GLOBE: Queen Elizabeth Gives Kate Middleton a Secret Message – “You’re Ready To Be Queen!” (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Queen Elizabeth Gives Kate Middleton a Secret Message - "You're Ready To Be Queen!" (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton sure has come a long way from her days of being good ole’ “waity Katey”, hasn’t she? She took some heat for being a commoner when she married Prince William but especially in the last year, she has completely proven that she does indeed deserve her position within the royal family. This month alone we have watched Kate, William and their baby son Prince George traveling to New Zealand and Australia and they have made it look easy. Kate has clearly gotten past her postpartum depression and appears to have really found her groove with motherhood and she seems to have a good tempered baby on her hands.

According to the April 28th print edition of GLOBE Magazine Queen Elizabeth has watched Kate’s metamorphosis very closely and believes that she is indeed ready to be the next Queen of England. Not only is Elizabeth mulling over the idea but she has apparently reached out and communicated it to her as well. Kate and William are the logical choice for who should take the throne next but the notion has been met with resistance because it is technically Prince Charles’ birthright. Even if he doesn’t care too much about fulfilling it, his drunken wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles fully intends to sit beside him on the throne, sooner rather than later.

GLOBE always dips into Hollywood’s breaking news in each and every issue. This week they have the inside details of Mickey Rooney’s explosive diary which has details on the ladies he loved and how he lost millions.

WWE’s Ultimate Warrior died last week of a heart attack, shocking fans worldwide and leaving wrestling fans to grieve together. Could steroids have played a part in his heart issues? It’s well known that anabolic steroids increase bad LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure – both which lead to the formation of deadly blockages in the coronary arteries. Grab the April 28th print edition of GLOBE Magazine to read all of the latest details on the autopsy.

In the mean time, do you think will Kate be the next Queen of England? Will we see Prince William leap frog over Prince Charles as the next King? We know that GLOBE always has the inside track on the behind-the-scenes Palace intrigue and that’s one reason I never miss an issue. The time is approaching when Queen Elizabeth will be forced to abdicate and name her successor. I know GLOBE will be the first out with the Queen’s final decision on who will ascend the throne next.

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14 responses to “GLOBE: Queen Elizabeth Gives Kate Middleton a Secret Message – “You’re Ready To Be Queen!” (PHOTO)”

  1. Barry says:

    Kate Middleton can never be queen Even if her husband becomes king she will not be the queen

    • royalparasites says:

      She’s so plastic and miserable I hope she just buggars off.

      • Mary says:

        Dear parasite. Why are you so jealous of my lady Kate? Have you looked in the mirror lately? What do you see? Royal parasites?

    • Douglas Dmitri Mosier says:

      That would take an Act of Parliament…..and they’re as likely to do that as they are to contravene the Act of Succession of 1701, i.e. no chance. HRH the Duchess of Cornwall has come FAR up in public opinion since she and Prince Charles got married, so I rather doubt there will be any outcry of rage over HER being queen before the Duchess of Cambridge.

      • Jason says:

        Parliament isn’t required to act when it comes to titles. They only have the right to allow or deny the throne to someone, but the monarch, who is the Fount of Honor, is the ONLY person needed to do anything when it comes to titles in the UK, titles are granted and removed by issuing Letters Patent, and Parliament doesn’t do much about the titles granted within the royal family, except they are told they are going to be granted. The only time the government gets involved is if the Queen wants to raise a person outside of her family into the Peerage (ie: When Winston Churchill retired, the government asked the Queen to give him a title, of which she was gonig to make him the Duke of London, but because of his grandson wanting to be in politics he turned it down OR when any former Prime Minister is made a Baron or Baroness) that is at government suggestion, but the queen can still deny that or she can grant those titles legally on her own, which is why we don’t currently see a “Baron Tony Blair” yet.

    • Mary says:

      Dear Barry: wrong!

    • Jason says:

      She will become the Queen if William becomes King. Just as has happened wth every wife of every King since 1066. Because like it or not even the Duchess of Cornwall (legally her title is Princess of Wales, but she does not use that one because of Diana, Princess of Wales) will become Queen upon Charles becoming King. She may want to be called “Princess Consort” but legally she will beome the Queen Consort. Just as Kate will one day become the Queen Consort, NOT the reigning Queen Regnant as Elizabeth II is right now. But by all rights, styles and titles the Duchess of Cambridge would become Her Majesty The Queen once William became the King.

  2. royalparasites says:

    Kate is still WAITY and always will be. Post partum depression ? LOL !!!!! That was to help cover and excuse her extreme unwillingness to work. William is as lazy as his ignorant wife. Now they keep floating rumors about a “pregnancy”, again likely to attempt to excuse Waity’s lack of character. Ohhh poor thing is pregnant can’t expect her to do much now can we ????

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  5. Jason says:

    Do you ever get tired of the joy you seem to get talking about the “dying queen”!?!?!? This is a person, someone’s mother, grandmother, wife, cousin, the Head of a Nation, Head of the Commonwealth, a living breathing human being and you seem to get great joy out of reporting the prospect of her “dying”. Yes she is a elderly person and yes, one day in the not to distant future she will no longer be here on this Earth, but that could still be 10, 12 or 14 years from now! Her mother lived to be 101, almost made it to 102, she’s many other royal relatives live to be well into their 90’s and nearly to 100 themselves (the aunt that lived to 104 was by marriage so genetically we can’t count that relation over 100), but having a parent live to be 100 or any close relative usually increases the chances that someone will follow suit with them. Given that the Queen is in good health, she’s always taken care of herself, she takes extra care when she travels to take her own water so the local stuff doesn’t upset her stomach meaning she may need to cancel engagement, I think she stands a great chance of being around for many many more years. And I hope she does just to spit you and your joy you seem to have at the thought of her dying and leaving her family in pain

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