Prince William and Kate Middleton the Next King and Queen: Meddling Camilla Parker-Bowles Removed by Queen Elizabeth?

Prince William and Kate Middleton the Next King and Queen: Meddling Camilla Parker-Bowles Removed by Queen Elizabeth?

Camilla Parker-Bowles spend the majority of this past year doing two things- rallying to be on the throne and then drinking herself into a stupor every time she hit a road block. Queen Elizabeth has finally decided to abdicate next April on her 89th birthday and she fully intends to turn over power to Prince William and Kate Middleton. In fact since making up her mind earlier this year Elizabeth has been grooming the young couple for their extremely important roles but along the way she has constantly had to kick Camilla out of the way.

Finally Queen Elizabeth has had more than her fill of Camilla and has decided that a divorce payoff- even out of her own pocket- is more than worth it for the greater good. While Cami has tried to bully Queen Elizabeth into a $350 million buy out the monarch thinks that $50 million plus a $10 million property is more than fair. According to the Aug. 25th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Prince Charles has agreed to allow his son, Prince William to take the throne as long as Camilla is out of the picture.

Queen Elizabeth, always one with a dry sense of humor, is currently looking for a mansion in the Caribbean for the duchess that she despises! Once Camilla Parker-Bowles is finally removed then it will pave the way for a much easier transfer of power over to William and Kate Middleton. It will also mean that Elizabeth can finish grooming the young couple for the job in peace. Being able to do so is worth $50 million liquid to Elizabeth and no doubt the rest of the royal family, including Prince Charles is glad to hear it! How long do you think it will take to get Cami out of the palace for good? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Cynthia Winkler

    How depressing. :(

  • micmac

    I doubt that the Queen would abdicate as she has such a horror of what happened when Edward VIII abdicated, and also because of her coronation oath of 1953. And I think that even Prince Charles would get a fillip of pride if his mother’s reign surpassed in length that of Queen Victoria. She would achieve this 217 days after 6 February 2015, which would be approximately about the following July, another three months after April.

  • micmac

    The difference between Prince Charles’ situation and that of Edward VIII is that Charles remained Prince of Wales throughout his marriages so far, and that neither he or his current wife are spring chickens any more. They are unlikely to reign for the length of time the Queen has been monarch. Camilla is also a much better bet as queen compared to Wallis Simpson, who was divorced twice, allegedly had an affaire with Joachim Ribbentrop, a high-ranking Nazi, and wasn’t even a British citizen, whatever her husbands were. Edward VIII when he proposed marrying Wallis Simpson, was already king, but hadn’t been crowned.

  • Karen

    Prince William will make a great King and Kate a fantastic Queen. Camilla should not be anything after what she did to Princess Diana.

  • Marjorie Moreton

    Camilla broke Diana and Charles up as she is a jealous old witch.