Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes Quitting RHOA if Porsha Williams Fired – Want Kenya Moore Tossed Instead

Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes Quitting RHOA if Porsha Williams Fired - Want Kenya Moore Tossed Instead

All hands in, band together now! The latest mumbling from the Real Housewives of Atlanta set crew is that all the ladies are threatening to quit if Bravo execs fire Porsha Stewart Williams, well all the ladies except one. Apparently Kenya Moore’s hands have steered clear out of this plan, most likely because Porsha’s hands were reportedly beating Kenya’s face at the reunion show taping not that long ago. In fact, the word on the curb is that Porsha’s Kenya beat down is the reason she is on the chopping block to not return next season.

According to TMZ: Sources close to the show tell us the women hatched their plan this weekend at Kandi Burruss’ wedding … telling the show’s producers how much they despise Moore because of all the drama she stirs up.

As we reported … Williams attacked Moore during taping of the reunion special … and producers may use the bitch fight as justification for giving Porsha the axe.

We’re told since the brawl, ALL housewives’ contracts for next season have been put on hold — until show honchos figure out what to do with Porsha.

But sources tell us the women have made it clear … they’ll walk if Porsha gets fired … and we’re told NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks are making a play to get Kenya fired instead.

Ha! Can’t say that this is surprising news to hear. Even though this show of unity was not entirely expected from the cast, it has been relatively clear that Kenya is not a favorite among the housewives. Kenya and her twirl have gotten on everyone’s bad side at some point since she joined the cast. From stepping on Cynthia’s toes at her modeling agency, stealing NeNe’s friend Marlo and getting too flirty/friendly with Phaedra’s hubby Apollo, Kenya has definitely lived up to being the resident “wild card” on the show.

Who can forget the way Kenya and Porsha fought in Anguilla last season? There was a lot of “b*tch” name calling on that island trip. Then there was the scene where Phaedra was questioning if she “should slap the dog sh*t outta” Kenya during the Mexico getaway. In many ways, it seems a small miracle that no one has put hands on Kenya up until now. Her antics have not gone unnoticed by much of anyone at this point. Still there is the undeniable fact that Kenya has helped to keep the show fresh and entertaining. In a lot of ways, her craziness has been a very good thing. There is also another undeniable fact; Porsha’s story line has been a little dull this season.

Not that it is Porsha’s fault per se. She can’t help it if her life is not entertaining and in many ways it is refreshing that she has not resorted to antics in order to spice things up like Kenya. This whole mess is honestly a tough call for Bravo, especially if this latest news is true. It seems like losing the entire cast but Kenya would not be good for the Atlanta Housewives franchise, but it is not clear that getting rid of Kenya is best either.

One thing we know, all of this news holds promise of an amazing reunion show for sure. CDL is quite curious as to your thoughts on all of this. Who do you think Bravo should fire, if anybody? How do you think all of the ladies threatening to quit if Porsha is fired will play into all of this? Help us wash this load out! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

29 responses to “Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes Quitting RHOA if Porsha Williams Fired – Want Kenya Moore Tossed Instead”

  1. MHS says:

    They should fire Porsha because this isn’t the Bad Girls Club, this is the Real Housewives. It’s ridiculous to see older women fighting. They should also fire Cynthia because it’s getting tiring to see Nene walk all over her. Bring in Marlo and bring back Kim and next season should be interesting. And if the other women want to quit then let them, I’m sure they won’t actually stick to their word though considering they’ll do anything to stay on the show and hold onto their 5 seconds of fame.

    P.S. Porsha, read a history book thanks.

  2. IveSeenEnough says:

    Get to steppin Fakedra and Moose! You can swing a dead cat in Atlanta and find a replacement for Ne Ne. As for Phaedra, perhaps instead of worrying bout Kenya Moore you might want to figure out how to keep the father of your children out of jail without winding up there yourself. Porsha, based on her absolute dimwittedness and laziness she needs to GO! She is a walking talking stereotype reforcing the absolute worst of what people think of black folk

  3. AMM says:

    Porsha is boring boring boring, not to mention dumb as a box of rocks FIRE her. Please please please let Nene quit she is sickening. Phaedra has bad juju get rid of her too.

