Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Round-Up Season 4 Episode 15 “Love ShAck Baby” – Diary Decoding!

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Round-Up Season 4 Episode 15 "Love ShAck Baby"

Pretty Little Liars Season 4B is finally here, last night we watched the liars try to make sense of Alison’s death hoax in Episode 4.14 “Who’s In The Box?” ABC Family has released the official promo video Episode 4.15 “Love ShAck Baby,” and here is what we can expect to see on PLL next week. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your PLL Episode 4.15 spoiler round-up.

Ali’s Diary

According to the official “Love ShAck Baby” synopsis, the liars will spend the majority of this episode trying to decode the diary that Hanna swiped from the “A-Lair.” The thing is Alison wrote personal things about Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer, but she never distinguished which journal entry was about which girl. The liars will be forced to decipher the diary and learn dark secrets about each other that they have kept hidden up until now.

Peter Hastings And Mrs. DiLaurentis

According to the synopsis Spencer’s Dad and Alison’s Mom will be spending some quality time together. Either Spencer’s Dad is rekindling his old flame, or he is trying to track down his estranged son Jason DiLaurentis. Regardless of why Mr. Hastings and Mrs. DiLaurentis are chatting, it can’t be good. They both are acting super shady in Season 4B.

Love ShAck

Last summer photos of the liars in a cabin emerged while they were shooting Episode 4.15, everyone assumed the liars were taking a trip back to Spencer Hastings’ Family’s Lake House. Now that we have seen “Who’s In The Box” it’s safe to assume the cabin the girls are going to be in is actually Ezra’s cabin in the woods that he took Aria to and gave her the keys to. (Hence the name “love shack.”) After we seen “A” snooping around in the cabin at the end of Episode 4.14, it makes sense that the liars will end up there.

Ali Wants To Come Home

Emily will receive a note from Alison, saying that she “wants to come home” and to meet her “at our spot.” The question in who will get to Ali first, the liars or “A.” And, Emily is still pretty bitter about Ali faking her death, will she actually help her?

Hanna’s New Love Interest

Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers just said their tearful good-byes last night on “Who’s In The Box,” but Hanna won’t be down for long. Spoilers were leaked months ago that Hanna would have a new love interest in Season 4B, and that potential love interest will be re-introduced in “Love ShAck Baby.” Remember the hot gas station attendant Travis that helped Hanna clear her Mom’s name in Season 4A? Well, he is back, and it looks like he still has a thing for Hanna.

CeCe Drake Is Alive And On The Run

In “Love Shack Baby” the liars find out that CeCe Drake is very much alive, and on the run. It looks like she traded her red coat in for some running shoes, and is the source of a national manhunt. The cops think she was hired to kill Wilden, and she was last seen boarding a train in Maryland.

The Liars VS. “A”

It looks like the liars will have their first Season 4B stand-off against “A” in “Love ShAck Baby.” In the promo video the girls are seen in the cabin in the woods armed with shovels as “A” lurks outside donned in black gloves and a black hat. It is probably entirely to seen for them to reveal the identity of “A” but it still makes for some scream-worthy entertainment.