Reign RECAP 12/12/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “Fated”

Reign RECAP 12/12/13: Season 1 Episode 8 “Fated”

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and we can’t wait for tonight’s mid-season episode entitled “Fated.” On tonight’s episode Mary learns that someone close to her will die.   If you missed the previous episode don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE. 

On last week’s episode Mary and Francis were forced to work together when the castle was taken hostage and Catherine made a shocking proposal in an attempt to save everyone’s lives.

On tonight’s show Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) tells Mary (Adelaide Kane) of his prophecy that one among them will die soon, which causes Mary to make a decision that will forever change her relationship with Francis (Toby Regbo). Clarissa (guest star Katie Boland) becomes bolder with her endeavors, while Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) informs Catherine (Megan Follows) of Diane’s (guest star Anna Walton) plan for Bash (Torrance Coombs), which ends up backfiring.

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Mary wakes in Francis’ arms. He tells her that if the servants are already gossiping about her unmade bed, it’s too late. She asks if they’re being restless and he says he hopes he got her pregnant so they can force the wedding sooner. He tells her they will rule and leave France and Scotland to their children. There’s a knock at the door and she hides. The guard says there’s a messenger from the Pope.

Kenna is still recovering from her injuries in the attack and Henry sits by her bedside. She wants to know why he’s still seeing Diane and he says she advises him and is a friend. He says he needs Diane. Kenna cries and tells him she was attacks because she’s his mistress and that’s why she was hurt. He says it was overreaching on both their parts to think he could be exclusive with her. Henry tells her they can continue but she shouldn’t ask him to choose between her and Diane or he’ll choose Diane.

Bash finds his mother in the hall and asks if the Cardinal is visiting about his legitimacy. She says has been negotiating discreetly. She reminds him if he’s legitimized he can wed the woman he wants – Mary. Bash says that’s no way to win a woman.

All go into the throne room and they hear that the Tudor queen is dying. Henry says that she is the true heir to the throne and will make her claim as soon as Mary I (Elizabeth’s older sister) dies. He says that Francis and Mary will be married at once and that it’s god’s will. Nostradomus has a vision right then of Francis’ bloody death!

Henry explains to Mary in chambers that Elizabeth is illegitimate as the daughter of Anne Boleyn. Catherine tells him that England won’t easily accept Mary on the throne and says there will be uprisings and war. She says they won’t easily accept a Scottish queen and that Elizabeth will come after her.

Henry says England will never be weaker than now and Mary asks if he hates them. He tells her they have spilt French blood far too many times and that she can make them his. Henry tells her not to let fear keep her from greatness and it’s destiny. Henry pulls Catherine aside and says if she ruins the Mary/Francis wedding he will kill her.

Diane tells Bash she can’t get him legitimized when they are working to reject a bastard Queen in England (Elizabeth). She tells him that he has to stay away from Mary because she can see that Mary wants him too and she’s not worth dying for.

Kenna comes to Diane’s chambers but she’s not there. Her servant goes to find her when Kenna tells her the king’s mistress wants a meeting. Father Renici from the Vatican mistakes her for Diane and says he’s the cardinal she’s been corresponding with. He tells her the Pope can’t legitimize Bash now and reminds her that Henry knows nothing. He tells her he hopes she understands and she says – I’m beginning to – then thanks him and walks away.

Francis asks Mary is she’s ready to wed him and she tells him she doesn’t want to start a war and is scared. He tells her they may have time before Queen Mary I dies and says this is their chance to get married and they can figure out what to do later. She asks if they would be tricking Henry and he agrees they should tell him what he wants to hear so they can get married and they can decide what they want to do after they are married. He drops to one knee and proposes and she says yes. They kiss and he twirls her. Aww…. Then they run back to the castle hand-in-hand.

Kenna bursts in on Catherine and begs her for a moment alone and says she has a matter of interest to both of them. She says if it’s about Henry she has no interest in her husband. Catherine sends out the guard and asks if it’s about the wedding. Catherine tells her to get out and Kenna asks why she tolerates Diane’s presence. She tells Catherine that Diane plans to have Bash legitimized behind all their backs. She says she was going to Diane’s chambers to beg her to give her a chance with Henry when she ran into the Cardinal.

Catherine says that Diane is rattling the line of succession when France can least tolerate it. Catherine says it’s treason and may cost Diane her head but Kenna says she doesn’t want her dead. The Quenn tells her that Henry has always liked Bash and loves Diane. Catherine says she’ll figure out the way this information will best serve her. She sends Kenna out. The bird she was feeding has dropped dead – seems Catherine was testing a new poison…

Lola and the ladies tell Mary that they’re happy about her wedding but worry about her safety. They remind her that the king ordered her to move for the throne of England and Mary says she and Francis will decide it. Someone is listening through the wall as she says it. She says that she will marry Francis tomorrow night. It looks like a woman that’s eavesdropping.

Catherine and Nostradamus talk and she reveals she’s planning on killing Mary to save Francis. He tells her to tell Mary what his visions have shown. He says if she kills Mary, Henry will know she did it and will burn. He begs her to go to Mary to give her a chance to save the man she loves – Francis. Mary comes at Catherine’s summons and she asks Mary if she thinks she’s easily fooled. Mary says no.

She asks Mary if she believes in Nostradamus’ visions. She says she thinks he has a gift. Catherine tells her if Mary weds Francis she will seal his fate. She tells Mary that Nostradamus has never had an untrue vision. Catherine tells her that if she tells Henry that he sees the future, Henry will behead her and her advisor so she’s given her a powerful weapon. Mary says she doesn’t believe it and Catherine tells her that she knows Nostradamus is a powerful seer.

