Ray Donovan Live Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 5 “Irish Spring” 8/10/14

Ray Donovan Live Detailed Recap: Season 2 Episode 5 “Irish Spring” 8/10/14

Tonight on Showtime their new drama RAY DONOVAN continues with an all new episode called, “Irish Spring.” On tonight’s show Ray gets compromising information on Cochran. Abby grows closer to Jim.

On the last episode Kate’s investigation zeroed in on Mickey. Meanwhile, Tiny, a former member of Sully’s gang, jeopardized Cochran’s career, and Ray tries to get Tiny safely out of the country. Mickey began working at a Mexican restaurant; Abby met a new friend at a gun range; and Bunchy encountered a potential new love interest. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Ray gets compromising information on Cochran, who is interrogating Mickey. Meanwhile, Abby tries to have fun with her prospective Trousdale neighbors and gets closer to Jim, her cop friend; Marvin gives Bridget an earring and takes her to a party; and Ray brings Conor to apologize to Alex.

Tonight’s fifth episode of season two looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’s Ray Donovan tonight at 10PM EST!

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Some kids are out riding bikes when they see a pack of dogs digging at something. They come to check it out and find a human hand. Ray is with Conor at the house of the kid he pushed down the stairs. He says he shouldn’t have done it but reminds him that he did break his phone. The kid’s dad demands him to say I’m sorry and Ray tells his son to say it. Conor tells Ray that he’s not going to let him make him his bitch. The dad gets pissy and says they’re going to hear from his lawyer.

Kate gets dressed and sees a note from Ray saying he had to go and asking her to call him. She comes out and finds Avi waiting for her. He says Ray told him to stay with her all day. He shows her the headline of the double murder at the hotel but she says she can take care of herself and stomps out.

The parole officer calls Ray and tells him that two guys took his dad – looks like he was kidnapped. Ray tells him to do his job and find Mickey. Conor hears and is worried but Ray says the parole officer will find his grandpa. Conor asks if Mickey really killed someone and Ray says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Holly tells Ed they’re getting together with Senator Feinstein tonight and that he has to be on point. She tells him he was an animal last night and medicates some scratches left on him. He looks at the newspaper story about the double murder and says he has loose ends to clean up today. She reminds him Feinstein will need to support his confirmation. She tells him to keep his eye on the prize and he says she’s right.

Ray goes to the marina and finds Frank. He punches him in the head and asks where Mickey is. Frank says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care. They brawl and Frank takes the worst of it. He says Cochran doesn’t tell him anything and says Cochran cut him out. Ray tells him to give him something he can use and Frank relents and says he’s banging Volchek’s wife. Ray takes off.

Bridget tells her mom she’s too sick to go to school while Abby packs her gun in her purse. She tells her she’s shooting it at a range. Abby says she’s not sick but tells her to stay home if she wants since she’s a straight A student. Abby doesn’t offer to check her temp and takes off to the range. Bridget takes out her phone to text.

Ray comes in. Lena shows him some video of Cochran. He tells her Mickey disappeared and asks her to check round – she calls Officer Davis. Ray fast forwards to the video where Volchek and his wife are leaving their house at 2 am. He tells Lena to get proof Cochran is sticking it to the wife.

Kate chases down Frank at a bar near the marina and says Cochran doesn’t want her near him. He says no comment. She tells him he deserves a medal for catching Sully and then tells him she knows Mickey was on the docks the night he was killed and that Cochran is lying. She asks what his boss is hiding and he says she’s going to get herself killed.

That knocks her for a loop. She chases him down and asks why someone would want to kill him and asks who beat him up. He tells her to ask her boyfriend. She asks if he means Ray then sees Avi watching her. She takes off and hops a ride in a fishing boat to evade him. Avi calls Ray and says she ditched him. Conor calls demanding to know where Mickey is and Ray reassures him.

yells f- you. Cochran watches his antics on surveillance. Abby is at the range shooting. She looks around the range for the cute cop but doesn’t see him. Bridget changes shirts in front of Marvin and he offers her one of his diamond earrings.

He pops one in her ear – it’s huge and he says they can each wear one and he says that’s because she’s his. Bridget thanks him then kisses him. He gets a text and asks if she wants to go to a party. Kate shows up to the flophouse and sees Mickey’s door is broken. She looks around and Shorty comes in. He asks why she wants him and he tells her Mickey was waiting for her last night and had Davinci Code type shit to tell her. He shows her something and says Mickey wanted her to have it. Ray shows up and Shorty slips it into her purse.

Ray tells Kate she needs to go home because she’s ruffling dangerous feathers. She says she can’t finish her book until she knows the truth about Sully’s death. She tells him she knows it bothers him that he’s not in control. She walks out past him. Ray gets a call from the parole officer who tells him he knows where Mickey is but it’s going to cost him.

