Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Divorce and Split After Gayla St. Julien 5 Year Prison Sentence

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Divorce and Split After Gayla St. Julien 5 Year Prison Sentence

Things aren’t looking too good for Real Housewives of Atlanta’s resident criminal and husband of attorney Phaedra Parks, Mr. Apollo Nida. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Gayla St. Julien was sentenced to serve a 61 month (about 5 year) prison sentence today in an Atlanta U.S. District Court. In case you forgot, St. Julien is named as a co-conspirator in the case against Apollo. Considering St. Julien has been cooperating with the feds, i.e., she has been snitching on Apollo, such a stringent sentence is surprising. It certainly spells nothing but trouble for Mr. Nida. And if Phaedra knows ehat’s good for her she’ll divorce Ap0llo quickly!

Instagram and the web went on fire today after the husband of St. Julien posted a message to his Instagram account with a picture of his wife and the following caption: “So my wife was sentence today for 5 years for her involvement in the case. Now let’s see what happens to him?!” Obviously, the “him” Mr. St. Julien is referring to is none other than Apollo. By now CDL has told you all about Apollo’s legal troubles and informed you that he is certainly going to be spending some time in jail. So as CDL is quite certain what is going to happen to Apollo eventually, our inquiring minds are definitely wondering what is going to happen to Phaedra.

The general consensus and speculation has been that there is no way Phaedra could avoid being pulled into this legal mess. Phaedra had knowledge of her husband’s criminal past when she married him as she was once his attorney. Certainly during the course of her representation of Apollo she learned details of how he conducts his criminal enterprises. So, one can not help but assume that she would have recognized some of his criminal traits and behaviors re-surfacing recently up until his arrest. If somehow she missed the signs, seeing as how she is busy as a mother, attorney and funeral director, then it seems sleeping next to him every night would have given her some indicator of what was going on.

Heck, the entire RHOA viewing population was wondering where Apollo got $5000-$8000 to spend in a strip club of “his own money” when he announced during the infamous pillow talk party episode. It seems a long and far stretch to think that a smarty pants like Phaedra didn’t share in the same concern. Yet and still, her name has yet to appear in any legal indictments connected to Apollo’s fraud case. However, her name has appeared in a separate lawsuit filed by an old acquaintance Angela Stanton, who alleges Phaedra is guilty of crimes eerily similar to that of Apollo. All of what we know points to her involvement but she has somehow remained with clean hands thus far.

Not to say that the charges aren’t coming in the future. Whatever she has done to stay out of trouble must be some sort of southern charmed legal magic for sure. When she finally spoke publicly about the charges on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she seemed pretty convincing when she said she had nothing to do with Apollo’s crimes. Perhaps this is skill she teaches in her “Secrets of a Southern Belle” book, the art of lying convincingly. Perhaps she is telling the truth. It is really not clear at this point. One thing is evident; Apollo is going to be spending some more time in jail soon.

Whatever the case, CDL will be closely monitoring this story as it develops. In the meantime, we are taking bets on what is going to happen with Phaedra. Do you think Phaedra had a hand in all of this, and if so, will she be named in an indictment soon or will she get away with it? Please help us in the ongoing effort to wash all of this dirt out. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

25 responses to “Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida Divorce and Split After Gayla St. Julien 5 Year Prison Sentence”

  1. drdebo cherry says:

    they are both scary people and I have such sympathy for their children.

  2. Racquel Garnette says:

    Well i knew this was going to happen. Phaedra should divorce Apollo and ask for custody or co parenting for there kids. Phaedra doesn’t need Apollo anymore. Apollo is a cheating jerk who likes to look for a woman to flirt with. He is ugly and he doesn’t want a real relationship. Why marry someone and fall in love with them then let them have your kids then you gonna cheat on them afterwards. It is so cruel. Men they can’t help who they with so that is why they like to bounce to woman to woman. Apollo is better with Kenya. Kenya is a whore and she should be fired from the real housewives of atlanta. Kenya is a drama woman and she was always jealous of what Phaedra had. Kenya just wanted to break up someone else marriage so she can date the guy instead. Kenya never had a boyfriend. Kenya and Apollo deserve eachother. Kenya should adopt a kid instead. She won’t be able to find a baby daddy anyways.

    • guest says:

      That baby statement is cruel, what woman would make a statement like that? Have you any knowledge of Kenya being a whore other than Phaedra imagination? How you know what’s in that woman future, you are not God. Apollo already admitted he lied about Kenya. It’s a reality show get a life!!!

      • Racquel Garnette says:

        The baby statement is not cruel. i am just saying the truth. Kenya and Apollo can have eachother. Phaedra cannot trust Kenya. Kenya is a whore who wants to break up a couple relationship. Kenya needs to get her own man and adopt a kid instead. Kenya is not worth it of being on the show. The writers needs to find some new people for the show. Replace Phaedra, Kenya, Cynthia. The show is better off without them.

  3. guest says:

    Phaedra do not have clean hands, time will tell. What woman don’t really know how her husband is making money? Who believe all that southern bell crap, she knew what kind of man she was marrying. We pray for our faults!!!

  4. Racquel Garnette says:

    Some people needs to watch the real housewives of atlanta to know what i am talking about. Kenya is a husband stealer. Kenya is a gold digger. Kenya wanted Apollo. Phaedra is doing the right thing of divorcing Apollo. Apollo is a womanizer and a cheating bastard. Apollo wants to go to the strip clubs well let him. Apollo didn’t want a serious relationship. He could of told Phaedra that he didn’t want to be with her. Why waste your time marrying someone then go cheat on them afterwards.

