Phaedra Parks’ Involvement in Apollo Nida’s Crimes: Evidence Clear

Phaedra Parks' Involvement in Apollo Nida's Crimes: Evidence Clear

Well, well, well… Looks like the southern belle may be following her criminal enterprising hubby to jail. Ever since the shocking news broke that the Real Housewives of Atlanta resident husband Apollo Nida was arrested on charges of fraud, many have been wondering what connection his wife Phaedra Parks had to the scheme, if any. CDL has followed the lead of several other media outlets and done some digging. What we uncovered strongly suggests that Phaedra was indeed involved with Apollo’s shady business dealings in some shape, form or capacity.

A quick search through the Georgia Secretary of State’s online database will yield business filings for numerous corporations in which Phaedra is listed as a founding officer alongside Apollo for companies like “Nida Fitness Inc.,” “Nida Inc.,” and “National Recovery Group, Inc.” to name a few. Although none of these companies have been cited in the complaint filed against Apollo, there are some suspicious and noteworthy similarities to consider.

The company “National Recovery Group, Inc.” raises the biggest red flag of them all by far. For starters, it is a company that purports to offer the same type of services as most of the companies listed in the complaint against Apollo, debt, collections and asset recovery. These types of business can gain access to databases with information that is necessary to carry out the type of fraudulent activities Apollo is accused of committing. “National Recovery Group, Inc.” has a business headquarters address listed on record that screams of scandal and fraud. A quick Google Map search returned the street view of a small rickety house that does not seem like a location where a legitimate business can or should be conducted. It certainly does not look like a location where an attorney at law like Phaedra Parks would set up shop, but looks more like a location where a drug dealer with guns would set up shop.

If that doesn’t set off your spider senses, perhaps the basic website set up for the company will. “National Recovery Group, Inc.’s” basic website’s home page has a blurb about all the reputable media outlets that have reported on unclaimed property and assets, and thus advertises that it is offering these services. This is exactly what Apollo is accused of doing in the complaint filed against him. Apollo was allegedly locating checks that were legitimately issued to individuals of whom he had stolen the identity from and used in order to obtain the checks and cash them for his own personal gain. Seems awfully fishy that Phaedra set up a company with Apollo that was to offer the same services he was alleged to use in order to commit fraud.

Trust CDL, this is just the tip of a mountainous iceberg. Everything uncovered by CDL is available in databases open to the public if you know where to look. One can just imagine what the FBI has uncovered and in what direction they plan to take this case. Phaedra is a smarty pants attorney; it seems improbable that she slept with Apollo every night, conducted business with him and had NO idea if he was involved in illegal business activities.

She was the one who represented him in his previous racketeering case, so she knows all of the red flags that signal illegal activity. Now that there is documented proof she was engaging in similar patterns of business practice, it is unlikely that she could have been completely ignorant of what was going on. Expect Phaedra to be dragged into this embarrassing legal fiasco whether she likes it or not. As the plot thickens in this developing story, it has become evident that this load has way more dirt than any one could have expected. Help us wash it out with your thought in the comments below.

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9 responses to “Phaedra Parks’ Involvement in Apollo Nida’s Crimes: Evidence Clear”

  1. Dr. Boyd says:

    Kenya is SHADY! Who goes after another woman’s husband and tries to monopolize off a business deal the steals Phaedra’s idea. Kenya is a fake, phoney and a fraud. Kenya has been caught lying, cheating and stealing. She lied about having a successful production company. Phaedra is a smart business woman. She has a solid track record of 15+ years and a lucrative client base. Kenya is bouncing around from pillar to post renting. Why does a so – called successful production company owner get evicted from rental property.
    Nene talked about Phaedra being dirty. But she pulled Chuck into the mix to stir up ishi from the past and belittled 3 women in the process. That’s dirty!
    FACT: The only women who came on the show with their finances and career in order is Phaedra and Kandi.
    Mostly all the other RHOA didn’t have their own ishi together. They had husbands or a sugar daddy with money.

    • IveSeenEnough says:

      Why is it that anytime someone calls Phaedra shady, someone has to chime in and insult Kenya? I don’t get it

  2. omarie says:

    All she did was form an entity in the state of Georgia, which is not a crime. It’s plausible that Apollo asked his atty wife to form this company and lied to her about the purpose. Not saying she knew or didn’t know. Counting on the ignorance of your readers regarding basic corporate law (forming an entity/company) and just garden variety speculation to print an article, is a waste of your time and the readers.

  3. misstraycee says:

    I think Miss Parks was desperate to be married when she “fell” for Apollo. In my opinion, she never really seemed to be in love with him. He is someone that she can control b/c as an attorney she has the upper hand! Remember when she was pregnant with Ayden she couldn’t even get her due date right…. maybe she married him b/c she was already pregnant! And we all know that “a true southern belle” can’t be a single mom!!

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  5. Mac says:

    I’m so glad to see people know a complete stranger so well based off of a staged reality TV show. That was sarcasm for those who missed it.

  6. IveSeenEnough says:

    Please. You think this would be the first time a woman, black or otherwise, made bad decisions because of d*ck, love or both? It doesn’t matter how smart a woman is when her nose is wide open.