Ray asks what he wants and he says he lost 7k at the track and Ray says Lena will give it to him. He asks where Mickey is. Mickey lies on the table in the holding cell when Cochran comes in. He says he wants his lawyer and a phone call. Cochran says he has no one to call because no one gives a shit about him. Cochran says he thinks he wants to call the reporter and Mickey says it’s illegal to spy on him.

Cochran goes nuts and yells that he’s about to be the top law enforcement guy in the country except for him and the stupid Irish bastards. He asks why Ray hates him and Mickey says he missed a few birthdays. Cochran smashes the camera and tells him that he and his son are the two most self-destructive bastards he’s met. He hands Mickey a document to sign saying that Ray confessed to him that he killed Agent Van Miller.

Cochran says if he signs it, he’ll send him back to Mexico but Mickey tells him to f- himself. Cochran walks out telling him to enjoy the view. Abby comes out to the counter for more ammo. She asks the guy about the cop and he asks which one and she tells him to forget it and says she has to go. She makes a call to Deb. She says she wants to see the house and asks how she can get in.

Ray tells Ezra that Mickey is being held by the FBI and Ezra says they need a judge. Ezra says he can’t ask the guy to do anything shady until Ray reminds him if Mickey talks, they’ll all be in jail. He tells him to go see Irving Saltzman. Marvin brings Bridget to a party and he points out Cookie, a guy that just got out of jail. He introduces Bridget and Cookie calls her Snowflake and shows her his Glock.

She says her dad has one and he asks if he’s a cop and she says not exactly. He tells Marvin they need to talk business. Irving is on his computer when a porn download pops up and starts. He gets off the phone with his wife and tries to stop it. His cell rings and it’s Ezra. Ezra acts shock and asks how he could send him pictures of little kids. Irving begs for help and Ezra says he’ll send someone over.

Ezra tells Ray to squeeze him for another 20k for the cancer center while he’s there. Abby goes to the new house and sits down. Lisa and Judy come in unannounced with wine and says they got off on the wrong foot. Abby gets glasses. Cochran comes back to Mickey and shows him a picture of Linda and says her body was found in the desert.

Mickey says he doesn’t know her and Cochran says they have proof Mickey was with her and that she was shot with Sully’s gun. He shows him some gruesome photos of her dead body complete with chew marks from the dogs. Mickey says Sully killed her. Cochran says there is a whole list of bodies that would still be alive if he left Sully in Boston.

Mickey says Linda didn’t deserve to die. Cochran tells him he understands Mickey – calls him a simple guy. He says Ray is a problem though because he’s out of control and asks Mickey which one of them will go to prison – him or Ray. He tells Mickey to think about it for an hour and leaves him some photos of Linda’s corpse. Mickey flips them over.

Irving rants to Ray that he’s a religious guy and doesn’t know how those got on his computer. Ray tells him those are impossible to get off your system and says Ezra is upset he sent them to him. Irving says it’s the end of his career. He tells Ray he didn’t do it. Ray says he knows he didn’t but says he can make it go away. Irving calls him an SOB and asks what they want.

Abby is teaching the ladies how to talk with a Sobie accent. She tells them she feels sick from drinking too fast and says she thinks the house is a mistake. They tell Abby that Trousdale isn’t for everyone. They tell her they know about her husband and tell her they know a good lawyer when she’s done with him. One calls Ray a street thug and Abby gets physical with her.

The other one says she’ll call the police and Abby says she’ll call her husband to f-ing kill her. She goes to hide in the bathroom and make a call. Cochran has his sidekick put medication on his scratches. The guy isn’t happy about it but complies. He tells Cochran he’s getting tired of it. Cochran doesn’t care. They come back downstairs and find LAPD at the holding cell taking Mickey into custody.

They tell Cochran he’s been arrested and is a material witness in a case. Cochran tells him he’s FBI and the cop says the judge trumps him. Mickey yells back to Cochran that he would never give up his son and tells him to f- himself. Ray calls Cochran and says he’s sorry to spoil his party but says he needs to see his father. Cochran says he’ll get him for this but Ray says he’s going to thank him.

Bridget asks Marvin about his relationship with Cookie. Then a couple of girls start openly flirting with Marvin in front of her and Bridget asks why he wants her when he can have girls like that. He inhales on his joint and then breathes it into her mouth and she chokes. Ray has Mickey and tells him they have to do something. Mickey says he would never give him up but Ray says only because he got him out in time.

Ray says he needs him to tell her the story and Mickey says he wants out of the crappy job, a stiped and wants to see his grandkids. Ray makes a call to Kate. He tells her he needs to meet him. He says he’s going to give her the end to her book. At the party, Bridget and Marvin cuddle on a chair and she says it’s nice. She says she’s going to grab a soda and he asks her to bring him a beer.

