Reign RECAP 1/30/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “Sacrifice”

Reign RECAP 1/30/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “Sacrifice”

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and we can’t wait  the show finally returns after a long hiatus.  On tonight’s episode called, “Sacrifice,” when a plot to kill Bash goes wrong, Queen Catherine is suspected of orchestrating it.   If you missed the previous episode before the hiatus, don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode when Mary and Bash were captured and forced to return to the castle, they discovered Catherine waiting and even more determined to keep Mary and Francis apart.

On tonight’s show an assassination attempt is made on Bash’s life, and Catherine appears to be responsible for it. Meanwhile, Mary offers assistance to a jailed peasant who has a curious link to Bash; and Lola tries to stop Catherine from meddling with Bash and Mary.

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Bash is sparring with Alec and they are going at it violently with real weapons. He nearly puts an axe through Bash’s head. Mary comes and tells him he missed an important meeting. She says he can’t miss any more meetings. He’s nervous about the whole prospect and says he’s a threat to every legitimate heir in the kingdom. Mary tells him the odds are against him but he can subdue the problems with any nobles that are uneasy.

Bash tells her he has a target on his back because of the legitimization and his father’s quest for England. That’s why Alec is there – to serve as his bodyguard. He goes off to hear and settle the local’s complaints. There is a dispute over goats and Bash tells them that he should have tried to milk the goat to make sure it was wet before he took it off his hands. The man isn’t happy.

Mary tells him to stop being flippant and that it’s important. They next bring up a woman in cuffs accused of robbing a house. The man says he had two pewter mugs and a looking glass taken. She has a bastard child and he says that’s why she stole. She says it’s a lie and they just want to search the house for -but then she stops short. Bash agrees to have her house searched and her held in the castle. Mary’s lady thinks Bash may know her.

Another woman comes forward and says he’s a handsome bastard and that she means it as a compliment. They find a knife in her hand and she tackled. She yells – the bastard must die – as she is hauled away. Mary thinks Catherine is behind it.

Mary heads to her chambers and asks the guard why there are so many people in Catherine’s tower room. She tells the Queen that someone tried to kill Bash and Catherine asks how and if he’s okay. The Queen says every noble wants him dead. She reminds him that Henry said he would take her head if anything happened to Bash. She reminds Catherine that they are trying to save Francis. The Queen says it’s a plot between Mary and Henry to rule half of Europe. Catherine tells her that if she had tried to kill Bash he would be dead. The Queen offers her a drink and Mary declines. She orders the servants to strip every stick of furniture and tapestry out of the room including all food and that no one will be allowed in without her permission.

Mary tells Bash she thinks Catherine is responsible and Alec agrees. He shows them a mark on his hand – the blade was poisoned. She realizes that’s why Catherine asked if he was injured. Bash brings in the pregnant girl accused of robbery. He insists the baby is not his but says that the girl’s father is his uncle and that he was tried and executed as a traitor. If the news comes to light, he would be ineligible to be king.

He says Alec bribed the guards to break Isabelle out of jail. He says they are looking for evidence that will tie her to him. Mary asks how they can fight it and he says they brought her to court to gauge his reaction. He says he can’t intervene in her case but is spiriting her away to his cousins and then on to his mothers. Mary says she must look different to be able to escape the castle. Her ladies dress Isabelle and she says she’s just tired and her belly hurts.

Mary asks Bash when the baby is due and he says a month but Mary says the baby is coming soon. She says he can’t take her to the village midwives. She says she’ll come with him when he takes Isabelle away because she can deliver the baby if it comes on the way. She says she can leave in a carriage with Isabelle and Bash can ride off in another direction and meet them later. They have her in a wig and decide she looks like and awful Baroness. Bash takes her through the secret tunnels to the stables.

Mary tells her ladies that they are in charge of keeping Catherine cut off from all communications and to try and gather proof of her plotting to give to Henry when he returns. Catherine is beating on her door calling for her food and her chamber pot to be emptied. Lord Hugo comes in and tells her that she needs to be quiet and not broadcast her shame around the castle.

He says that Mary has made it difficult and the price of friends has risen. She promises him her help and a huge debt. She asks if Bash has tried to get Isabelle out and says they need to be found dead together in a staged robbery to permanently tarnish his name. Hugo says they will follow the carriage and wait until it’s farther away before they attack. She asks him to bring her some proper food when he returns and he says he’ll bring her a crown.

Mary and Isabelle ride in the carriage and there are horses in pursuit. Mary’s ladies are pursuing evidence and note that some of the Queen’s guards have ridden after them. They watch many of the lords swap notes and money and try to figure out how they can get solid proof against the Queen to get Henry.

In the woods, Bash has met up with the carriage. Isabelle isn’t feeling well. Mary asks Bash how they came to find out about Isabelle. He says that he brings her food and money and Mary asks if he’s like a big brother to her and she says yes. Bash tells Mary it’s not her fault and he doesn’t feel trapped by her, but the politics. They hear the guards coming and she says they need to get away. He says they’re going to go through the Blood Wood because they won’t follow.

