Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Spoilers Episode 22 “Cover For Me”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Spoilers Episode 22 “Cover For Me”

Last night’s episode 21, “She’s Come Undone” was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.

Aria is sitting on her couch surrounded by the girls at what is got to be her lowest point. Instead of offering comfort good old Spencer is playing twenty questions with her, she wants to know if she read any of the book EzrA was writing, Aria tells her not full pages just bits and pieces and that EzrA knew who she was before they met, in fact he knew who all of them were, and he knew Alison as well. Emily decides what’s the harm in asking a question after all Spencer has asked like twenty, Emily ask her if EzrA admitted to being in a relationship with Alison, Aria tells her yes, a brief one. Hannah tells them this then proves that EzrA is board shorts, Aria points out that EzrA didn’t try to kill Alison, which leads me to point out nobody said that board shorts did either, that’s just what they assume. Aria tells them the whole book is about trying to piece together what happened to Alison. Spencer tells her and just how is going to do that before the cops. Before her is what she meant to say. Aria tells them that EzrA has a theory that one of them did it. Spencer scoffs and points out what a crazy idea that is. What’s crazy is the girl that was hopped up on drugs two years ago not to mention two,hours ago is talking like she remembers everything. What if Spencer’s big secret isn’t the drugs but what she might have done to Alison? What if Spencer doesn’t even remember it?

Alison did say in the black and white episode that Spencer almost got her killed once before. Emily tells Aria clearly it’s a work of fiction, Spencer wants to know which one he thinks did it, Aria completely forgot to ask that question, her bad. Emily thinks EzrA could still be A and is just trying to pin it on one of them. Hannah is like nope he knows Alison is alive. Spencer points out he didn’t know Alison was alive when he started writing the book. Aria who has had it with the fact they are more concerned with EzrA than her finally lets some of it out, she tells them EzrA is a great writer, I’ll let that point go, who found a great story and a opportunity to make a name for himself and he used her and them. Spencer who still hasn’t learned to just let shit go ask about all tHe stuff he had in Ravenswood. Aria tells her he has been researching for years. Hannah brings up the cameras that watched their every move. Emily realizes if he was watching them, them he must know who A is, clever girl, and she can’t believe he never did anything to help Aria. Aria explains that that’s simple EzrA never really loved her.

Aria is laying on her bed and she has a flashback to when she first met EzrA in the bar. She looks so different. She sits up,in bed and runs over to her floor and coughs not sure if she threw up or not.

Spencer comes downstairs in her robe and both of her parents are there. They are super nice which instantly sets off warning bells. Spencer ask them who is going in a trio when she sees some bags. Her parents tell her they think she should go to rehab. Spencer begs them not to send her and to give her one more chance to quit doing them herself because she can’t afford Radley and rehab to be on college applications. They relent but tell her this is her one and only chance.

Hannah is the first one to school. Surprise, surprise. She runs into Travis all dressed up in a suit. Hannah tries to make small talk but he is in a hurry, so she finally comes out with it she is sorry she kisses him, she shouldn’t have some that. Travis tells her not to worry about it. Hannah assures him it isn’t because she didn’t enjoy kissing him but rather its because she wasn’t in her right frame of mind at the time. Travis finally tells her he is on the way to court because his father is in trouble for what he did with Wilden. Hannah looks shocked and apologizes for making Travis pick her family over his. Travis tells her it isn’t her fault and if he had it to do all over again he would make the same choice,he smiles and walks away.

Emily sees Spencer on a bench curled up looking like someone going through withdrawal. Emily goes over to her and ask her how she is, because clearly how she looks isn’t a indication. Spencer tell her she feels nauseous, achy and tired but other than that she feels fantastic. Emily ask if she can do anything, Spencer tells her as a matter of fact lets talk about anything but me. Emily figures this is clearly the best time to drop a bombshell and tells Spencer that Shana called her that morning and wants her to drop that five grand off for Alison at a P.O. Box in Wallingford before six. Spencer tells her that’s like over a hour away and she does to think she should go. Emily ask her why not. Spencer tells her Shana is there one minute gone the next and now calls about some urgent money drop. Emily tells her they all know Alison needs the money. Before that conversation can go any further……..

