Phaedra Parks And Apolla Nida To Divorce And Break-Up Or Renew Wedding Vows?

Phaedra Parks And Apolla Nida To Divorce And Break-Up Or Renew Wedding Vows?

Phaedra Parks is probably one of the smartest Real Housewives to grace any show in the Bravo family and she knows it. People raised their eyebrows back in 2009 when she married ex-con Apollo Nida and chose to have a few kids with him because his character doesn’t exactly jive with the good southern belle that Phaedra claims to be. Ever since Apollo was arrested in January on bank fraud and identity theft charges, there have been rumblings as to whether or not Phaedra could be the mastermind behind Apollo’s actions. Why else would she choose to align herself with someone so corrupt?

Well, according to the May 12th print edition of In Touch magazine, Phaedra takes the whole standing by her man thing a step further by claiming that she would love to renew her vows with Apollo. Now perhaps the comment was made to try and shoot down those rampant rumors that Apollo was cheating on his wife or it could be a case of keeping her enemy closer.

If you caught Apollo and Phaedra together on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, he seemed to be on eggshells while she remained a little too calm — if you know what I mean. It all just came across as fake, and it’s pretty obvious that things are not good between them.

Do you think that Phaedra has helped to pull Apollo’s strings all along and is now keeping him close so that he doesn’t throw her under the bus with the feds? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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4 responses to “Phaedra Parks And Apolla Nida To Divorce And Break-Up Or Renew Wedding Vows?”

  1. mosesknowses says:

    Apollo and Phaedra dislike each other, they married as a result of the activities they were involved in as a “front” to throw off suspicion. Now that Apollo has been charged and Phaedra may soon be, the need for the charade has vanished. The jig is up, no need for pretence now so that’s why they are showing their true colors.

  2. gyl says:

    Pheadra, is an excellent actress. I give her a lot of credit for her grace under fire act. It is indeed amazing. However, Appolo is telling a different story. He has thrown in the towel. He spent the entire season being disrespectful and downright mean to P. Why she continues to defend him is beyond me. She needs to stop looking at that pretty face and move on before she ends up in jail with him. Rather than picking on Kenya, she needs to examine why her husband encourages the flirtation.

  3. […] together in some capacity. All evidence seems to point there. So it’s not that far fetched that his dear wife could possibly be one of the people he ‘gave up’ in exchange for a lighter sentence. […]

  4. ogates says:

    Apollo listen to Phaedra? Yeah right… Nobody had control of that fool (as Kenya well learned)–including Phaedra. I hope she can get herself a grown-up man and Apollo doesn’t influence their children in a negative way more than he has already done by his ignorant ass macho-man stupid behavior!