  4. Teri says:

    I feel like it’s time for some of them to go and it’s not Kenya I’m talking about…..Phadra has a problem with her because her man keeps checking her out, Nene is just jealous of her because she is stealing the show, Kandi, I don’t know why she has any hate towards her, unless she is just following like she always does, and Cynthia zzzZzZzZzZzZ Oh ! did I fall asleep already…. LOL I like Cynthia, but where is the excitement, and why can’t she stand up to Nene. I bet if they added Marlo, it would still be a problem with Nene…. Oh I forgot to mention Poorsha….. BORING !!!! It was way past time for her to go. Bravo there are plenty of people who would love to take there places, so let them run and let’s see just how rich Nene would be, let’s see how Phadra would pay all of Apollo’s debt down without Bravo’s checks it won’t be long before she would be crawling back and begging, besides he may need money on his book soon…. Kandi, Todd is only living off of you right now, so if you want to keep up with your lifestyle, I suggest you just shut up and keep pretending to be Tyler Perry, because singing is not your thing…. Suger MaMa !!! Cynthia, I like you a lot, but please open your mouth sometimes and tell it like it is to Nene, and stop being so scared of her, and Uncle Ben too….. ROTFL ! Let them go….. It won’t be the first time someone has been replaced…. It’s not like they have not been mean to Kenya in the beginning, so stop hating on her, and learn how to get along…… #twirlonthat

    • BCP2014 says:

      Another delusional Kenya fan, are you mad because Underground Railroad Flatlined Twirl at the reunion? Get to stepping Kenya is a washed up beauty queen on bath salts.

  5. lady t says:

    PLEASE fire “dumb dumb”. If Nene cant stand ignorance, she should be happy to see Porsha fired. She is an embarrassment. Please tell me they didn’t pay for her education.

  6. libertee7 says:

    Let them leave!!! Kenya is a keeper…Porsha “the knucklehead” Williams needs to go…she is stupid and boring! nene needed to be booted 2 seasons ago…Cynthia “the nene asskisser” girl bye !!!!
    Phedra needs to be in jail…and Kandi can stay!!

  7. nikki says:

    I say get rid of the 2P,s They both boring and one neither one brings anything to the show.If it wasn’t for Apollo being head over hills for Kenya Padre would not be a topic on there.Plus she is just as sneaky and does dirt to people off the show.Porsha should not have never been on there in the first place!!!

  8. BCP2014 says:

    Just another PLANTED story for folks to savor on until the reunion show is aired, and you all are falling for it smh come on now try to have some common sense…but then again that is very rare these days.

  9. Syl says:

    Bravo has to take a stand. If they want to quit. let them, give some others an opportunity. Ms. Williams needs to go back to school and she needs to mature in many ways.

    • really says:

      Syl, what’s you’re GPA. I’m sure you are not up to date with your thinking, obviously! Don’t judge or be judged!

  10. Say no to Nene says:

    People seem to not realize a lot of that mess ia coming from Nene. She is an arrogant, want to be a real star mess. Messy Nene is at the height of all the mess inclucing that other brawl.

  11. Tinah Kenney says:

    Bye heffers. Who the f%&$ cares what wig and puff daddy have to say. Porsha is a dumb ass without a storyline. Cynthia is a weak as woman who cant control her bithch ass husband. I would be surprised if Kandi is apart of this mess. If Kenya is fired. I am sure most of your viewers eill wall, and I am one of them. I have been TEAMKENYA from the beginning and I am now. NeNe knows Kenya is a threat to her salary and she doesn’t want the competition. Phardea can bow out because she is a gangster just like that piece of shit husband of hers.

  12. Sterlin Scott says:

    My favorite Atlanta Housewives is Phaedra Parks

  13. GB says:

    These comments are so funny… I had a good laugh! But seriously, no one need to go, leave it like it is, if it’s not broke – why fix it???? Every personality on this show is needed to keep us watching, I just wish they would stop all the childish, immature fighting and threatening, settle differences like mature adults… Oh but wait…. It would really be boring then!!!

  14. CKL in the Atl says:

    Phaedra and NeNe are bluffing! If anything Phaedra may not want to return to the show because of her association with Apollo’s and her bank fraud and identity legal issues. Porscha should have not been a cast member anyway. They are all jealous of Kenya. Kenya definitely makes the show interesting and entertaining. I am Team Kenya!

    • Illtakeyourman says:

      You are a believer in Flirting with another woman’s husband. Do you have one (a husband) because I want to know where you guys hang out at. Now, that will make for a great show! I will make you feel like Phaedra does. However she is untouchable! So whose the jealous one?

