Reign RECAP 1/23/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “For King and Country”

Reign RECAP 1/23/14: Season 1 Episode 9 “For King and Country”

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and we can’t wait  the show finally returns after a long hiatus.  On tonight’s winter premiere called, “For King and Country,” Mary and Bash will be in for quite a surprise when they arrive at the castle.   If you missed the previous episode before the hiatus, don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode before the hiatus Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) told Mary (Adelaide Kane) of his prophecy that one among them would die soon, which caused Mary to make a decision that would forever change her relationship with Francis (Toby Regbo). Clarissa (guest star Katie Boland) became bolder with her endeavors, while Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) informed Catherine (Megan Follows) of Diane’s (guest star Anna Walton) plan for Bash (Torrance Coombs), which ended up backfiring.

On tonight’s show when Mary and Bash are captured and forced to return to the castle, they discover Catherine waiting and even more determined to keep Mary and Francis apart.

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Mary and Bash ride full gallop into the forest. They are pursued by the king’s guard. Bash leads her on another trail away from the path of their pursuers. They come to a cliff and he says they’re trapped. He promises he will get her safely back to Scotland. He asks if she can swim and they stand at the edhe of the cliff and then jump together into the waters far below.

The guard tells King Henry that they can’t find Mary and Bash. The Queen says they’ve been gone for a week and are long gone. Francis has been out searching as well with no luck. Henry demands from his wife to know why she’s so determined that Mary won’t marry Francis. She tells him that Mary is in danger and dangerous and brings destruction that will reach their lands.

Henry tells her it’s not her decision and that he’ll take her head if he finds out she’s responsible for Mary fleeing. She says she grows weary of this threats and walks away. She finds Francis and tells him he needs to quit taking off on his own. He says he’s only back for a break and will be back out searching for Mary soon. His mother asks why he’s determined to find her and Francis says he wants the truth and says he knows why she told him she left was an excuse. Francis tells her he still loves Mary and senses his mother’s hand in the matter.

Bash and Mary are holed up in an inn and she asks him if the Queen knew about his mother’s plan to legitimize him and he says she did because she blackmailed Diane over it. Mary says everyone will think the worst of them and Bash says Francis will. Bash tells her to get undressed so her clothes will dry and she demands he turn his back. He does but then watches anyway.

There’s a knock at the door and it’s the guard. Bash lies and tells them that he dropped Mary off at Calais. They are ready to take off Bash’s fingers since the King said they had to bring him back alive. Mary speaks up to save him and the guard hauls him up.

The guards say they heard Bash will be charged with treason and she says he was only seeing to her safety. Mary insists that Bash let her speak for them once they get back to court and will make Henry understand. He tells her that Francis will never let her get away again.

At the castle they take Bash to the dungeon and Francis comes to confront Mary. He asks if Bash is hurt and she says he’s not but is being locked up. He asks if she’s okay and if she ever thought she would see him again. He tells her he would have gone all the way to Scotland to find her. He reminds her that he promised to stand by her and then she was gone.

He demands to know what happened. She tells him her friend died and her heart broke. He asks what that has to do with her marrying him. He says he would have given her everything and she says he can’t give his life and she won’t marry her. Henry calls for Mary to see him alone and she goes.

The Queen asks why Mary chose to return agreeably. She says she is there to make peace and Henry tells her to wed Francis. The Queen interrupts and tells her that Henry isn’t used to hearing no from women. He tells her that he will negotiate and asks if she wants to save Bash. She asks doesn’t he care about his son. He says she was caught in bed with Bash and she says it’s a lie. He tells her to marry Francis or he’ll execute Bash and she can watch him bleed to death on the altar. The Queen isn’t happy.

