Reign RECAP 2/27/14: Season 1 Episode 12 “Royal Blood”

Reign RECAP 2/27/14: Season 1 Episode 12 “Royal Blood”

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and tonight we have another new episode.  On tonight’s episode called, “Royal Blood,” Catherine enlists Mary and bash to help find her sons.   If you missed the previous episode before the hiatus, don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode Henry claimed Catherine had committed treason and adultery, so she attempted to save herself by shedding light on a dark part of Bash’s past, and Bash and Mary then tried to even the score. Meanwhile, Nostradamus disclosed the truth about the castle’s ghost.

On tonight’s episode when Clarissa (guest star Katie Boland) kidnaps the younger children of King Henry (Alan Van Sprang) and Queen Catherine (Megan Follows), Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Bash (Torrance Coombs) work with the Queen to find them, with tragic results. Meanwhile, when Lola (Anna Popplewell) attempts to help her brother with a debt he owes, Francis (Toby Regbo) rescues her, causing the two of them to grow closer. Caitlin Stasey and Celina Sinden also star. Holly Dale directed the episode with the story by Wendy Riss Gatsiounis and teleplay by Alan McCullough.

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Clarissa pokes around Catherine’s room and finds a label with Henry’s name on it and a lock of his hair. She takes it. A couple of servants slip in to get busy in the shamed queen’s bed and Clarissa watches from behind a screen. In the stables, Mary finds Bash rubbing down his horse. She tells him she’s worried about his legitimization bid. He tells her it will go well and they’ll be married soon. Mary says she’s also worried about his younger half-brother. She wants to take them to the fair that afternoon in the village. He kisses her and tells her she’s truly good.

Mary has the boys in the carriage and tells them all about the fair. They tell her that their parents don’t like them playing with regular children. They tell her they miss her mother and ask if they can see her before she dies. Some villagers are walking by and attack the carriage.

The maid gets out of bed and sees the open box but Clarissa makes a sound and when she finds her behind the curtain, she breaks the maid’s neck!

Mary tells Catherine about the attack and tells her that the boys are with Bash. Catherine says after Henry beheads her the boys will be abandoned because Henry will be busy with Diane. She says Bash will be pressured to kill the boys. Mary promises to keep them safe and raise them as her own. Mary tells Catherine she also wants to help Clarissa and tells her she’s got a mask crafted for her and plans to install her in chambers of her own. Catherine tells her that Clarissa is more animal than human and should be put down. Mary says she doesn’t really want that and Catherine reminds her she has no choices any more about her children since she’s to be executed.

Clarissa finds the mask and puts it on. She looks at a mirror shard and then breaks it. She’s spying on her two younger half-brothers through the walls. She looks at the locks of hair that her mother kept and wraps up two of them.

Bash asks advice from Lord Hugo on how he can keep his younger brothers safe. He says it may not be possible. Hugo reveals that he’s switched allegiance to their side. He says everyone with a claim to the throne is a risk and they should be removed. Mary is horrified. Hugo tells him that the attack that morning was mild and there are plots afoot everywhere – most more dangerous – and says blood will be spilled and it’s just a matter of whether it will be theirs or someone else’s.

Bash tells Mary he needs to send the boys away for his safety and theirs. She says they should stay with them. He says he doesn’t want them there and terrified. She thinks he wants them gone because they remind him of Francis. She forbids him from sending them away and tells him Henry will stand with her on this matter. He’s angry but agrees to double the guard on Charles and Little Henry.

In Paris, at a debauched party, Lola enters. She meets her brother Frederick and asks if he’s been mistreated. She has money to save him from his gambling debts. He owes Morris Bisette. She pays the man and readies to go. He tells her the debt is more complicated than just money. He tells her that Frederick tried to cheat. She offers more money and Morris makes her a naughty offer.

Nostradamus comes to see Catherine to bring her a bible. The guard searches it and finds it innocent enough and allows him entry. Catherine greets him with derision and tells him he should have brought her some poison so she could die with dignity. He tells her it’s a mortal sin and she says Henry will kill her in a spectacle and she won’t give him the satisfaction. She tells him to get out unless he’s willing to help her die on her own terms. He sets down the bible and leaves. She stares at some rope knotted on the wall.

Bash has set up a carnival for his brothers within the safety of the castle. He tells Mary that they deserve a normal childhood as well as safety. The boys call for Mary to come play with them. She’s thrilled with Bash.

Lola offers Morris double the money and she watches him crush a cheat’s hand with a hammer. She asks if it’s necessary and he says it’s usually both hands. He says he would have done the same to his brother except for his begging. Another man approaches and says the Viscount Briliac wants to play for the rights to get Lola. He offers four times what he’s owed on one cut of cards. The mysterious Viscoutn comes out and it’s Francis!! Lola keeps her silence and Morris and the Viscount cut. He loses and then wants another shot. They increase it to 16 times and Morris draw the Queen, but the Viscount draws the King. He takes Lola’s hand and says they are going to his rooms. Morris says he looks familiar and the Viscount says he’s been told he looks like the Dauphin, only taller.

Young Henry and Charles have gone missing from the little carnival and everyone begins to panic. Mary orders the castle searched as Bash pulls her aside. He says he arranged their kidnapping and says they are being taken to the Spanish border so they can be safe. He tells her they weren’t safe there. They bring a man they say was going to drown the boys. The man says that Bash deserves to be king and the Medicis must die. They take him off for questioning. Bash smirks at Mary and walks away.

