Reign RECAP 3/6/14: Season 1 Episode 13 “The Consummation”

Reign RECAP 3/6/14: Season 1 Episode 13 “The Consummation”

Reign on the CW is getting good in all sorts of different ways, and tonight we have another new episode.  On tonight’s episode called, “The Consummation,” Mary must decide whether to marry Bash or Francis, who returns accompanied by Lola. Meanwhile, Mary’s mother visits and pushes her own agenda, and her mere presence in the castle troubles both Henry and Catherine.   If you missed the previous episode before the hiatus, don’t worry because we recapped everything for you RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode when Clarissa kidnapped the younger children of King Henry and Queen Catherine, Mary and Bash worked with the Queen to find them, with tragic results. Meanwhile, when Lola attempted to help her brother with a debt he owed, Francis rescued her, causing the two of them to grow closer. Caitlin Stasey and Celina Sinden also starred. Holly Dale directed the episode with the story by Wendy Riss Gatsiounis and teleplay by Alan McCullough.

On tonight’s episode with a forced marriage looming, Mary must consider both her heart and her nation when deciding whom she will wed – Francis or Bash.

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Catherine is dressed for her beheading. She asks them not to break the clasp on her necklace. She asks the executioner to strike clean so he doesn’t make a mess of it. Right as he is to strike, someone holds a menu in front of her. She tells them they can’t serve prawns because Elizabeth, her daughter, is allergic. She stands and tells them she wants to see the wine list and the flowers before the big day. She says she wants the nobles to drink up while they wonder who’s next on the chopping block.

Lola and Francis have stopped at a cottage to rest overnight. He worries that his mother may already be executed. He wants to get his mother exiled along with him and plans to go to Morocco. Lola says he’ll stand out there and he says perhaps Sweden. He says she may see him there and she says she hopes he settles somewhere and has a wife and family. They rehearse the cover story on why they will arrive together so Mary won’t know.

Nostradamus rolls in the hay with a woman and he tells her to go. She asks why he continues to do it – as he gets ready to hang himself near to the point of death – and he tells her that’s how he keeps his gift strong. He kicks the stool away and chokes. She cuts the rope and he tells her he had a vision but didn’t see it all. He says it will change everything and the Queen will kill him for it.

Mary and Bash comment on the big death party Catherine is throwing for her beheading. She talks to Henry about her tomb and he balks at the cost. He tells her to quit stalling and she says that they have to wait on the legitimization anyway. She says if it’s denied he could let her live. He disagrees because of her adultery. Catherine tells Mary to pick the place of honor at the dinner table for after her execution.

The trumpets sound and they realize there is a royal visitor. They all stand waiting as the woman enters. The axe gleams on a side table. It’s Marie de Guise – Mary’s mother – and she tells them that the French court has gone to hell. Marie tells Mary she sent her there to wed a king and finds her engaged to a bastard. BTW’s Marie is played by the ever-excellent Amy Brenneman! She tells her that her engagement to Francis was a calculated negotiation and not to be thrown away on a ridiculous prediction.

Mary tells her mother that she’s missed her and wants to explain all about Bash and Francis. She tells her not to make light of Nostradamus’ warning. She talks up Bash and Marie asks if she loves him. Mary says she’s starting to and Marie says there is still time to salvage it. She tells Mary that Scotland is about to fall to Protestantism and the English. She say she needs to marry Catholic Francis who is the heir to the throne of France. Marie tells her she has to support her because she’s the Queen of Scotland and her daughter. She hugs her and Mary holds her mother.

Mary comes to Bash and he asks if her mother is fine. She tells him that her mother is as always. She says her mother has lied to her and plans to stop the wedding. She says they need to elope right that moment. Bash tells Mary he found a village where they can wed. He tells her he will go ahead of them and make the arrangements and for her to meet him at sunset. He kisses and tells her not to plan on sleeping that night since she’ll be his wife.

