Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Spoilers Episode 17 “Bite Your Tongue”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 16 Review: Spoilers Episode 17 “Bite Your Tongue”

Last night’s episode 15, “Close Encounters” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.

Our four Nancy Drew’s are in Spencer’s car headed to the Busy Bee Inn duty to A’s text from last week. They go into a empty room that is in a disarray and Spencer notes it looks like a struggle may have occurred. Aria picks up a flower number and says she could see Ali wearing it. Hannah just want to know where she is at. Emily thinks she got away from A, Spencer thinks maybe he took her somewhere else, the little ball of sunshine that is Aria suggest it could be something much worse. A closet door opens up behind them with a cute little message that reads “You’re Too Late” – A.

Emily is at a church delivering something while talking on the phone with Hannah who is taking clothes out of her closet. They discuss the likelihood that Ali was actually staying in that room. Emily thinks she was Hannah thinks not. They hang up. Emily walks over to the candles and while she is distracted someone sneaks in.

Spencer is sitting on Toby’s couch when someone knocks on the door, it’s her dad and he is not happy. He tells her to get dressed and that she is leaving, Spencer agrees to do it just as soon as he calls her mom and explains what is up with him and Ali’s mom. Her dad opts to come in Toby’s instead. I will never understand why the dads on this show seem so shady, which brings me to something Grunwald told the girls “one of them had been touched by the one Ali fears the most”. Who’s to say it is could be one of their fathers. Spencer’s dad comes out with it and tells Spencer that Jason fell off the wagon and that he and Ali’s mom have been helping him get into rehab. Out comes Toby only in a towel. When he sees Spencer’s dad he has that panic look. Her dad tells Toby to put on some pants they need to talk about Radley, gazes over at Spencer and says alone.

Aria is with EzrA at his place. Aria wants to spend the day with him. EzrA says no can do he is meeting a friend in Philly (sure he is), he suggest teeny have dinner at the cabin. Aria tells him she doesn’t think she should travel that far what with Hannah and all. Arias phone dings and it’s a message from Jake. EzrA tries to make her feel bad but then backtracks and apologizes. If I were EzrA I would pick and choose my battles because pretty soon he is going to have a whole hell of a lot of explaining to do and apologizes to make. Aria tells EzrA she has made up her mind and she is choosing him, that he has always been the one. Poor Aria that slap from EzrA being A is really going to sting.

Speaking of things that sting, Hannah is giving away her clothes, more specifically the clothes Caleb liked on her. Spencer is trying to help but failing miserably. Hannah tells her Caleb moved in so she is to. Ashley comes strolling in and ask what is going on. Hannah ask her if she has ever seen anyone clean out a closet, Ashley tells her not in this house. Hannah just leaves the room to get more bags. Ashley just looks at Spencer in exasperation.

Back at the church Emily is lighting a candle of her own. She hears a creak and because these girls will never learn she calls out “Hello.” Emily doesn’t get a reply and starts checking doors to see if she can open one as opposed to running for the backdoor. She turns around and there is Shana. Shana has a message for her from Alison.

Emily is all kinds of combative with Shana. She tells her Alison is dead remember you told Spencer. Shana tells her they both know that is a lie and that Alison wants them to stop looking for her that it is to dangerous and she almost got killed at the Inn last night. Emily wants to know why she should believe anything Shana says she didn’t know Alison. Shana tells her that isn’t true she has in fact known Alison since she was three, she grew up next to her grandparents in Georgia. Emily tells her if she knew Alison she wouldn’t be friends with Jenna. Shana tells her Alison asked her to come to rosewood to fins out who tried to kill her and Jenna is on that list. This girl has a answer for everything. Emily still isn’t buying it and tells Shana to prove it.

Meanwhile Spencer’s dad is explaining to Toby that Radley is offering his family a settlement. Toby wants to go through with the lawsuit but doesn’t have the means to. Toby is unhappy. Spencer’s dad hands him some papers to sign.

Aria goes to see Jake. Jake missed Aria she claims she missed him to. Jake tells her he qualified for nationals. She congratulates him and then goes to tell him what she has been up to while he was away but he already knows…she is back with EzrA. Aria apologizes for what it’s worth.

Spencer and Toby are going over the paperwork, she points out all the problems with the paperwork. Spencer thinks Toby should still try to find out more before he signs them.

Emily is telling the girls about her visit with Shana and how she told her to find out what Alison said to her when she pulled her out of the barn. Naturally Aria wants to know what Ali had to say as well, Emily won’t tell them. They go back and forth for a bit. Spencer still thinks Shana is on A’s payroll. Emily is not convinced she thinks Ali can make someone love her enough to do anything.

Travis stops by Hannah’s for of all things a umbrella. Travis sees the pool table and Hannah explains that it was her dads and that he left it there, she isn’t much for playing. Travis ask her how she is. Hannah says she is fine and ask if he wants to play pool. Travis says he can.

Shana meets with Emily and tells her what happened at the barn between her and Alison. Emily ask Shana where Alison is, Shana says she never knows that Alison finds her. Emily ask how long she has known Alison was alive, Shana tells her since Mona was in Radley. Shana tells Emily that Alison wants to meet with her tonight but she has to go alone it is the only it will be safe. Emily ask Shana why her. Shana shrugs and say she guesses Emily really was Alison’s favorite.

Hannah and Travis are playing pool well kind of, he is playing ,and she is playing badly. Travis tells Hannah he was worried about her last night and that she doesn’t have to put up a front with him. Hannah keeps on persisting that she just had to get it out of her system. She messes up another shot. Travis shows her and explains the way to take a shot. She looks at him while he is down next to her, he backs away. She makes the shot. She tells Travis to watch out she is coming for him.