    • rhonda says:


      • Racquel Garnette says:

        Of course he did it for the money. Apollo is not working right now so Phaedra can co parent with there kids.

        • jonathan says:

          Seems like you got man issues and you watch too much Tv to be caught up deep in these peoples lives not even know em and get hostile like that get a life little girl quit cutting up.

          • Racquel Garnette says:

            Really is that the best you got. Yes i been in relationships and i know what it is like to date a guy. Most guys are no good and all they want is sex. Men can’t help of who they are with so that is why they like to cheat on there wives and look for someone to impregnate. Apollo just wanted Phaedra to have his kids that is it. Phaedra doesn’t need Apollo. She deserves to be treated better. Phaedra needs to take care of her kids and forget about Apollo. I could say whatever i want loser. Jonathan go fuck yourself will you. You don’t know what you are talking about.

  5. chris says:

    It is possible for Phaedra not to know what Apollo was up to, speaking from experience, I have a friend that married a man she dated for a year,during this time they vacationed together, she met his friends, and he hers and her family after being with him for five years she found out that he was using a fake name, ss#, drivers license. He had over 60 alias, and he was wanted. So its possible. The only good thing was because he didn’t use his real info. The marriage wasn’t legal.

  6. Reality says:

    Do tell

  7. Racquel Garnette says:

    Shut up little man. You guys are so dumb on here. You guys don’t even know what i was talking about. Why jump to conclusion of what i was saying on here. You are such a dumbass and the rest of you guys are dumb idiots. Kenya is a man stealer, dog, slut and a whore whatever i want to call her. Maybe some of you guys needs to watch the show. If you don’t want to watch the show then take a hike. Losers on here are so stupid and dumb. Leave me alone and fuck off.

  8. Racquel Garnette says:

    Shut loser you are so dumb and you don’t know what you are talking about. Get lost creep and don’t come back on here. I am not stupid i know what i was saying. You are just being a dumbass. Fuck you and get lost loser. Phaedra doesn’t need Apollo anymore end of story. If you don’t have anything to talk about on here then get lost. Go fuck yourself.

  9. Racquel Garnette says:

    Some guys on here are so dumb that they don’t know what they are talking about. Why come on here and call me a liar of what i was saying. I am not stupid of what i was saying about Kenya. Kenya is a dog, whore, man stealer, whatever i want to call her by. Some of you guys should take a hike. Fuck off you lowlife idiots and get lost. If anyone who says anything stupid to me one more time. I will call them a faggot and a loser. Make there life a living hell. Apollo likes to party and he is no good. Apollo is a pretty guy but just want to flirt with others. Phaedra is divorcing Apollo end of story. The ones who has been responding back to me must be some teenagers who has no brain at all. Get a life you fucking teenagers.

  10. Racquel Garnette says:

    Well look who it is. It is teaxsover gay boyfriend. Redbone you are gay and you don’t know what you are talking about. Shut up and get lost creep. Go fuck yourself. Redbone Phaedra is divorcing Apollo you don’t know what you are talking about. Redbone you are just a egghead gay loser. teaxsover and Redbone is gay lovers. They been sleeping with eachother for the last few days. Leave Phaedra alone you dumbass. Phaedra is a southern belle but she is better off without Apollo. Kenya is a skank and some of you guys needs to watch the show to know what i been talking about

  11. Racquel Garnette says:

    lol you don’t know what you are saying. You need to go back to school and learn how to type to a person on here. Redbone you don’t know what you are saying. Little kids these days. Most of them needs to go back to school and learn how to type. Apollo is not working so Phaedra can do co parent with the kids back and forth. No duh. Phaedra don’t have to check out anything. You guys are so dumb on here who needs there education. Go read a book or something then come back on here. You got to know what you are saying.

  12. Racquel Garnette says:

    Kenya is a whore and she doesn’t need to know about Apollo hangouts at the club. Apollo wanted to have his fun. He doesn’t want to be seen in public with Phaedra. He doesn’t want to hold her hand. No good sonabitch……… Anyways Kenya is a whore and a man stealer. End of story. Please move on little kids.

  13. Racquel Garnette says:

    lmao why would you think i wanna shoot Kenya you are so funny. I know all about Kenya on the show Mr Nico. That means you like girls who likes to steal other people man. That makes you a man whore. You are a man whore. Men are animals and they can’t help of who they are with. Apollo won’t be missed after Phaedra divorce him. Apollo is big old guy who doesn’t know what he is doing. Nico just want to bounce from woman to woman. That makes you a dog. Kenya is a man stealer and a whore end of story.

  14. ShawnCurtisLacey says:

    Phaedra knows that if she tries to divorce Apollo, he will talk. She is the mastermind because Apollo is like Porsha, dumb as sin! Together, they have a combined I.Q. of 2. Phaedra knows how to make certain that St. Julien got caught holding the bag. Most folk do not know that Apollo and his brother are criminals. When they came out of jail, Phaedra gave the brother a job at her law firm and married the other crook. She avoided St.Julien who said Phaedra was a part of the scheme as well.

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  16. […] to recent reports, Apollo Nida pled guilty to wire and bank fraud and, in exchange for his confession, was granted a plea deal […]

  17. guest says:

    I don’t think Phaedra had anything to do with this. The comments about Phaedra on this site is disguting. Kenya was interested in Apollo you could tell from the show. I think its ashame how people are ridiculing her for nothing and Kenya us being uplifted when the blogs are lit up about her messing with a married man right now today. I’m not gonna sit and argue back and forth I’m grown just stating my opinion.

  18. jOzu says:

    What’s up with apollo and kenya no wonder he is going to jail nothing good comes from him