Queen Elizabeth Fires Prince Charles As Heir To The Throne After Russia Demands Apology For Hitler Comment

Queen Elizabeth Fires Prince Charles As Heir To The Throne After Russia Demands Apology For Hitler Comment

I know the royals are dead set against changing their traditions, but at this point, it would be a huge royal gaffe waiting to happen if Prince Charles inherits the throne from Queen Elizabeth. As first in line to the throne, the Queen is obligated to pass off the crown to Charles – however, after this latest public embarrassment, is she considering possible alternatives?

By now, Prince Charles’ comments comparing Vladimir Putin to Hitler have gone viral, and Russian officials are furious. The Russian foreign ministry spokesman even released a statement saying, “If such comments were genuinely made, they do not reflect well on the future King of England. We are not concerned, we are outraged.” He continued, adding that the royals should be ‘seen, but not heard’. And in the case of Prince Charles, I think the entire nation agrees.

Plus, it’s not just the fact that Charles has caused an international incident with his comments, it’s also that he’s drawing attention to all these hidden facts about the royal family’s heritage – facts that the Queen and the royal family no doubt want to keep hidden. Charles may have compared Putin to Hitler, but it is in fact the British royal family who has largely Germanic roots [and used to have numerous Nazi relatives]. And that’s not even considering the fact that during Hitler’s heyday [before he outed himself to be a crazy, power-obsessed sociopath], there were British royals who were consorting with Hitler.

Let’s take a closer look at the royal family’s Nazi connections, shall we? There’s Charles’ great-uncle, the Duke of Windsor, who was seen spending time with Hitler at his Obersalzberg retreat after he abdicated. There’s the Duke of Edinburgh’s sister Sophie, who was actually married to an SS officer. And of course, who can forget Prince Harry dressed as a Nazi during that infamous Halloween costume party?

In summary, Charles is an idiot and is causing a massive international incident because he can’t keep his mouth shut – and this is before he’s the king! Imagine what he’ll start saying once he gets on the throne! The Queen is supposed to stick to tradition and all, but I have a feeling Elizabeth is seriously considering alternatives to passing on the crown to Charles – perhaps making history by selecting Prince William instead?

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