Emily is talking to Spencer on her porch, Emily tells Spencer that Shana knew what happened at the barn word for word. Spencer still thinks it’s a A trick. Emily tells her she checked and Shana did in fact grow up next to Alison’s grandparents. Spencer still isn’t buying it. Spencer tells her she took pics of Alison’s diary before EzrA snatched it and there other places in it they can look. Emily tells her Alison wants to meet her tonight. Spencer reminds her about the no show at the kissing rock. Spencer says even if it is true why would Ali just want to meet with Emily. Emily tells her maybe it’s because A can’t watch them all, all at the same time. Emily is convinced its Alison and she is going. Spencer tells her she isn’t going alone. Emily tells Spencer she only told her because she didn’t want to lie to her, and not to make her sorry that she did.

Aria arrives home and finds a box with a gift in it from Jake. It’s a necklace with her name on it. The delivery box says it was shipped by a company in Harrisburg, PA.

Somebody is cooking dinner for Spencer’s mom and dad. Her dad is drinking wine. She tries to reason with her dad about the papers he gave Toby, she wonders why he backed away so soon. He tells her to mind her own business and then he tells her to pick out some music for dinner while he is in the shower. He has got some nerve.

Jake sees EzrA arguing with a blonde woman in a car and then when she pulls away he witnesses EzrA lose it. He literally pounds the top of the car and tells whoever it is that this isn’t over. Jake is curious.

Hannah and Travis finish their game of pool and Travis tells her he needs to go. Hannah’s tells him it was fun and that should do it again sometime. Hannah hugs him, she kisses him, Travis backs away. Travis wants to give it a little more time, Hannah kisses him anyway and this time he kisses her back.

Emily is getting ready to leave to go meet Alison. Hannah and Travis are still kissing, Ashley catches them. Ashley pulls her aside and tells her she is concerned. Travis comes into say he has to leave. Ashley agrees. Travis does. Hannah is mad at her mom.

Spencer is snooping in her dad’s briefcase and finds out that Alison’s mom is on the board of trustees at Radley. Her dad catches her and wants to know what in the hell she is doing. She knows her dad is lying to her. He tells her to leave if she can’t get it together before her mom gets there. Spencer calls Toby and then takes off.

Ashley comes upstairs and tells Hannah to out on her coat that they are going out.
Aria is trying to return the necklace to Jake but he doesn’t want to take it. Aria starts to leave, but Jake stops her, he tells her what he saw today with EzrA. Jake wonders if EzrA was the person she was afraid of. Aria says that she isn’t afraid if him, Jake tells her maybe she should be and to keep her eyes open. Jake is so smart. Aria has a sad/shocked look on her face.

Ashley takes Hannah to throw plates at a wall. Ashley says it might help her get past the anger. Hannah and Ashley put on some glasses and start throwing plates.

Aria is waiting for EzrA at his place. Aria tells him Jake saw him talking no screaming at some woman. Aria ask who the woman is, EzrA says the woman is Maggie’s lawyer. Aria is mad that he didn’t tell her. Aria also says that doesn’t explain why he got violent with that woman. He keeps lying and she buys it.

Shana takes Emily to meet Alison but she doesn’t go in with her. Emily is wandering around and she finally comes face to face with Alison. They hug each other. Alison tells her she knows she can trust Emily but she doesn’t know about the rest of them. Emily ask her who is after her, Alison told her she thought she knew but she was wrong Alison needs her to help find A. They hear a noise and Alison takes off, Spencer comes around the corner, Alison gets in a elevator and Emily begs her to comeback when the elevator opens Alison is gone. Emily turns with tears in her eyes and looks at Spencer.

Emily tells Spencer what’s what. Spencer tells her she thought she was putting herself in danger. Spencer apologizes. Emily tells her she has to do better than that. Then Spencer flips it and tells Emily that Alison is trying to divide them. Emily gets pissed when she realizes Spencer was listening to them the whole time. Spencer reaches for Emily. Emily pulls away and storms off.

Hannah is feeling much better now that she threw some plates. Ashley goes to get her more plates.

Toby is sitting at home upset. Spencer walks in and Toby tells her he signed the papers. Spencer tells him he shouldn’t have done it. Toby tells Spencer to let it go, it’s over. Spencer sits on the chair and cries.

Hannah’s is thinking, she calls Caleb and tells him she wonders if she could have done something differently and she just wanted him to know that it was the best year of her life.

Aria is cutting a piece of cake, EzrA comes in with the whip cream for it.

Jake is working out, he kicks the bag and falls back, there is blood all over the top of his foot. He grabs onto the bag and pulls himself up to discover someone put blades in it.

Back at Ezra’s he and Aria start kissing.

A breaks into Shana’s locker and takes a picture of her and Ali when they were kids, A rips Shana off the picture and then sets her picture on fire.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Bite Your Tongue” check out the preview of episode 16 below!

“A” is going to take the game up a notch as the PLLs get closer to finding out their identity. Press release number 2: Hanna’s new interest in crime novels, is going to help her to come up with a plan to try and figure out whose body is in Ali’s grave. While Hanna is on her hunt, Spencer will be working overtime to decipher the stories in Ali’s diary which she hopes will reveal the identity of Ali’s mystery man. But with both girls hot on the trail, will their work lead them straight into “A’s” path?

Meanwhile, Aria is going to be upset with the new friend Mike has made ,and Emily’s dad will be concerned about her behavior.