The ladies come to confront Catherine about her message passing. She asks if they’ve come to see her brought low and the Queen asks Kenna how it’s chafing her to lose the King. Greer tells her to leave her alone. Catherine attacks her next and says she’s there to sell herself to the richest man. Lola tells her that she should get used to their faces because they are the only ones that will be contacting her. Catherine says she knows Mary is off helping Bash and Lola tells her if there’s a scrap of evidence, they’ll find it and take it to the King. Kenna gives her a long look as she leaves.

They’re stopped again and Mary says Isabelle’s water has broken and she can’t give birth in a moving carriage. They can’t go back because the king’s guard is waiting. They pull out a tent to lay her down in and then agree to get moving again as soon as she gives birth. But someone is in the woods watching…

Mary helps Isabelle and she thinks she’s dehydrated. The men go to get water. Isabelle says Mary must think little of her and she says she can’t believe the Queen of Scotland is wiping sweat from her brow. Mary tells her that royals are the same as anyone. Isabelle tells her that Bash looks at her in a special way. She says that her cousin is a good man but may not be suited for kingship. The labor pains are intensifying and Mary tells her it’s almost time.

Kenna is on guard duty and Catherine talks to her through the door. She tells her to leave court and find a good husband. She’s confident that Bash is already dead and Kenna asks why she’s admitting things to her. Catherine says spoken words aren’t evidence especially to a bed buddy of the king. She reminds her of the promises the king made her. Kenna tells her she’s right and leaves while Catherine commands that she stay and amuse her.

The labor pains are getting worse. Mary goes to get water but then sees things in the woods and comes running back. She says there are symbols of sacrifice that have been planted around and says the pagans are around them. Isabelle says not all pagans are bloodthirsty. She says she tore the symbols down and Bash quiets her as shadows surround the tent. They are chanting. The horses are whinnying. Bash begins chanting along with them as does Isabelle. Then blood splashes against the outside of the tent and Mary screams.

Bash tells them the pagans slaughtered a horse and left because they heard their prayers. Mary says they were spared because they are all pagans. She says he has lied to her and is a heretic. He says she doesn’t understand. She asks if his uncle was put to death for being a heretic. She tells him it’s a secret shame and he says she’s being ignorant and cruel.

He tells her he’s a Catholic and that he doesn’t know what the words mean but he learned them as a child and knows them by heart. He confesses that Isabelle and Alex are pagans and says that her father was devout in his religion and was beheaded for it. He says they have a different view of God but are just as religious. He tells her that the sacrificers are a different sect that are an offshoot that they don’t approve of.

Isabelle screams and Mary goes to her to coach her through the delivery. The baby comes and Mary tells her it’s a girl. She wraps her up and tells Isabelle she’s beautiful and hands her to the new mother. Mary smiles tentatively at Bash as she watches him look down on the baby.

Lola comes the next morning to see Catherine. She says she came to thank the Queen. She says that she knew Kenna being outside her cell would provoke her. She shows her a letter that Greer has been writing in the Queen’s hand. She says that Greer has been practicing and those with the poisoned knife should be enough for Henry. Lola says that one of the letters is her plot to poison Bash. The second is Catherine’s command to throw a grand party in Bash’s honor. She says that if she ceases her plotting she’ll hold onto the plotting letter. Lola reminds her she killed her love and that she has driven Francis away. Lola says she would see Catherine’s power taken away forever.

In the Blood Wood, they pack up to leave. Mary apologizes to Bash for what she said the night before about paganism. She says that he needs to be prepared for how quickly things will move when Henry gets back. She tells him they will be wed quickly and he will be King of Scotland and France. She tells him his dedication to his family is noble but can cause him problems because it’s a weakness. She tells him if he doesn’t want to marry her, she understands.

Alec calls for them and says that there’s a problem. Isabelle is bleeding out. Mary tells him that she’s seen it before. Isabelle makes Bash promise he’ll take care of the baby and find her a home. He tells her not to talk this way but she makes him promise. He pledges to her as she fades away. Mary holds the baby. Isabelle is dead. Mary cries. Bash cries. The baby cries.

Back at the castle, Bash tells the baby she looks like her mother. He hands the baby over to a wet nurse and tells her to hide it. Mary tells her to report that she found the baby abandoned at the castle door. There was a mark on its foot and he says Isabelle must have put it there – he says any pagan will recognize it. She asks if it will fade and he says eventually and she says she hopes it will soon.

Bash tells Lord Hugo that the escaped prisoner attacked him and he had to stab her. His bodyguard backs up his claim. Hugo says they searched her home and found proof of who her father is and that he was a traitor. Bash says that their family line is done now and Hugo asks about the baby. Bash says he found her like this and that the wolves have probably eaten the baby. Hugo pushes some more and Bash threatens him with a cell for plotting with the Queen and that shuts him up.

Mary comes to put flowers on Isabelle’s grave and he says not to – that pagans don’t mark graves like that. He tells her they have another tradition but she won’t like it. She tells him to show her and he slices his hand and sprinkles his blood on the grave. Mary too slices her hand and sheds some blood on the grave. Bash is impressed with her. He tells her he thought about what she said and that if he has to wear the crown he will learn to but his duty will not be to the throne but to her and only her. She kisses him and he takes her in his arms.