Aria comes storming by headed to talk to EzrA. Emily and Spencer are right behind her. Emily tells her she thought she was staying home today. Aria explains that she needs to talk to EzrA face to face. Spencer tells her no….wait…Aria. Aria isn’t listening she tells them she doesn’t know where the lies begin and the truth ends. They collect Hannah somewhere along the way. Spencer tells her they know she needs to get answers, Emily tells her that she certainly deserves them, Spencer tells her but confronting him at school is not the best idea. Aria doesn’t seem to register what they are telling her and she storms in his room. There is a sub. EzrA took some some time off for a family emergency, Aria can’t believe her ears. She storms out of the classroom calling him a liar and a coward. Spencer tells her to wait, Aria tells her she is fine, Hanna grabs her and tells her to wait, Aria flies around and repeats that she is fine even though she has tears running down her face. Emily tells Aria to let her take her home. Aria nods yes. It’s only a matter of time before she is going to completely snap.

Spencer shows up Toby’s with cronuts. She ask if she can come in and then apologizes for ruining last night. Toby tells her that isn’t what he is upset about. She tells him not to worry and that she has it all under control. Toby tells her she looks like crap, Spencer feels like it. Toby makes her promise that if she feels the urge to do more pills that she will call him. Spencer tells him she is done with that and that she like the necklace he got her.

Emily almost goes breezing right past Paige, but Paige manages to catch her attention. They talk for a bit and Paige ask if they can get together since she doesn’t have practice. Emily tells her she has a few errands to run and then needs to check on Aria but dinner could work. Emily’s phone goes off and she opens her bag exposing the five grand for Alison. Paige notices it and ask about it. Emily lies and says her grandmother gave it to her for her birthday. Paige ask her why she didn’t just out it in the bank for her. Emily tells her that her grand,a doesn’t believe in banks and puts all her money in coffee cans and cookie jars. Paige plays along but as soon as Emily gets up and leaves you can tell from the look on her face that Paige knows she is lying.

Aria couldn’t stay home so she went to EzrA’s instead. When he doesn’t answer she goes in with her key and starts snooping around. Aria hits pay dirt, she finds some of the stuff from Ravenswood, boxes of files on her and her friends and cassette tapes, a tape recorder of with a tape of Alison on it proving he knew Alison was alive before the girls did.

Hannah is having a talk with Holbrook asking him why Travis’s dad should get punished for something a crooked cop like Wilden made him do. Holbrook tells her he shouldn’t be talking about this. Hannah tells him that Wilden being a bully should count for something. Holbrook tells her it’s his job to state the facts not his opinion.

Aria is still going through EzrA’s stuff when she comes across a notebook full of things she told him, that other people told him about her and her friends. There is even a line in the book that reads “MonA is not A”. Aria finally can’t take it anymore and she snaps, she breaks anything that isn’t bolted to the ground, there is even this one moment where she notices a picture of them together in a cabinet and instead of opening the door she breaks the window out with a desk lamp and then throws the picture on the ground, when she gets done the apartment is a disaster and she is still a hot mess.

Spencer opens her locker and finds a pill bottle from A, when Emily walks up she is completely nonchalant, it’s like they are so used to A’s antics that it doesn’t even phase them. Emily offers to get rid of the pills, but Spencer tells her she will do it. Emily believes her. Hannah comes up and ask if any of them have hears from Aria. Emily tells her she sent her a text but she hasn’t heard back, Hannah tells them she went by arias at lunchtime and she wasn’t there. Spencer thinks she knows where she is. They all three take off.