She finds Mary and demands a word alone. She tells Mary she shouldn’t have come back and she says she had to save Bash. The Queen says to lie to Henry and tell him that she’s married to Bash – that they got married on the road. Mary says she’s sent word to her mother but the Queen says Henry has already been in touch with her mother and want her to marry Francis and move to take the throne in England. She says she must tell Francis of the prophecy and the Queen says he will never believe it. She says that Francis will try to talk her out of it.

Mary says she believes Nostradamus’ vision and that she will convince Francis of it. The Queen says it won’t work and that Francis will talk her into wedding him. Mary says she has to save Bash’s life no matter what.

Nostradamus works in his lab and eats. He grabs up a little doll and goes into the secret passages. He tells Clarissa that she looks pathetic and that she can’t even feign remorse for killing Aylee. She says she has to in order to fulfill his vision. He tells her that she’s a monster and that she abused her freedom and that he only asked her to stay out of sight and harm no one and avoid harm herself. He tells her to stay put for now or he’ll starve her int eh cage he has her in. He leaves the doll and goes. She pulls up her mask partway and finds something he’s hidden in the doll.

Francis arrives to talk to Mary. He asks why she won’t marry him even to save Bash. She tells him he needs to hear her on why she left. She says she does love and trust him but can’t bear the thought of losing him. She tells him of Nostradamus’ vision of his death that’s triggered by their marriage. She says that he predicted Aylee’s death hours before it happened. She begs him not to tell Henry or he’ll burn Nostradamus.

Francis blames his mother and she says that the Queen would do anything for him and she will too. She says she won’t be the cause of her death. He says that her refusal to wed him will cause Bash’s dash and she can’t let superstition and fear rule her life. He begs her to marry him now before his mother or Nostradamus pressures her. She says he’s pressuring her. He says it’s his life and his risk to take. She tells him she can’t do it and begs him to stop. He says he won’t stop ever. Mary says then she will. She walks out.

She goes to Henry and tells him that she agrees to neither of his terms. She offers to stake her claim on England but only if he legitimizes Bash and makes him the next King of France. That way Henry will still get England. Henry pulls her into a private room and Mary tells him that bastards all over Europe are being legitimized. He says he will make him an Earl or Duke and she says he has to be the King. He says that he would have to annul Catherine and she would never sit for it. Mary says that Catherine might be willing to sacrifice herself.

Mary leaves and tells them to think about it. Catherine admits to Henry that Diane has been working on the legitimization scheme for a while behind his back. He asks if she has proof and he says Kenna is the one who told her. She says she blackmailed Diane into leaving for Paris. She tells him that’s why Bash ran away to start with. He says he knows why Bash left but still doesn’t know why Mary left and Catherine plays dumb. He says that means there was no great Mary and Bash love story…

Mary talks to her ladies and says that her Bash scheme was the only way to save Francis. Kenna blows up and says that this plan would have Diane marrying Henry and would force Kenna out of the picture. Mary says she’s sorry but then Kenna tells them she thinks Diane killed Aylee. She says that Aylee fell but she thinks she was poisoned first. She says the shattered cup was one that was meant for her and she saw a cat drink from it and then died.

Kenna says both Diane and Catherine would profit from their death and that they could have contrived the death to substantiate Nostradamus’ vision. Mary goes to confront the Queen and asks if she poisoned her. She denies it but does say that Kenna knew about Bash and Diane plotting and says she gave Diane some poison to test her. Catherine insists she didn’t know about Nostradamus’ vision about one of her maids.

Catherine offers her to leave the country and find another suitor and Mary refuses and says it has to be the Bash plan. Catherine tells her that plan would cost her everything and Mary says she has made the sacrifice of her love to save Francis and Catherine must make a sacrifice to save him too. Mary says she’s going to tell Francis of her plan to wed Bash and the Queens say she already told him. Mary rushes to Francis’ chambers, but he’s gone.