A guy comes over and tells Marvin he’s supposed to be home studying and tells him to give the earrings back to Cookie. He says if he’s not careful, he’ll end up in jail like Cookie. He tells Marvin he’s lost his mind for being with Ray’s daughter and says Ray will kill him. The guy tells him he’s trying to protect him but Ray tells him he’s making the f-ing money now. Cookie watches them go.

Ray brings Kate to meet Ezra, Mickey and Mickey. Ezra greets her and tells her the best writers are Jewish and it’s too bad she’s not a Jew. Ray tells her to take a seat after Ezra leaves. Ray tells her she was right and he was lying to her. He says but not for the reason she thinks. He tells her that he and Mickey have been working with the FBI.

Abby sits in the back of a car. The sexy detective came to bail her out! She asks if she’s under arrest and he says they’re not pressing charges. She asks him to sit with her for a second and he slides in next to her in the backseat. She says she doesn’t want to go home and asks if he’ll go to a hotel with her and have sex. He tells her he likes her but says he doesn’t want to take advantage while she’s emotional.
[10:09:34 PM] Rachel Rowan: Abby breaks down sobbing and then asks him to hold her. He puts his arm around her. She laughs at herself then and he smiles at her. Cochran tells Kate he knew that they would never get Sully to come out of Boston so they used Mickey as bait. Mickey tells her he and Sully were pals back in the day and kept in touch. She asks why Mrs Sullivan called him a rat.

Mickey says Mrs S is a racist and hated him because he fell in love with a black woman. Mickey says he sent word to Sully though channels about how great California was. Mickey says he let it slip that he could let it slip that he could get him out of the country. Ray said Sully thought he was going to the Maldives and shows her a passport with his photo. Mickey says he waited for Sully at the docks.

Cochran says Agent Barnes was waiting for them but then Sully took a shot at them and had to kill him. Kate asks why Mickey offered to sell her his story if he was working with the FBI. Ray explains that Mickey is a life-long con man and will look for any score. Cochran tells Kate she can’t use Mickey’s name and he’s upset that he doesn’t get any credit but Ray says it’s the only way to keep him safe.

Kate asks about Sully’s girlfriend and Cochran says he can’t answer but Mickey chimes in that she’s in witness protection. Bridget comes in and Conor tells her that Alex’s dad called him a dick and they had to leave. She grabs some chips and Conor says he knows she’s high and says she better get straight before their dad gets home. He asks about her earring and says it’s stupid.

Mickey tells Ray that he wants to see his grandkids and says he’s got a sweet deal and should throw him a bone. Ray doesn’t answer even when Mickey says he’s still his father. Ray says he’s taking him home. Abby gets a text from Jim asking if she’s okay and she says she is. She thanks him for being a gentleman. He texts back and says next time he won’t be. She smiles at that. She pulls off her robe and snaps a topless selfie and sends it to him.

Bridget is in her room toying with the earring and smiles. She pulls it out and hides it in her drawer. Ray drives Kate to LAX and she tells him that her first book was about pedophile priests. She says at first she wanted to help the victims but then found out she really likes talking to sociopaths. She asks if he read it and he asks why not. She asks if he’s Catholic and he says -not any more!

Kate asks if he loves his wife and Ray says yeah. She asks if he has any friends and he tells her Avi. She says he doesn’t count because he works for him. He admits that he has trust issues and she tells him she does too. He pulls up at the curb and leans over to kiss her. He tells her he’ll miss her and she smiles and hopes out of the car. She grabs her bag out of the back and looks back with a smile.

Mickey watches TV and tells Shorty he deserves better than this. Shorty asks if he really thinks it was the Vatican that kidnapped him. Mickey says he doesn’t know and Shorty asks if he can close his door and says he wants privacy but Mickey asks him to do it just for tonight. Mickey sees a dead Linda standing at his door looking like a horror. Then he blinsk and she’s gone. He asks Shorty if he saw it but gets no answer.

Ray sits in his car when his phone rings. It’s Cochran and he tells him Kate is gone. Ray is annoyed that he killed Tiny but Cochran tells him not to hold grudges. Cochran is in the car with his wife on the way to see Senator Feinstein. Ray watches a guy take out his trash and cranks the car and turns the lights on the guy. It’s Alex’s dad. He drives toward him but swerves to miss him at the last second.

Ray comes home and greets Abby with a kiss and a box of pizza. Bridget pulls out sodas and Abby puts down plates. Conor quits his video game and comes to sit with them as well. He asks his dad if Mickey is okay and he says he’s fine. They sit down to a family dinner.