Marie comes to see Catherine. Marie tells her she knows she broke her word to raise her to be Francis’ wife and that she’s threatened her daughter’s life. Catherine tells her that she gave Mary away so she could rule in her stead. Marie chews her out about believing Nostradamus’ silly prophecy. She tells her that was no reason to change the feature of the continent. She tells her that Mary may be Scotland’s queen but she’s its king. She says that Scotland wants Mary on the throne and she wants her daughter protected and marrying a bastard won’t help. She tells Catherine if she had only kept her husband satisfied in bed there wouldn’t have been a bastard.

The ladies help Mary get ready to go to the church when Lola shows up with Francis. He and Mary stare at each other. She asks why they didn’t announce his carriage. They tell Mary that they came on horseback. She tells her they ran into each other at a chateau and Mary seems to know about the place and doesn’t seem to believe them. The ladies leave and Francis tells her that he’s only there to plead for his mother’s life and then he’ll be gone again for good and he’s not there for anything that belongs to his brother – the crown or the throne.

Catherine hands the mask to Nostradamus that was made for Clarissa. She tells him he was more parent to her than she was. She tells him where she’s buried and asks what will happen to her soul. He tells her some of Clarissa’s life and she says it sounds lonely. Nostradamus tells her he has more images of Francis’ death and that they stopped when Clarissa died. He tells her that Francis could live with marry. He tells her that he told her that her first born would die because of Mary – turns out that was Clarissa, not Francis but neither of them knew it at the time. Nostradamus tells her that he’s seen Mary and Francis’ life together and it’s happy and they have children.

Catherine cries and asks him if he’s sure he will live. Nostradamus tells her to go to Henry and beg for Francis to marry Mary. She says it’s beyond that and she’s been convicted for adultery and treason. She promises if she can’t save her life and Francis’ that she will see him burn before she dies.

Catherine runs to Francis and hugs and kisses him. He tells her he’s going to find Henry and talk to him. She pulls him aside and tells him to forget all the warnings she gave him and Mary. She tells him that his fate has changed and that Mary still loves him. She asks him if he wants Mary, to save her life and the throne. She tells him to go to Mary and tell her that the future has changed and that they can be together. Marie comes up and introduces herself to Francis. She tells him to ride out and stop Mary from eloping and Bash getting his hands on everything he wants. He rushes off and Marie and Catherine share a smile.

Henry is told that there’s a messenger from the Pope.

Francis finds Bash and tells him he knows about the elopement. He says the prophecy has been broken and they argue. Bash tells him that Mary will choose him and Francis tells him that there relationship went beyond that and Bash said there’s did too. They are both obvi talking about sleeping with Mary but Francis refuses to believe she gave herself to Bash. They brawl. Mary rides up and tells him to stop. Francis tells her there is no more prophecy and they can be together. Bash tells her not to listen. She asks Francis what he means and he explains. He tells her to choose him or Bash. She looks between the two of them.

Mary comes to see Catherine and she explains that Clarissa’s death fulfilled the prophecy. Mary asks how she can believe her since she has so much to lose. Catherine slits her wrist and tells her she’s willing to die right there to convince her. She tells her she can do nothing and she will die there. She asks Mary to go talk to Nostradamus so she can be very sure. She tells Mary is she was in her position she would also want to be sure. Mary grabs a cloth and binds Catherine’s wound. Mary tells her that she loves them both.

A page comes in and tells them that Henry wants to see them both. Henry tells the crowd that the queen of England died suddenly and that Mary has to seize it before Elizabeth does. He tells her that she must wed one of his sons tonight and claim the throne tonight. He demands it and Mary tells him that her life is her own and she won’t be bullied by him.

Henry goes to his chambers and Kenna asks to see him. He says no but the page tells him she’s naked under her robe and Henry tells him to send her in. She tells him that it’s nice to see him on his feet since he’s been bossed around by all the women in his life. She tells him that she was wrong to nag him. She asks him to make her a good marriage and says that she can stay at the castle with her husband so he can have her and Diane both. She unfastens his pants and opens her robe. They kiss. He tells her she has learned many skills at court and she tells him to teach her more. She asks for one wealthy suitor a week until she choose one. He pulls off her robe and tells her he’s in charge now…

Mary asks Greer if she’s found her mother – she says she’s with Henry. Greer asks which one she’ll marry but then Catherine interrupts and asks to speak to Mary. She offers her news from the Vatican. She says if the letter confirms Bash as legitimate, it should clear things up for her. She holds it out to Mary and tells her she may love them both but loves one more than the other. Mary says she’s afraid and Catherine tells her to open it. She does and Catherine tells her that she’s free now to find the man she loves.

