Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Overdose A Result Of Drugs Supplied By Revered Jazz Musician Robert Vineberg?

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Overdose A Result Of Drugs Supplied By Reveled Jazz Musician Robert Vineberg?

What picture came into your head when news broke that an alleged drug dealer tied to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death was arrested? The first picture to come to mind probably wasn’t that of a 57-year-old, gray-haired jazz musician with some serious music credits under his belt. Well, that’s exactly who was arrested on suspicion of selling heroin. Robert Vineberg has a long list of credits as a musician, even having played the saxophone for Amy Winehouse. And Mick Jagger! An informant who provided Vineberg’s information to police even went so far as to say that it might have been Vineburg’s drugs that killed the veteran actor.

With a resume like Vineberg’s, it raises the question of why someone with so much talent, experience, and some great connections would turn to selling drugs instead of focusing on his music. Perhaps it was because Vineberg had so many connections in the industry that he had the idea to begin selling drugs. Obviously, there is a lot of money to be had selling drugs to addicted celebrities. There would be a never-ending supply of money coming in for Vineberg once a rich, addicted actor entered the picture. For Vineberg, that may have been easier than finding work as a musician. He certainly had access to thousands of celebrities. And, as we know, celebrities and addiction go hand-in-hand in the industry (unfortunately). Vineberg may have very likely taken advantage of that fact.

Three others were arrested in connection with the raid that took place after an informant provided information about Vineberg’s role as PSH’s drug dealer, with officers seizing more than 350 bags of heroin in the apartment where Vineberg resides. None of the others, however, have the celebrity that Vineberg had. Vineberg, who goes by the name Robert Aaron professionally, has an impressive resume having worked with Wyclef, Tom Jones, and David Bowie.

Asked why her father was involved in heroin sales, Vineberg’s stepdaughter responded in an interview that her father had trouble finding a job. The New York Daily News quoted her as saying, “He couldn’t even find work washing dishes.” Really? Does anyone out there really believe that Vineberg, a well-respected and talented musician, would have given up the money he was making from dealing to enter a much safer occupation as…a dishwasher?!

Had he not been making the money he was, he’d likely still be working in the music industry. Instead, the lure of the money and power from evolving into a “drug dealer to the stars” took him away from the possibility of any other career. Nice try, but we are not buying it. What do you think, CDLers? Did Vineberg give up on his music and use his celebrity connections to go into the profession drug business? What other celebrities might he have been hooking up with drugs?

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