The guy smuggling the boys in a hay cart pulls them out and takes them into a hut to eat. Turns out Clarissa stowed away for the ride and when the man comes back out, she takes him out. She comes in and Charles recognizes Clarissa. He asks why she’s in the mask and wearing the driver’s cloak. She says Mary had the mask made and that they’re going to be a family now. She tells them to pack up so they can go.

Lola thanks Francis for saving her. He says paying the money was better than fighting their way out. She apologizes for her brother and he says he understands about being let down by a brother you love. He drinks and tells her he knows Mary thinks she was saving his life but says Bash has his own agenda. Lola tells him she envies him for escaping court and gaining his freedom. He tells her he doesn’t miss his mother’s meddling. She tells him that she’s in the tower but is still plotting against Mary. He asks for news and says it makes it real and he needs to deal with it. She tells him he has a true heart and says that it will mend. They seem to share a moment but then he suggests they find a way to keep occupied and pulls out some cards.

Nostradamus comes back to the tower and demands to be let in. They find Catherine has hung herself. They untie the rope and Nostradamus takes her to the infirmary. He carries her out and tells the guard they have to revive her to save all their lives. He lays her on a bed and tells her she’s safe. She comes to and he takes the hook off her back that he put into the bible so she could fake her death. He tells her there’s a cart waiting in the stables. He tells her that her boys went missing from the fair. He says Bash has sent guards to search for them but she thinks that Bash or one of his supporters that took them. She freaks out and thinks they must be terrified or dead. He tells her she has to go meet the cart because she can’t help her boys from there. He tells her to go on to Italy and help from there. Catherine says she can’t leave until they’re safe or she’s dead.

Mary rails at Bash because the cart has gone missing with the boys. He tells her a servant was found dead with Catherine’s box of mementos. She says no one knows the passageways where the body was hidden. Catherine bursts in after Bash leaves and she says she’s escaped and has to find her sons. Mary believes that Bash really was keeping them safe. She shows Catherine the piece of skin that was added to the memento box and thinks that Clarissa may have the boys. She tied her skin around Charles and little Henry’s hair.

Catherine tells her that Clarissa threatened her and said she would get what you deserve. She asks if Bash can track the carriage since he’s an excellent tracker. She insists on coming along so Clarissa can punish her rather than her young sons. Mary reluctantly agrees.

they make excuses for waking up in each other’s arms. She thanks him for saving her and says he was brave and gallant. He tells her it was nice to spend time with someone he didn’t have to hide from. She tells him he can talk to her and Francis says to everyone else he’s a rich young buck but he only feels emptiness and no one knows that.

He asks her if it’s pathetic and she says she knows because she feels the same way. She says they are a pathetic fair. Francis kisses her and she pushes him back. She says Mary’s name and he says she’s not part of his life anymore and he’ll never see her again. Lola kisses back and reassures him that she’s not a virgin so it’s okay and they rapidly strip and fall on the bed.

Bash and the ladies find the dead driver and Catherine is in a panic. Mary tells her that Charles and Clarissa have played together before and she doesn’t think she would harm him. Bash tells Catherine if they’re harmed he will make Clarissa pay. They find a toy nar the woods of little Henry’s. Clarissa is with the boys by the water and she talks to herself. Then she tells them to play a game by filling their pockets with rocks – the heavier the better. She tells them they are going to go swimming.

They tell her they don’t know how but she orders them to do it. Charles asks why she’s angry with them. The group catches up and Clarissa puts a knife to his throat. Mary tells her that she can’t hurt her brother. Mary tells her it’s all a misunderstanding and that her mother can’t stand her face. Catherine tells her to stop. She tells her that she’s her mother and that she sees her and understands her because she has fought hard for what she knew was hers.

Catherine tells her she’s been condemned to death and she should learn from her mistakes and let herself be loved. Clarissa cries and Catherine promises they can be together as a family if she’ll put down the knife. Clarissa says she’s lying and they’ll be together when they’re dead. Mary bashes Clarissa in the head with a rock and then takes her hand but it’s too late, she’s dead. Charles is in shock and Catherine tells him he was very brave.

The guards tell her she has to get back to her cell. Catherine kisses them and tells them that Mary will take good care of them. Mary realizes Catherine had escaped before she knew they were kidnapped. She asks why she stayed and she says she had to make sure they were safe. Mary tells her she wishes there was another way to keep Francis safe that didn’t cost her her life. Catherine says she believes her and that Mary has saved all of her children’s lives.

Bash comes to Mary and tells her he’s bathed and tucked his brothers in and that they’re okay. Mary says they’ll need extra attention. He agrees that the boys can stay and says they are safer with them. Mary apologizes for making demands of him and he asks if she’s mad for arranging the kidnapping and she tells him he wants her to marry him today. She says they have been playing it safe waiting on Rome and it’s allowing people to plot and not keeping them safe. She says if they marry it will force the Pope’s hand on the legitimization. Bash says the Pope may not give in and she’ll be stuck with a landless bastard. Mary says that’s okay and asks her to marry him. He says no and that’s not how it’s done then he drops to one knee and proposes. She agrees.

Lola tells Francis goodbye and they hug. She wishes him luck at his travels and he wishes her luck at court. Morris approaches and asks her to throw something at the queen. He tells Francis that she’ll be beheaded within a week because she was found guilty of adultery. He tells Lola if she brings the coin back covered in Catherine’s blood, he’ll give her a fortune in house credit. Francis asks Lola if she knew and she says she had no idea. Francis says he has to go back to save his mother’s life from his father’s murderous hand.

The guards grab up Clarissa’s body and throw her down a hill because they’re too lazy to dig in the frozen ground. They shove a cross into the ground at her head and leave. She looks dead enough – but is she?