Reign RECAP 3/13/14: Season 1 Episode 14 “Dirty Laundry”

Reign RECAP 3/13/14: Season 1 Episode 14 “Dirty Laundry”

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and tonight we have another new episode.  On tonight’s episode called, “Dirty Laundry,” Mary’s honeymoon ends and she returns to the castle. Meanwhile, Lola displays some odd behavior, which leads to a secret being exposed.  If you missed the previous episode, don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode Mary had to decide whether to marry Bash or Francis, who returned accompanied by Lola. Meanwhile, Mary’s mother visits and pushed her own agenda, and her mere presence in the castle troubled both Henry and Catherine.

On tonight’s episode Mary returns from her honeymoon and, suspicious of Lola’s strange behavior, uncovers a deception that changes everything.  Bash finds a bewildered Olivia and asks Nostradamus to assist her; and Henry seeks help from Catherine.

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Mary and Francis are in a carriage riding across a snowy field. She tells him she wishes she could go back to two months ago when they were just getting married. They are back from their honeymoon and going back to court. She asks him to turn around and go back to the country house. He tells her things will be different now that they are married and his mother is no longer an obstacle and Nostradamus’ prophecy is no longer a threat. They discuss making babies soon and kiss passionately as they ride.

The Archduke and his sister are in court. They are upset that one of their ships was fired on by the French Navy. The Queen promises to make peace and the sister makes eyes at King Henry while Kenna glares. He finds Kenna and tells her he has a new suitor for her – the Archduke of Bohemia. She asks what’s wrong with him and he says nothing and that since he’s a foreigner he doesn’t know her reputation. Henry tells her the Archduke is pious and will expect her to be a virgin. She asks how she would manage that. He says he will make sure no one will tell him she’s not pure.

Henry introduce Kenna to Ferdinand and leaves her with him. She fake some shyness and then Mary and Francis come bursting in. She hugs her ladies. She tells Greer and Lola he has suitors for them both. The Queen greets Mary warmly and drags Francis away for a talk. Mary heads off with her girls. Catherine tells him that Bash never made it to Spain. She says Bash murdered the guards and took off or they were raided. She tells him the king has people looking for Bash.

We see Bash running through the snowy woods with his crossbow. He’s tackled by a woman who’s out hunting and she calls him a fool. She stopped him short of falling in a boar trap and he thanks her. She calls out his stupidity and he retrieves his weapon. He treks along with her back to her village chatting along the way. She introduces her brother Kerrick to Bash. She tells Kerrick to be nice. He tells him Bash is the first guy she’s brought home. They hear a noise and go to investigate. It’s Olivia!

Mary hands out gowns she brought but Lola tells her the gown is snug. Greer asks if Mary is pregnant and she demurs so she’s not. Mary offer Lola a marzipan and she takes it but then looks queasy. Kenna eyes her.

They ask Bash how he knows Olivia and they see she’s been fed on by something. Bash says she needs help but Kerrick says she has to go. They tell Bash that she’s been chosen by the darkness.

Ferdinand tells Kenna that he’s being pressured to find a wife. She tells him she doesn’t mind the idea of an older suitor and plays the innocent. He tries to kiss her and she flirts. Meanwhile his sister is riding the king like he’s a prize stud. Kenna tells Ferdinand her body is god’s vessel and she must be pure for her future husband. He tells her she and his sister are cut from the same cloth. Henry is riding her on the window sill when she falls out to her death! OMG screwed to death by the French king!

Bash comes to see Nostradamus carrying Olivia. He says he thought Bash was in Spain. He tells him she was wandering in the woods and the slashes she did to herself but the bites were done to her. Bash tells him that she was “chosen” and wonders if it’s the pagan creature they worship. Nostradamus says he doesn’t believe there is a thing in the woods and there’s nothing evil there that doesn’t come from man. He tells Bash to leave him in her care and go so he can stay safe.

Mary comes to see Catherine and she says she wants to help her make babies. Mary says she understands and Catherine gives her a potion to rub on her chest and one to rub on Francis’ junk. She tells her to lie still after sex and take two pills afterward. Henry bursts in and demands to speak with Catherine alone. Mary bails.

Henry tells her that he happened to be “talking” to the Duchess when she fell out his window. Catherine is horrified and reminds him he could have started a war. The Archduke doesn’t know yet and he wants her help because he doesn’t trust her advisers. He tells her that she is France’s best hope. She asks what’s in it for her. Catherine wants Diane’s chateau and he fusses but then caves in and says they have to keep it between the two of them.

Kenna come to see Lola about her affair with Francis. She tells her she knows she’s pregnant by him. She tells her well done and that it’s a good way to secure herself the position of royal mistress. Lola tells her it was one night and she doesn’t want to be his mistress. Kenna tells her Mary won’t take it well but will come around and Francis will love the child. Kenna tells her that she needs to make nice with Mary and keep Francis interested. She tells Kenna she can’t do it. She want to get rid of the child and asks her for help. Kenna agrees to help and says she knows a servant that terminated a pregnancy.

Mary finds Bash in her quarters. She tells him he’s supposed to be in Spain and he says he’s supposed to be dead on Francis’ orders. She insists it can’t be true and that it’s all behind them now. Bash tells her there was something between them and Francis hates him over it. He tells her all it would take is an angry moment to cause his death. She tells him there is no proof. He wants to know if his brother threatened him and she reminds him that Francis is her husband and he tells her to find out who she’s married to. He tells her to put a light in her window if she wants to meet him.

