Princess Diana’s Hitman in Hiding: Prince William Assembles Team to Find Mom’s Assassin (PHOTO)

Princess Diana's Hitman in Hiding: Prince William Assembles Team to Find Mom's Assassin (PHOTO)

Last summer Prince William was handed a dossier by Queen Elizabeth that contained information on the death of his mother, Princess Diana, 16 years earlier. Rumors have circulated for years that Diana’s death was not an accident but the result of a perfectly executed hit carried out by a team hired by international arms dealers. The queen had launched her own investigation and it uncovered quite a bit of information that the British police seemed to over look. She placed it in William’s hands to decide whether or not to take action and of course he can’t just let it rest. William needs to get to the bottom of his mother’s death as soon as possible.

According to the Jan. 13th print edition of GLOBE Magazine, he has assembled an 8 person team to head into a mountain forest of Bosnia where he believes that the ringleader is hiding out, living a very primitive life. “Boris” is a Croatian that led the three person hit squad and Prince William wants him captured alive so that he can attempt to get all of the details of the murder plot out of him once and for all. He also thinks that if they capture him then he’ll likely lead them to the two others that were involved in the accident that killed everyone traveling in Diana’s car on that fateful night, driver Henri Paul and boyfriend Dodi Fayed.

Do you think that William really will get the answers that he’s looking for? Do you think that Diana was actually murdered? Or was her death the result of a tragic accident like we have been led to believe? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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