Mary tells her to tell Francis and the Queen says he wouldn’t believe her and would risk his life to be with her anyway. Catherine breaks down and begs her not to let Francis die.

Mary goes to see Nostradamus and demands to know what he saw. He asks if it will make her believe. She says she knew the truth of what he says about the lion and the field of poppies. He says she wants to know if the future can be changed between her and Francis and she asks if she has to let him go to save him. He says that he has seen Francis dead not much older than he is now and her a childless widow at this court. Mary says stop and then Nostradamus says he has seen that one among them will be dead in a day’s time. He says it will be one of her ladies because he can see them gathered around the victim. Kenna comes in, overhears and then runs out.

Mary tells her ladies about what Nostradamus said. Aylee says Nostradamus told her she would never go home again. Lola says it was the Queen’s last chance to stop the marriage. They remind her about Tomas’ banner and the prophecy that proved out. Mary says that Nostradamus and the Queen both believe it.

Mary goes to see Bash to ask him if Tomas died in a field of poppies (the rest of the prophecy). Bash tells her that Nostradamus has been right as far as he’s always seen and the only time it seems to be untrue is when they misinterpret his words. He shows her his sword – with a lion on it – that he used to kill Tomas in a field of poppies!

Henry is in Diane’s bed getting busy. He tells her well done and she laughs. He gets dressed and goes. Catherine prepares for the wedding feast but then goes to find Diane in her bedchamber. Catherine says she wants something from her. She tells her she doesn’t know how she does it. Diane says she loves Henry and Catherine says she means she doesn’t know how she puts up with him cheating on her with Kenna.

Catherine says she’s adjusted to having Diane there because at least it means she doesn’t have to have Henry grinding on top of her all the time. Catherine throws Diane’s dress at her and says to dress and go and says she knows all about the legitimization. She tells her Kenna came to her and told her and that if word gets out, Diane will be in deep trouble. Catherine says she’s anxious about the wedding and Diane asks if it’s because she can’t control Mary.

Catherine tells Diane to disappear or she’ll tell Henry what she’s done. Diane says Henry would understand because he loves Bash. Catherine says that may be true, but she couldn’t have picked a worse time since there is nothing Henry loves more than power. She says that Bash can stay with them and be safe. She offers her the poison to kill Kenna and Diane wants to know why.

Catherine says she can’t stand – betrayal and stupidity – and that Kenna is guilty of both. She says at least one of these can’t be remedied. She says that Kenna’s desire for Henry may yet be the death of Diane if she doesn’t take her out before she goes. Catherine says she shouldn’t always be the one with blood on her hands and that Diane has to do it or face the wrath. She leaves the poison bottle and goes.

Kenna’s serving girl brings in a tray for her breakfast with tea. She offers Aylee her tea that she said smelled good. Aylee hands out pretty necklaces her family sent for them all to wear at the wedding. The girls wonder if the wedding will still happen. Greer toasts to the power of love and holds the cup Aylee gave her to hold.

Francis dresses and tells Mary she should be happy because they’re getting married tonight. She says she thinks they’re testing fate by wanting too much. She says that Queens and Kings don’t get that much happiness.

A girl staggers down the hall choking with a cup in her hand. Which of the ladies drank the poison?

Francis says that they have devoted their lives to their countries and are taking risks all the time. He says they should do what’s right for their people. Mary says she likes the words “we” and “our.”

The poisoned girl staggers. Someone follows behind slowly in a mask and then pushes her down the stairs. Who is it?

Francis tells Mary he would die for her and they hear a scream. It’s Aylee with her skull bashed open. She reminds them Nostradamus said she would never go home again. She says I must go home now and dies in Mary’s hands. The cat licks up the spilled drink as Kenna thinks about where it came from – her tray.

Mary stands and sees Nostradamus there and tells him he was sent from hell and that he’s the devil. Francis tries to touch her and she pulls away crying.

Diane tells Bash that Catherine knows the plans to legitimize him and says she wanted her to trade something. We see a flashback to Diane breaking the bottle of poison. Diane says she has to go but she will find Henry when he’s outside the castle and says that once Mary and Francis are wed he will forgive her. She tells him to leave today even if he won’t go with her. Bash tells her to leave and save herself.

Aylee lies still and Nostradamus says she was poisoned. He says he knows this poison and that it’s his and not Catherine’s. He asks the masked girl if she knew where he kept the key. He asks why she did it and he says Mary had to believe the prophecy so she wouldn’t marry Francis. He yanks the mask off her head and tells her that she’s a hideous monster. He holds her near the body as she cries. We can’t see her face but see she has chunks of hair missing. He drags her away and tells her she deserves what happened to her.

Mary is packing her things and the ladies agree she needs to go alone. Mary tells Henry, Francis and the crowd in the throne room that she will make no claim on England’s throne and is turning her back on France. Francis follows her and asks why she won’t marry him – she tells him she knows he’s loyal to France first and that love is irrelevant to people like them. She reminds him that’s what he once told her. She says she loves him but won’t let other people die for her.

Francis says she can’t make any decisions while she’s upset about Aylee. He says he’ll make decisions for them. He asks her to wait while he goes to talk to her dad. As soon as he’s gone, she heads to the stables and tells the groomsman that she doesn’t need her guard.

Bash comes up and says he has horses ready and will accompany her. He asks where she’s going and she says far away and that he shouldn’t stand in her way. He tells her that his destination is far away as well. They take off riding as Francis comes tearing down the road yelling for her to wait and calling her name. She and Bash gallop away at top speed!