They show up at EzrA’s and the door is open. Hannah goes in first. Spencer and Emily are shocked by the mess, Hannah on the other hand tells Aria she would have burned the place down. Aria is sitting in the floor. They go to get her out of the room. Spencer notices the stuff from Ravenswood and ask of they should take it, Hannah tells,her not now. Spencer goes to grab Aria’s bag and almost falls over. Hannah comes back to tell her to come on, Spencer stuffs her purse with some of the stuff and then grabs Aria’s bag and heads out the door.

Emily is at the post office addressing the envelope and putting the money in it, someone is watching her. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it’s Paige and her special brand of three kind of crazy.

Hannah is sitting outside the courtroom waiting for Travis to come out. When he does he is surprised and ask her what she is doing there. Hannah tells him she came to see how the sentencing went, Travis tells her she didn’t have to do that. Hannah knows she didn’t have to but she wanted too. Holbrook walks out sees Hannah and smiles and then walks away. Travis tells her that Holbrook defended his dad and because of that his dad only got probation and community service. Travis gets a text from his dad that he wants to celebrate, so he ask Hannah if they can talk tomorrow. Hannah tells him yes and to go. Travis tells her thank you, Hannah ask for what and he says just thanks.

Spencer is at home going through the evidence she snagged from EzrA’s apartment. She comes across a business card that reads Mark Pope Private Investigator. Spencer flips the card over and it reads P.I that was following Spencer. Wow, I’m beginning to think EzrA knows more about what’s been going on then these girls ever will. Spencer calls the number but gets a answering machine, she hangs up and has another dizzy spell, she lays down, but them remembers the bottle of pills in her purse, she takes them out and takes one.

Emily is waiting in line with her envelope when Paige comes flying in. I so called it. Paige starts demanding rather loudly that Emily tell her what’s going on. Emily ask her to be quiet but when she realizes that isn’t going to work they head outside. Paige demands to know what Emily is doing and if it has anything to do with A. Emily won’t answer. Paige then threatens to go to the police. Emily can’t believe she would do that and when Paige turns to leave to do just that Emily finally tells her that Alison is alive.

Aria is sitting in front on the fireplace ripping the pages out of EzrA’s notebook and burning them, which I think is a huge mistake there is some useful information in there. Hannah ask her if she is feeling any better, Aria tells her she feels worse the more she thinks about it the stupider she feels. Hannah tells her that no one thought he would be capable of doing what he did, and that he fooled all of them. Aria tells her yeah, but you weren’t the one sleeping with him, and if it weren’t for her he wouldn’t know personal things about them that Aria trusted him to keep between them. Neither of them can figure out how he got the Grunwald tapes. Hannah ask her if she has eaten, Aria tells her no. Hannah suggest that they could order in. Aria tells her she can go pick up food that she will be fine for ten minutes. Hannah leaves.

Paige is whining because Emily didn’t tell her about Alison. Paige ask if Alison’s family knows, Emily tells her they don’t. They talk back and forth and what it amounts to is Paige will keep quiet about knowing if Emily promises not to help or talk to Alison anymore.

Hannah runs into Holbrook at the Muffin Man’s coffee shop and he ask her what she is doing. Hannah tells him she is just picking something up for a friend in need. Holbrook who is most definitely flirting by this point tells her it’s nice to see she cares about her friends so much, it’s a great quality, and not to lose it. Hannah tells him she was going to go by his office tomorrow she was surprised to hear he stuck up for Travis’s dad. Holbrook tells her it was the right thing to do. Hannah tells him still not a lot of people would do that, then Hannah who is definitely flirting by this point tells him that it’s a,great quality and not to lose it. They smile at each other and then she tells him thank you and then hugs him. Hannah also tries to get a kiss in and does, Holbrook pulls back surprised and says Hannah. Hannah apologizes and says she doesn’t know what she was thinking and takes off. Holbrook watches her with a look that indicates he is definitely wanting some more kisses from Hannah.

Spencer is still going through papers when she comes across one that is folded, she opens it and reads it. It tells about a story CeCe told him about Spencer and Alison. They were arguing the night use went missing and Spencer picked up a shovel sometime during this fight, we don’t find out if Spencer actually used it but we do find out that Alison’s mom not only saw it but payed CeCe to keep quiet about it. Spencer gasp in shock.

