Reign RECAP 2/6/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “Inquisition”

Reign RECAP 2/6/14: Season 1 Episode 11 “Inquisition”

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and tonight we have another new episode.  On tonight’s episode called, “Inquisition,” King Henry accuses Queen Catherine of treason and adultery.   If you missed the previous episode before the hiatus, don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode an assassination made an attempt on Bash’s life, and Catherine appeared to be responsible for it. Meanwhile, Mary offers assistance to a jailed peasant who had a curious link to Bash; and Lola tried to stop Catherine from meddling with Bash and Mary.

On tonight’s episode Henry claims Catherine has committed treason and adultery, so she attempts to save herself by shedding light on a dark part of Bash’s past, and Bash and Mary then try to even the score. Meanwhile, Nostradamus discloses the truth about the castle’s ghost.

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Mary and Bash meet with the woman who is taking the baby. She tells them she has kept her well hidden. Mary asks her for some time alone with the baby and the nurse leaves. They check her foot for the mark and Mary says it’s fading and should be gone in a few days and then the can find her a home. Bash frets the damage that would be done to both of them if Isabelle’s baby is discovered in the castle. Mary says Agnes is taking the baby to a village nearby and then when the mark is gone, on to a convent for safe-keeping. Bash is worried he’s putting her at risk but she reassures him.

They get word that King Henry is back and has brought Medicis with him. Two of Catherine’s relatives come into her prison cell and she greets them warmly. They tell her they bring mixed tidings. They tell her the pope refused to see Henry but he has come home determined to kill her on the basis of adultery. Someone brings in a chopping block and unsheathe it so she can see it. Her family says they have come to help her prepare her defense. She asks who they are accusing her of sleeping with and we see Nostradamus tossed into a cell.

Kenna is being coached to give witness of Catherine’s adultery. Catherine comes in and tells Kenna to leave she and Henry alone. He tells her he as a line of witnesses against her and that she can’t stop him. Catherine tells him that wedding his bastard son to Mary will make him look bad to the Vatican. He says that his hands will be clean because he’s put Viscount Delacroix in charge of the investigation. (OMG – it’s Greg Bryk rom SyFy’s Bitten series – smoking hot!)

Catherine greets Bernard and asks how they’re doing. He doesn’t have good news. Catherine promises those in attendance that her money and support of the arts will continue. She meets with Charlotte and tells her that her only chance is to destroy Bash. Charlotte tells her that Mary and Bash have been in the wine cellar meeting with a wet nurse whose been seen in the stables.

Mary meets with Agnes in the stables and Catherine comes down to confront her. Mary says she’s surprised to see her and Catherine says she’s there for a ride. She looks at the baby and Mary says that the baby was found at the castle door. She sees the mark on the baby’s foot as the carriage pulls away. Catherine sends her escort away and tells Mary she knows the baby is a pagan. She threatens her and says Bash will be under suspicion as a pagan.

Catherine tells her that one look at the baby will cost Bash the throne and perhaps his life. She tells Mary she could lose her life as well. Catherine tells her to run home to her mother and leave Bash as Henry’s playmate as nothing more. Mary tells her she won’t be able to destroy her without her head. Catherine says it’s a race then and wonders which one will get there first. Mary tells her she’ll see her head off while she stands beside Bash, the next king of France…

Catherine comes to see Nostradamus in his cell. He’s chained to the wall and she tells him it’s too bad he didn’t predict this. She gives him something to drink and tells him that Henry isn’t very imaginative when accusing them of being lovers. She asks him about paganism and if Bash knows too much of it. He tells her that since Bash hunts, he may know of the customs in the woods. She tells him she’s sorry their friendship has made him a target. Henry comes into the cell and says the guilty couple is together again. Henry offers Nostradamus a deal – he offers him exile from France for his adultery testimony against Catherine rather than death. Nostradamus turns him down and Henry asks Catherine how she inspires such loyalty.

Catherine asks Agnes’ daughter Jean where the baby is and she says the convent but Catherine says they aren’t there. She asks where Agnes lives and threatens her to get answers.

Bash tells Mary that Catherine’s threats are real and says she needs to commit. He says that he’s ready to fight for it. He asks her what would have happened if he had been the Dauphin rather than Francis. One of her ladies bursts in and tells her the Medicis put Jean on the rack and she told them the name of the village. The nurse is alive and in the infirmary. Bash says they don’t know the fastest way to the village but says he can get their first and move the infant. He heads off.

Catherine hears a whisper saying that she and Nostradamus are going to get what they deserve. It’s Clarissa! Catherine tries to confront her but she gets away. Catherine comes into the cell and asks Nostradamus about the “castle ghost” and he explains that Clarissa has bonded with Mary. She asks how long she’s been lurking and listening and Nostradamus says he feels responsible for the girl.

He says that his father brought her home as a baby to try and fix her face. He says her face was disfigured by a birthmark and his father tried to cut it off and then remove it with potions but it putrefied her skin and left her deformed. He said his father told the mother that the baby died and Nostradamus to kill her but he found a couple to take her in and he supported her for years and then brought her to the castle because some of the villagers were tormenting her. Catherine is angry.

She goes to see Henry and says she heard tomorrow is the big day. He tells her she had options and that he’s feeling fine about what’s about to happen. He tells her that she’s incapable of love and Catherine says that they loved each other once and he says that she pushed him away. She reminds him that he was the one who brought Diane to court and sat her on his lap during council meetings. He says he doesn’t like to be a stud horse for breeding and nothing else.