  15. NKW says:

    Kenya is just not good for this show, she messes everything up. She lies and talks shit behind the other girls backs. Porsha did what she had to do by beating Kenya’s ass that ass whooping was well deserved where was her friend Marlo at when all this happened? NOWHERE to be found. Smh FIRE KENYA WHORE MOORE.

  16. Terri Hamilton says:

    Portia may be boring but she is young. Kenya is a sh**t stirring, backstabbing, disrespectful and obviously mentally disturbed “woman?”. The truth is she should have had her ass kicked a long time ago, long before the reunion. I’m a 57 year old woman and I would have snatched her in Anguilla had she went after my husband the way she did Phaedra’s, and definitely opened up a can of whoop ass on Appolo and Kenya on the last trip. Kenya is not amusing and is in denial about her own shortcomings and mental issues. GET RID OF KENYA, she is not entertaining, she is a desperate old maid slut, and not the reason a lot of us watch the show. We don’t like her.

  17. Brownsugadiva01 says:

    I cannot stand a BULLY and that big ass, drag queen Nene is nothing less than the shows bully: shame the hell on you Bravo. I will not be a part of the next season this has become crap, crap, crap. Let the drag queen go, but we all know she won’t be going in support of someone else, she has to keep up on the botox now!!! And by the way Miss can’t stand ignorance: a woman can most definitely go into menopause in your early 40’s , so you read and get educated. Cynthia you need to grow a set of balls and really find out the true definition of “friend”: Nene ain’t the one OK!!!!! You all have hag you run on the show, IT’S A RAP!!!! HOLLA!!!!

  18. Diamond Lil says:

    All the ladies may be threatening to leave, but it is only a ploy. None of these women stick together. That’s obvious. They love the limelight. They just want Kenya gone because she is becoming more popular and more talked about than them. Porsha is one of the dumbest women I have seen on tv in a long time. I wouldn’t care if she left the show. She is really insignificant. I’d rather see Marlo.

  19. whocares says:

    Not really because I am not a fan of Kenya!! Obviously, everyone whom is, will also go after another woman’s husband and think its okay! NOT!! All respect has left last season!

  20. Delusional Ms says:

    Girl bye! Y be jealous? These ladies must be important to you, you wrote a paragraph about them! Apollo is Phaedra’s husband regardless. Are you married?

  21. Questionable says:

    Right! I can’t wait until someone finally marries her, if that! So she can reap all she’s sown. She’s soon to be 50 before the African Prince come out of hiding o give her a baby. Y have Bravo not insisted on seeing this invisible man or is it…come out come out where ever he is! So how is she still on the show with all her lies and deceitfulness. First season, paid a man to be her bf come get on show, then tried to steal a husband, Now hiding a bf, please! Does he even exist? Really?

  22. me says:

    Porsha needs to be fired immediately and NOT come back as a guest or in any way next season. She needs to go back to preschool and learn something…ANYTHING!!! Come on, how can you be that stupid. Kenya makes the show! It was Nene’s fault, that everything went wrong at her pajama party. Why was she prancing around like she’s somebody… you are a reality show person… not a STAR. I don’t know why she blames Kenya. Nene, Phaedra and Porsha are the boring ones on the show. They should all go if they want to quit. The show will go on without them. AND Porsha, you said you embarrassed yourself when you attacked Keyna. NO, NO NO!!! You embarrassed yourself when you threw yourself on the floor kicking and screaming during your tantrum. You are almost 40 years old stop acting like a first grader. You need to go away and never be heard from again… and take Nene and Phaedra with you.

  23. NeeNee says:

    I think NeNe should go because she fake. Porsha

  24. NeeNee says:

    Porsha needs more education an Phaedra is in denial. Get new women an get rid of that fake “I didn’t do anything NeNe. Bring Marlo back an some new people. I’m better at acting then those fakers like NeNe.

  25. Mrs.frazier5269 says:

    I think that porsha story line is that she not a wild child so they should spice here up following this last season we seen her date a little get a divorce and beat the hell out of Kenya I think she’s a firecracker real rhoa fans been waiting for as far as Kenya we know who she is and what she’s about shit starting and placing the blame off what are we waiting to see her get someone are herself in trouble,get a man are tell us she got one we can’t see or have a baby i think Kenya should get off the show period because all she gone to do is mess up the new people life as well and still end up getting beat up because people don’t play with they life and they husband and kandi better watchout if apollo leave.