Spencer heads downstairs and ask her dad if he hired the investigator follow Melissa or to follow her. Naturally her dad won’t answer. She begs him to tell her but before he can Toby knocks on the door. Her dad tells her that her and Toby should go for a walk and when they get back he will be done with dinner. Toby reaches our to touch Spencer and she pulls away and storms out the door. Toby follows her.

Emily agrees to stay away form Alison but first she has to drop off the money because she gave Alison her word. Paige tells her she is doing this for Emily because she loves her so much.

Hannah has take longer than ten minutes and Aria is getting antsy, she picks up the notebook and starts reading from it again. Aria finds a folded letter stating that someone is going to publish Ezra’s book, Aria gets the number off of the letter and calls to find out when it is going to be published, the woman who answers the phone tells her she isn’t sire but EzrA is there now and if she calls back tomorrow she will have a better idea of a date. Aria hangs up.

Toby shows back up at Spencer’s without Spencer. Toby tells her dad that she said she wanted a coffee and when he turned back around she was gone.

Spencer is at Alison’s mom house. Spencer wants to know if she thinks she hurt Alison, she ask if her and her dad have a agreement to keep it quiet. Alison’s mom tells Spencer she is going to call her parents. Spencer grabs her arm and tells her it’s a simple question did she see her that night and if she hurt saw Spencer hurt Alison why didn’t she just call the cops. Alison’s mom tells Spencer she is hurting her. Spencer lets her go and then Alison’s mom tells Spencer to leave. Spencer does. Alison’s mom watches her leave with worry.

Hannah sees Aria getting out her car while she is driving. Hannah ask her what she is doing. It’s quite simple really she is going to tell the principal everything, she wants EzrA to hurt as badly as she does. Hannah talks her down before she can do anything stupid.

The principal comes out but no one is there. Hannah and Aria are walking down the street. Hannah says she will meet Aria back at her place. Aria tells her no that she doesn’t want anyone around right now that she wants to be left alone. Aria gets in her car and leaves.

Emily and Paige are at Emily’s house. Paige ask her if she is still up for dinner, Emily tells her she isn’t really hungry and that she needs to check in Aria. Paige tells her she will see her tomorrow and leans in to kiss her, Emily doesn’t kiss her back. Paige ask her if they are ok. Emily tells her she doesn’t like ultimatums. Paige tells her she doesn’t either. Emily turns her back to her and says good night.

Spencer’s parents and Toby are waiting for her when she comes home. Toby tells her she needs help. Spencer just goes upstairs to her room.

Aria is in her room packing a bag, Emily shows up and ask her if she is going somewhere, Aria tells her yes. Emily ask her where. Aria tells her she doesn’t know. Emily tells her she will go with her. Aria tells her she doesn’t want that, Emily ask her what she does want. Aria tells Emily she wants her to get out of her way, Emily moves. Aria goes.

Spencer is sitting in the floor of her room by her bed trying not to cry.

Paige goes up,to a police car outside the police station and drops a card in that says ” I know for a fact Alison DiLaurentis is alive. Start looking for her.

A.D. Incorporated

P.O. Box 537

Wallingford, PA.

Hmmmmmmm…….. This could go a lot of ways.

Three episodes left and the finale promises we finally get some answers.


If you want a sneak peek video & synopsis of next week’s episode, “Cover For Me” check out the preview of episode 22 below!

Two Liars try to dig up answers, while the other two try to come to terms with what they have learned, in “Cover For Me,” an all-new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, March 4th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

Emily takes up the sleuthing reins as she searches for answers about Ezra and Mona. After confronting both, Emily tries to make sense of the heartbreaking situation. Hanna, on the other hand, begins a new search after being confronted by Det. Holbrook and Lt. Tanner with a possible new lead in Alison’s case.  Meanwhile, Spencer and Aria lean on new men in their lives to recover.