GLOBE: Prince William Closes In On Princess Diana’s Murderer – Mastermind Assassin Located! (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Prince William Closes In On Princess Diana's Murderer - Mastermind Assassin Located! (PHOTO)

Since deciding to settle into civilian life last fall Prince William has had several things to occupy his time. There have obviously been a handful of royal duties to perform, not to mention the fact that he has a brand new son to bond with. Kensington Palace also announced that William will be taking a 10 week agriculture course at Cambridge University beginning later this month – how will Kate Middleton feel about this? William has also privately been focused on the investigation surrounding the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

According to the Jan. 13th print edition of GLOBE magazine, new information has helped William to zero in on who was responsible for the Paris crashed that killed nearly everyone in the car carrying Diana. It is rumored that around the time of Prince George’s birth Queen Elizabeth gave William a dossier filled with new information from a private investigation that she had done. It’s believed that a light was shined on the limo all but purposely blinding Henri Paul, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. GLOBE has previously speculated that the hit on Diana was connected to her work with landmines. Apparently the princess had disrupted the business of a group that doesn’t mess around and it may have cost her, her life in the end.

William has spent months reviewing the info and piecing things together for himself and it seems that it is bringing him closer to being able to avenge his mothers’ death. Diana’s crash isn’t the only one that GLOBE has opted to take a closer look at. There seems to be some serious allegations being made about the wreck that claimed the life of Paul Walker back in late November. In the Jan. 13th print edition of GLOBE you’ll learn new details that have led some to think that maybe police rushed to judgment rather than taking their time and really investigating everything.

Was Dick Clark gay? Well, it seems some old school American Bandstand dancers’ have a story to tell about the host that really helped to pave the way for stars like Ryan Seacrest. We also learn in this week’s edition that Marie Osmond was a battered wife. Even more scary is a report that Paul Walker might have been murdered and a cover-up is suspected!  You’ll find all of the details in the new issue of GLOBE which just so happens to hit newsstands today.

The answers to all the questions above and others as well, along with GLOBE’s  detailed analysis, are waiting for me when I finish work and sit back to enjoy reading my copy. I can count on GLOBE to dig deeper than any other news source to uncover the truth and then have the courage to report it. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Princess Diana’s death? Was she murdered? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Jan7

    See shiningbright 1 on you tube.

    • DuchessLazy

      And “Lady Die” by Albion’s Clouds, if you already haven’t.

  • Jan7

    Unlawful killing by Keith allen documentary.

    • DuchessLazy

      Yes, and on YouTube see “Lady Die” by Albion’s Clouds.

      I don’t think much of this story about William and what he’s supposedly doing. I think they’re just hoping to take the heat off the family who every knows was responsible for what happened to Diana.

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  • of course she was murdered they did it for Charles he wanted Camilla and the crown, Diana was too popular then Charles,a thorn in his paw,so they plucked it out! Charles ends up the pimp mack daddy with Camilla,the crown,the boys, the world at his feet. Diana gets a cold grave! far from London to tidy too easy. to evil! that’s their way! but you can fool some people! but he screwed up! Millions of people remember & love her! her people the devoted!! they will pull Camilla off the throne by her wig if she is named queen. she will never be Queen. they will not reward her evilness!! Diana deserves that postion not Camilla and her wicked ways she is a real Witch in every sence of the word. Amen

  • Charles thinks he can tell the british people what to feel,he will be sorely rebuffed if he trys to put his SLAG on the throne of England beside him. Diana trained for that postion,it was to be hers not Camilla’s. Camilla has done everything to get onto that throne. but she hasn’t got it yet. The people of britan can be foolish. but they see her for what she is. They didn’t let Wallis Simpson get it. and they wont allow her to get it either. mark my words dearie!!

  • Caroline

    There was a pre-ordered aggravated harassment of Princess Diana from 1992, which intensified after her Bashir interview in 1995 and on to her death in 1997. But the crash in the Alma tunnel had nothing to do with the paparazzi or a drunk Henry Paul. The crash was a premeditated, sophisticated vehicular homicide attack, aiming at killing the Princess of Wales. Diana survived the attack and was finished of in the ambulance, at the hands of Dr. Arnoud Derossi and Jean Marc Martino, who wasnt a qualified physician on the 31,8.1997. The person responsible for Diana´s medical treatment was a medical student. So now blaime can be attributed to French incompetence. If this had been Jacque Chirac woud they have left him in the tunnel for 81 minutes ? Would they have left him in the ambulance for 60 minutes ? Diana was in the tunnel for 81 minutes and in the ambulance for 60 minutes, before she was delivered to La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital. at 02:06, with no Cardio-Thoracic surgeon present. Dr. Alan Pavie was at home sleeping when he received a call, at 02:10. Diana´s effective time of death was 02:12 a.m. French time. Dr. Alan Pavie arrived at 02:22 a.m. Ten minutes after Diana has died. Professor Bruno Riou ticked yes on Diana´s death certificate for suspicious death. If this has been Jacque Chirac, they would have helicoptered him to the Val de Grace or the American Hospital with medical expertise 24/7. There is no credible explanation as to why, it took Arnoud Derossi and Jean Marc Martino 01:43 minutes to drive 3.8 miles. NO physician, not if the physician comes from America, France or the Moon, leaves a victim of a high speed crash, on site for 81 minutes!! That is simply not credible. Dr. Arnoud Derossi, Frederic Mailliez and Jean Marc MArtino, were agents working for the french DGSE. Professor Lecomte and Dr. Gilber Pepin, refused to give evidence at the London Inquest. They conducted two post-mortems on Henry Paul – one under the supervsion of judge Stephan. Are you kidding me ? The blood that was toxicology tested was never DNA tested, and the blood that was DNA tested was never toxicology tested. Professor Vanesis was refused access to “Henry Paul´s” blood. and ofcourse, Princess Diana´s blood didnt exist. La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital has always denied taking a blood sample of Diana, and the samples that were taken were omitted from the Mulés autopsy report.

  • Caroline

    Read John Morgans compillation: The Paris-London Connection from 2012. This is an introduction to his Inquest series. And read the Documents The Jury Never Saw – from 2010, also by John Morgan. These sre the forensic evidence of Princess Diana´s assassination.