Catherine and Henry scrub up blood and they are mystified because neither has no clue how to clean anything. She tells him to pick up the solid bits. They roll the Duchess up in a blanket and agree to take her to her chambers and toss her out that window.

Lola asks the servant about getting rid of the baby and she tells her it’s dangerous and she might not survive. She tells her she needs to know for a friend and the servant says she knows it’s for her. Lola offers her a handful of coins and the servant finally caves in.

Catherine and Henry drag the body down the hall and he drops his end. He tells Catherine she’s heavier than she looks.

The priest comes to Nostradamus’ chambers and hears Olivia crying out. He tries to wake her and she sees his cross and stabs him with it. He drops dead to the floor and she goes back to her catatonic state.

Francis comes in as Mary is brushing her hair. He asks why she was talking to his guards about Bash’s departure. She asks if he told them to kill Bash and he asks who gave her that idea. She tells him Bash told him. Mary tells him that Bash came unannounced and she says she investigated to clear his name. He tells her he can give her the name of the ship and he says he can create evidence but she should take him at his word like he did when she said his mother was plotting against her. He tells her without trust this is nothing. Francis denies giving the order to kill Bash but says he is not safe from him if he comes near Mary again which he says he’s sure he will. He leaves her and she puts the light in her window to signal Bash.

Catherine works on a suicide note as Henry unwraps the body. They discuss her reason for jumping and Catherine says they should say she was lonely. Henry says to write about unrequited love.

Kenna tells Ferdinand she’s been wondering about a real kiss and he gives her a chaste peck. But then she lays a powerful smooch on him as he struggles.

Catherine finishes the note and Henry says she deserved a better and end and Catherine says – don’t we all.

Ferdinand says she kisses like the French and she reminds him that they are in France. He says she would flourish in Bohemia when his sister’s body falls to the floor. Kenna tells Mary she had terrible timing. They come to Lola’s chambers but she’s gone riding and Kenna says “oh no” and Mary asks if she knows where she is. She’s at the abortionist and looking very nervous.

Mary rides off after Kenna and runs into Bash in thewoods. She tells him she needs his help to get through the blood wood. He agrees to help and they ride off.

Henry tells Catherine to let him do the talking. Nostradamus stops and tells them the priest was stabbed with a crucifix. Catherine shrugs it off and tells him not now. Ferdinand tells them he knows the note is a forgery because his sister couldn’t write. He says it was foul play and says he’ll ferret it out. Catherine tells him that he’s right and that his sister has a lover. She says she walked in on them but wasn’t going to gossip. She says she’s not a judgmental person and Henry chimes in that she’s not.

Catherine tells him that she had the man tortured. She says his sister was ashamed and threw herself from the window and the lover wrote the note to help give them peace of mind. Ferdinand mentions the note says “sexual prowess” and she says it was wishful thinking. They show him the priest’s body and say that he was her lover and they didn’t know he was a priest since he wasn’t wearing his collar.

Ferdinand says he can’t believe the scandal and asks them to not mention suicide or priest lovers and just say she drowned in the river. Henry tells him that he and Catherine would go to any lengths to protect him and she agrees. What scammers!

Lola is on the table and the procedure is about to begin when Mary bursts in calling her name. She asks if she’s all right and tells the woman to leave them. Lola tells her she has to do it. Mary tells her it doesn’t matter and she understands. She says it’s not the end of the world and can help her and Lola says if she only knew. Then it hits Mary and she recalls that Lola arrived with Francis. She asks if the baby belongs to Francis and Lola tearfully admits it.

Mary walks with Bash in the snowy wood and tells him she doesn’t know what will happen. She told him what’s going on with Lola but then tells him that she believes Francis didn’t want him killed. She tells him he must go and cannot care for her but he want to protect her from the royals. She tells him to hate her if he must and he says if he was capable of it, he would.

Henry tells Catherine he’d forgotten how great it was plotting with her. He asks her to stay with him and she stops him and tells him not to ruin it. She walks away.

Mary and Lola return to the castle and Lola says she’s sorry. Mary asks if she’s sorry that she slept with her husband or is pregnant. Lola says she was engaged to Bash and Mary says she knew she still loved Francis. Lola doesn’t want her to tell Francis and says he doesn’t know. She says if Francis finds out her life will be done and she will belong to Francis. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be his mistress. Lola begs Mary to keep the secret.

Bash returns to the villager he met. He tells her he’s leaving France and only came to say good-bye. She says that’s not why he came and asks him to stay for supper and the night with her before he leaves. He looks at her hand tattoo of flowers and says she’s beautiful. They kiss.

Henry practices swordplay as Kenna comes in and she tells him Ferdinand left without saying good-bye and he reminds her that his sister died. She asks why she couldn’t have thrown herself off another castle wall. Henry distracts her with kisses and then perches her in the same window he had Ferdinand’s sister and she says – don’t let go – but you can tell he’s thinking about it.

Nostradamus asks Olivia if she remembers what she did to the priest. She tells him “it’s close” and says the darkness is coming and will take them all. He hears a wolf howl in the night.

Catherine looks out her window. Lola tries to keep her composure. Mary lies awake beside Francis worried.


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