Henry tells her he would have never killed her or put her aside because he loved her once. Catherine tells him that she was taught that love was a delusion. She tells him it’s too late and that the two children they once were are dead now. She strokes his face. He asks if they did. He tells her to let down her hair and let him look at her. She releases her hair and he touches her face. He kisses her passionately and she kisses back.

Bash and Mary show up to Agnes’ house and they are in a panic. They say they need to take the baby and that Agnes and her nephew should go now. They tell her that people are searching for the baby and would question and hurt them. They hear horses outside and look scared. Bash says there are at least six or seven riders outside.

Bash looks out and sees the riders and Mary says if they find them, they will kill them all there. Bash tells Agnes they are all at risk. They ask if there’s a back door. There’s a knock at the front.

Henry lays in bed and Catherine dresses then kisses him. He tells her he didn’t want to do this to her and she tells him not to.

The men come into the house and ask where the baby is. Agnes plays dumb and they demand to be let into her storage room. She says her son has the key and isn’t there. One of the soldiers stabs his sword into the storage area and pierces something. Bash kicks a bag of beans over and they buy that. But the soldiers have the baby and they leave with it.

Viscount Delacroix tells Catherine that the inquest has been postponed. They hug and she tells him she had to tell Henry that she loved him to get him to stop. He looks hurt and she tells him that no one has ever cared for her the way he has. He tells her that he couldn’t let Henry choose another prosecutor – he says he had to protect her. He tells her how much he’s missed her. He asks her to tell him she loves her and she says she loves him best and has never lied to him.

Agnes tells Mary and Bash that Catherine was barren for years with Henry and then turned to another man for comfort. She doesn’t know who it was but says that she’s sure Catherine got pregnant from the other man. Agnes says Catherine was terrified that someone would discover that Henry wasn’t the father of her children. Hmmm… So Bash is the only real child that Henry has… That’s a fun fact.

Agnes tells Henry and Delacroix about the adultery but Henry seems disinclined to pursue it further without any real proof. But then Agnes mentions that the child had a port wine birthmark on her face. She tells Henry that the girl child was given to Nostradamus’ father and died after that. Henrey reacts quickly to this news. Delacroix is tied to a chair and his beard is shaved off.

The baby is brought in but the mark isn’t there. Catherine tells them to take it to a convent and dump it since it isn’t of use to her. Catherine is summoned to Henry’s presence. Henry has Delacroix held in front of Bash and Mary as he confronts him about sleeping with his wife when he was supposedly his friend. Catherine comes in just in time to see Delacroix  hauled out. He tells her he tried to save her and Henry says if she wants more time with him, he’ll have Delacroix’s head delivered to her chambers.

Henry says he has enough evidence to have her put to death. Catherine tells Henry that Bash is a pagan or at least a pagan sympathizer. She holds up a trinket from Diane’s chambers. It’s a soul container and she smashes it on the floor. She holds up a trinket and says it’s supposed to represent Diane’s soul. Bash asks to speak and says Catherine planted the evidence. She says she’s been guarded constantly and they can witness.

Henry asks them and they tell the King that she did find this thing in Diane’s chamber. Henry asks if he’ll testify to it and the guard says he will. Henry cuts off his head and asks the other guard what he saw and he says he saw nothing. Henry tells Catherine that he knows Diane’s beliefs and has no issue with them. He tells her that Diane put her family behind her for love of him something Catherine could never do. Her guard hauls her away. Henry tells Bash the lesson of the day is to cut down any threat large or small as if it was a weed. He asks if his son understands and Bash says yes.

The Medicis comes to see Catherine and they tell her she’s disgraced them all. They aren’t upset by her adultery but by her losing control. They hand her a pill and tell her it’s kinder than execution by axe and less vulgar for the family reputation. They leave her locked up.

Mary tells Bash that Catherine is just the first victim in the road to claiming England. Bash tells her he’s only interested in claiming her and not England. Bash tells her that he will kill Henry for her if he has to. He says he will cut down anyone who threatens or harms her even his own father. She says he’s not like Francis and he agrees that his brother is civilized and plays by the rules. Mary tells him that he doesn’t have to be Francis and he asks if she’s sure and there’s no turning back. Mary kisses him and tells him she comes to him with an open heart. He kisses her deeply.

Catherine stares at herself in the mirror and puts on her makeup and jewels and finally her crown. She contemplates the poison pill. Mary goes to her bath. Catherine comes in and tells her not to panic. She says she was let out to prepare her appeal. Catherine dumps some powder in the bath and holds a knife to her neck. She tells her that she has an alternative for her that will keep them both safe. Mary tells her she means her children no harm but Catherine isn’t sure. Mary is choking from the fumes and getting groggy. She tells her she’ll feel no pain. They are both suffering from the poisonous fumes.

Mary slips below the water and Catherine passes out on the floor. Clarissa bursts in and pulls Mary out of the water and tries to wake her mother. Catherine says she thought she was dead and then tells her to get away. Catherine screams at her to get out and Clarissa runs out through a secret passage. The guards beat down the doors and Bash bursts in and pulls Mary out of the bath. Mary tells Bash that Catherine tried to kill her and Bash orders Catherine taken away and chained up like the animal she is.

Catherine tells her she’s made the wrong choice and should have stuck with Francis. Mary tells her she knows who he is and made the perfect choice.