Mary goes to Bash. He’s shirtless and hot but she tells him she can’t marry him. He tells her not to let her mother taint her and says he can force the Pope’s hand. He tells her he will always put her first. He begs her to tell him she loves him and she tells him she loves him but says he loves Francis more. She leaves. He’s crushed.

Mary sees Francis in the hall and runs to him. They kiss. She has the letter and gives it to him. It’s blank and she tells him his mother showed her what was truly in her heart. He asks if she will marry him and she says yes. They kiss again and hold each other close.

punished for reaching for the throne and he promises he will. They kiss again.

Bash is drinking when Francis finds him. He tells Bash he needs to leave and never come back. He says that he had Mary but not the crown and Francis doesn’t like that. He tells him to go into exile if he wants to survive. Bash argued that he needn’t go if Francis was inclined to be forgiving but Francis says he’s not so inclined. Francis tells him what needs to be between them is distance if he wants to survive.

Marie tells her daughter they will have another wedding at Notre Dame so all of France can celebrate their marriage. They prepare her for her wedding. Lola tells Kenna that she shouldn’t be with the king – that it’s a mistake. Kenna tells Lola that the chateau she claimed to stay at with Francis burned down last year so she’s making her own mistakes and can’t tell Kenna anything. Catherine has been forgiven so she gets to keep her head.

Nostradamus hears a girls singing in the banquet room and she tells him she was told to sing it near him. He asks by who and says she was paid by someone. He says that girl is dead and it’s impossible. It was Clarissa’s song she was singing!

In the chapel, Catherine accuses Marie of delivering false news of the English queen’s death and Marie says it served its purpose. The doors open and Mary walks in and down the aisle to Francis, her groom. Henry watches Kenna walk by and the ceremony proceeds. Mary and Francis sign the marriage contract as her mother looks on pleased. Catherine smiles as well.

In the woods, Nostradamus goes searching for Clarissa’s body, but it’s not there and a trail of blood leads away from it. He follows and realizes she’s alive. Uh-oh – that is not good news for the prophecy!!!

Mary and Francis are man and wife. The crowd cheers and they dance their first dance as a pair. They twirl. Someone whispers in Henry’s ear. Mary smiles in her husband’s arms. They kiss as the other dancers twirl around them.

Henry finds Bash in the hall and he tells his father is leaving. He tells his son he can’t leave yet.

Marie tells Mary that the English queen is alive and well. She tells her Catherine knows but to keep it quiet otherwise. She tells her that happiness is often built on someone else’s hurt. Mary says she broke Bash’ heart. Mary tells Marie to get out. She tells her to go back to Scotland and not fail her there.

Nostradamus comes into the great hall and sees Mary and Francis. He sees them happy as he did in the vision. He sees Mary crying as Francis lies beside her in bed dying after just a year of marriage. He sees blood in Francis’ ear and then he’s dead. Mary begs him not to go and kisses him. Nostradamus snaps out of it and Catherine comes up to him and apologizes for threatening him and thanks him for telling him about the change in their fate. He lies and tells her that they will have many years together.

Francis is on top of Mary in bed getting busy with her. The nobles stand around the bed watching – yes watching. Before you get icked out – this was tradition. They actually watched the newlywed couple get it on the first time to ensure everyone that the marriage was properly consummated. Henry has Bash’ hands tied behind his back and tells him before he leaves the castle he needs a lesson on what is not his. He brings him into the bedchamber for Bash to watch Francis on top of Mary. Mary looks over and sees him as does Francis who then begins putting on a good show. Bash hangs his head.

Bash is in the woods heading off. The guards offer him water before they release him. He attacks and slays the guards before they can kill him. He asks one who is dying if it was Catherine or Francis who paid him to kill him. He dies before he can answer.