Paula Patton and Denzel Washington Cheating While Robin Thicke Begs Wife to Return?

Paula Patton and Denzel Washington Cheating While Robin Thicke Begs Wife to Return?

It’s “Déjà Vu” all over again for Paula Patton and Denzel Washington. The two starred in the thriller in 2006, and later went on to share the screen again in 2 Guns. Now, it seems, according to ever reliable MTO, that the two are back together once again, but this time it’s a love story and it stars only Denzel and Paula.

As CDL reported this week, Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke have separated. Denzel has taken this opportunity to comfort his former co-star, with hopes of taking the lead male role in her life now that she has made it clear she’s done with Robin.

While Denzel is married to Pauletta Pearson Washington, he has been the subject of numerous cheating rumors. Just last year the veteran actor tried to discredit rumors that he was caught intimately kissing a woman other than his wife of more than 30 years ago. There were reports that there were photos of the kiss being shopped around. The actor was also accused of having a fling with his Out of Time costar, Sanaa Latham. It seems he definitely has a type.

So, while it has been Robin that’s been accused of misbehaving for quite some time, perhaps Paula sought solace in her friend and former costar Denzel and let things go farther than they should have. After all, Paula herself has claimed that is was her decision to go topless in an infamous scene in 2 Guns with Denzel. While several media outlets have reported that Robin is pulling out all the stops to get his wife back, she hasn’t seemed to have budged. Having enough of your cheating hubby is one thing, having enough of your cheating hubby at the same time Denzel is courting you is an entirely different thing that many women may not pass up.

Tell us what you think…did Paula and Denzel have an affair while working together? Is he genuine in comforting his good friend, or does he have other motives? Weigh in below..we want to hear from you!

3 responses to “Paula Patton and Denzel Washington Cheating While Robin Thicke Begs Wife to Return?”

  1. carrie says:

    paula patton’s acting is very bad in 2 Guns and her topless scene is useless and annoying

  2. Mary Devrow says:

    Denzel is a true gentleman and has NEVER CHEATED but yet you stupid entertainment gossip hustlers keep trying to pin stuff on him and others to get attention and to get paid. He like is wife I’m sure are consoling Paula in as good friends do. Paula and Robin deserve each other and I’m glad he’s realized his wrong doing and trying to get back with his wife. As for Denzel, hang tough you and Pauletta “What a great Man and Wife Duo” God Bless their beautiful and honest Marriage. Take that you gossip freaks!!

  3. jennifer whitfield says:

    The acting is out of control!!!!!