Queen Elizabeth Warns Prince Harry About Behavior At World Cup Soccer in Brazil – No Wild Partying!

Queen Elizabeth Warns Prince Harry About Behavior At World Cup Soccer in Brazil - No Wild Partying!

Prince Harry will travel to Brazil next week for the beginning of the Soccer World Cup, and you know what that means, right? More partying shenanigans. You know Queen Elizabeth has already had a stern talking to with her cheerful grandson about not bringing more scandal to the Royal Family. Granny is still reeling from Kate Middleton’s latest exposure and she certainly doesn’t need another Las Vegas-style Harry debacle.

Honestly, we might even get Vegas 2.0, but it could end up being more scandalous considering the environment and location that he’ll be in. Plus, he’ll have no family with him and he’ll probably end up hanging out with England’s soccer team, most of whom are notorious party animals.

Granted, Harry isn’t just going to South America to support England for the World Cup, but rather some of his own charitable engagements. He’ll reportedly be visiting the training base for Britain’s Paralympics team for the Rio Olympics, and he’ll also be visiting several patients with neurological complications at hospitals.

Of course, that’s not going to stop Harry from going out, will it? He’s always managed to juggle official royal responsibilities and his own desires very well, and I see no reason why that won’t continue. In fact, putting Harry in the same country as the world cup, with tons of alcohol, a bunch of football teams, and beautiful women is a recipe for trouble. Like, really a recipe for trouble. I’m already predicting the number of ‘Harry spotted flirting with hot model at world cup party’ and ‘Prince Harry gets hammered in Brazil nightclub’ and ‘Harry spotted partying with England’s team’ stories to come out over the next two weeks, and I guarantee, there’ll be a barrage of them.

The press office at Buckingham Palace is probably already sweating and nervously preparing any official releases. I don’t think they have anything to worry about, though. Harry seemed to have learned his lesson from last time and plus, who would want to face Queen Elizabeth‘s wrath twice?

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