Francis comes to Bash’s cell in the dungeon and attacks him. He beats him and yells why he stole Mary.  He tries to tell Francis that he was saving his life. Mary rushes in and stops him and says that he knew about the vision. She says that marrying Bash was her idea. Francis tells her she is throwing everything away on superstition. He says he won’t forgive her for taking everything from him. She goes to comfort Bash and he asks when she was going to tell him and he’s furious. He says he never wanted Francis’ crown and she asks if he will take it to save his life and he says he has to think about it.

Catherine asks Nostradamus why he didn’t tell her about the vision of Mary’s friend dying and he says because she would have killed one of them. She tells him that Mary is scheming to upset the line of succession and she says that will put all of her children at risk. Catherine says Mary and Bash must be stopped in a way that leaves no trace. She tells him to write a note in Mary’s hand saying she’s running away and then to kill Mary, Bash and any witnesses and bury them in the forest so that they are never found.

[10:02:43 PM] Rachel Rowan: Mary comes to meet Henry and Bash in secret. It’s a good thing too since the soldier sent to kidnap and kill her is thwarted when she’s not in her bed. Henry tells her that she’s taught him that God has a sense of humor. He says that on the verge of uniting Scotland, France and England, he’s held hostage by the whims of a teenage girl. He tells Bash he was never groomed to be king and isn’t prepared for power. Henry agrees to Mary’s terms.

Henry says Bash can’t take the throne until the Pope agrees but says he’ll go to Rome and fight for it. He tells Bash that this will destroy Francis and he doesn’t know why Bash is doing it. He pours wine for Bash and Mary and toasts them as the future King and Queen. Mary asks what he’ll do about Catherine and he says he can handle her.

Catherine finds the guard she sent to murder Mary hung by the neck in her chambers and then Henry storms in and tells her she’s next. He drags her to the throne room and tells her to remain standing. She asks if he will execute her himself. He says he’s trying not to kill her. He tells her that he knows she was planning to assassinate Mary and Bash. He says he knows she would kill off Bash or him to get things moving in the way she wants. She says she wouldn’t dare and Francis comes in and says she would and that if she harmed anyone there that his first order as King would be to execute her. He tells her it has to stop.

He tells Mary that he sees their future clearly and they would be happy. He tells her she’s so headstrong and she says he knows why she can’t marry him. Francis tells Bash he has envied him for so long and now that Bash has his crown, he’ll have Bash’s freedom and will take full advantage. He looks at the two of them and says – long may you reign – and then walks out.

Mary sits in her bed chamber when the Queen comes to see her. She tells the maid and guard to stay and to close the door. Catherine says Mary must be pleased and she says she takes no joy in what it has cost her. The Queen says that Henry will find an excuse to behead her. Mary tells her to grant Henry the annulment and leave the country. She tells her she can be happy elsewhere and Catherine says happiness is something that Queens don’t get.

Catherine is in her traveling gear and headed to a convent. Mary says she’ll be safe there. The Queen says she’s being hustled out the back door and Mary tells her there’s no shame in what she’s doing for her son. Catherine gives her a piece of advice and says that power is fleeting can be taken away with the swipe of a pen or a sword. She whispers this last to Mary and kisses her then turns to go.

Henry comes to find Catherine on her way out to ask why she isn’t saying goodbye. She says that she thought he was busy making up false documents to send to the Vatican. Henry says he realized he can’t let her go. He says he can’t let her out of his sight because she has too much influence and knowledge of poisons. He orders her imprisoned. She calls him a whore monger and he calls her the devil. He says she should be complimented that he thinks so much of her intellect and abilities and orders her taken away.

Nostradamus takes food down to Clarissa. She lunges and stabs him in the neck with the bone she found in the doll. He collapses and she runs out of her prison.

Bash says he can’t believe he’s been on the chopping block one moment and the throne the next. He tells her he can’t believe it and she says that at least they saved Francis. He tells her that as soon as Henry gets back from Rome he’ll want them married before the English king dies. Bash says it’s unexpected that she would be his wife and she smiles gently at him.

The End!