen. without God them what is one to expect?

  5. Joe_HTH says:

    The vast majority of celebrities in Hollywood are running around and sleeping with one another, even the married ones. There is precious little fidelity in Hollywood marriages. This would not be shocking at all.