Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Still Hooking-Up at Cannes Villa – Doesn’t Care About Imogen Ker

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Still Hooking-Up at Cannes Villa - Doesn't Care About Imogen Ker

It has been an emotional roller coaster ride for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart supporters. Twihards were devastated after Kristen’s birthday trip to Coachella was a bust and Rob spent the entire weekend with Katy Perry. But, then new reports emerged that there was still hope for the Twilight alums reconciling, and sources confirmed they were on the road to amends and planned to rent a villa in France together during the Cannes Film Festival.

Rob and Kristen supporters were once again thrown a curve ball today when it was revealed that Rob is actually dating a mysterious blond woman – and sources have confirmed the lucky blond woman is Imogen Ker. Ker and Pattinson were spotted on a date in Los Angeles at The Little Door around 1:00 AM. While some fans are arguing that Ker and Pattinson were on a friendly outing, let’s be real – you don’t hit up LA hotspots with a “friend” at 1:00 in the morning. You meet friends for coffee at cozy diners when during normal hours.

Kristen Stewart is most likely furious, not only has she been dissed by Rob … again. But, her BFF Dakota Fanning has some explaining today. Who is she truly loyal to, Rob or Kristen? It turns out Imogen Ker is actually a friend of Dakota’s. So, is it a mere coincidence that Rob is now dating Imogen? Or, did Dakota actually hook them up? It’s always awkward when you are friends with a couple and the couple splits, but it seems that Dakota Fanning has made it clear where her true allegiance lies.

Do you think that Dakota overstepped her boundaries by introducing her friend Imogen to Rob Pattinson? Or, was she always better friends with Rob and just tolerated Kristen Stewart while they were dating?

But don’t panic Twihards, we hear that Rob and Kristen have no plans to call off their romantic Cannes villa stay. Both of the glittering vampire couple are now more comfortable with the open relationship concept than when Kristen cheated with Rupert Sanders and broke Rob’s heart. That experience toughened up old Rob somewhat and since then they both sleep around a fair bit.

  • No one still sees anything unusual about all this extended furious hostility from tabloids & ‘fans’?

    Where did it come from, why can’t so many of them get past it?

    Stephenie Meyer – worldwide embarrassment to the female gender for accidentally & ignorantly causing Twilight Fan (and ANTI-Twifans) OVER-obsessions by leaving her SEXUAL fantasy
    GLARING throughout her silly saga as only an AMATEUR AUTHOR would. She is a smug, greedy, selfish pig for never taking responsibility for her harmful writing that brought so much division and hate to both her fans and the world.

    Neither Kris nor Rob have made any other movie that would cultivated these wild over-obsessions; NOR have they made any other movie that has divided their fanbases and the WORLD so

    • If you’re a clueless Twilight MOVIE fan who is unfamiliar with how The Twilight Saga was irresponsibly & harmfully written, published and produced into movies – of course I sound like a crazy person in that case.

      But, I’ve been defending both Kristen and Robert since I started with Twilight in the Summer of 2010 (pre-Eclipse). These kind of mean pr assaults and just-as-mean ‘fan’ comments were off the rails long before I came along OR the ‘cheating’ scandal occurred.

      NONE of you have been following this scandal for as long or as diligently as I have for NON-actor-obsessed reasons.

      STOP being so damn mean – ALL of you.

      SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for all the gory details on the stupid Twilight ‘cheating’ scandal finale –
      along with the history of The Twilight Saga and the unusual over-obsessions of Twilight Fans (especially older ones).

  • Elizabeth Black

    This site has some hilarious creative writing stories.

  • Yvette Daly

    Everyone needs to get off Kristen Stewarts back and quit calling her a “trampire”. Those who have not sinned, cast the first stone. And NOBODY is free from sin. Which means, everyone can shut the hell up!! Rob isn’t exactly innocent either. He’s been bouncing from one bimbo to another, including Kristens, ( so called ), friends. This is completely out of hand. I really hope that Kristen no longer wants to be with Rob after all he’s been doing to, ” get even “, at her. Such childish actions for a man his age. I hope Kristen’s moved on. She certainly doesn’t need all of this aggravation. And, she certainly doesn’t need friends like, Katy Perry and Dakota Fanning. And, ” open relationships ” never work. Everybody’s too busy screwing everybody and then you have STD’s and HIV / AIDS to worry about. It’s not worth the risk. Whatever the case may be with this vicious circle, it’s really none of our business. They need to be left alone to heal and move forward.

    • Julie Soule

      You are so right

      • Dawn

        You are so very sad

      • Hayley

        Your really pathetic bitter old hags.Hes happiness and success are making you all bitter.Stay press hater.

    • Dawn

      Excuse me just what is Rob doing? It always turns
      out to be a bunch of false gossip. People put their
      own spin on stories. Rob is not the type to” to get
      even” with anyone. have you actually seen Rob in
      bed with all these women , of course not because
      it’s not true. But ks has even admitted to being un-
      faithful and not caring how much she hurt him
      I’ll bet if Rob was the one who cheated you would
      condemn him forever. Look into the truth not all the
      garbage you read.

    • Hailey

      Your psychotic you sound like the people from GC.Are you really delusional show me the proof that robert been with women show me videos/pics.There’s nothing you can proof because it never happen you just sound really bitter because robert is single,successful,and living hes life happily.That’s why your bitter about it because hes not hidding and look sad.He actually looks carefree and improud of him and what hes accomplish. Stay press haters.Your just making the kristen fandom look really bad.

  • Julie Soule

    That Rob is probably with the next roll in the hay, he looks bored

    • Hayley

      You must be bored for hating on robert.Looking at hes pics and reading articles about him.Yeah your life really suck i feel sorry for you.

      • Julie Soule

        You live in a dream world

      • Julie Soule

        Your life sucks equally or you wouldn’t be here with me

  • Irony

    Your moniker is a pic of Kristen Charlize and Rupert but it hides Charlize who is between them. Irony!

    Another piece of irony–this article says, come on just friends don’t leave at 1am they go out during the day to coffee shops like normal people. Funny no one said that when Rob left a bar and shared a ride (where were they going together?) in NYC with Sarah Roemer at 2am –long before Kristen & Rupert scandal. If any other man had rumors and pics with just friends follow him like Rob has we’d all be saying he played around before Kristen ever did. But this is Rob, I mean Edward, and he can do no wrong.

  • yeah right

    omg, he is “dating” every single girl on the planet who he is seen within 3 feet of….”Rob sat next to mystery blonde, are they getting married?”…”Rob brushed against a mystery brunettes shoulder on his way out the door, is this the new love of his life?”…..GIVE IT A REST

    • Elizabeth Black

      lol yes, it’s ridiculous.

  • 3’s company

    So when exactly during this dinner did Jamie Strachan, Dakota’s supposed boyfriend and Rob’s friend, join them? He was pictured leaving the restaurant with them.

  • Hayley

    Okay showed me the pocs do you have videos to prove it.Or a witness come on show it to me.I would love to see them…..oh wait a second there’s no proof of anything your saying.Because is not true your so bitter and a total loser.Your trying to change the story when you know what really happen.Let me remind you what really happen.In 2012 pics came out on the internet of kristen and an older guy who is the director.She posted a letter that said that she was sorry and loves and respects robert.Then robert went to promote Cosmopolis in NYC in August.In all the interviews he did not trash kristen or emberassed her like other celebrities when they break-up.They just talk badly about there exes.Robert didn’t not ever he respected her.Then for 3 months we didnt see them together.Until October they were caught together with friends.He took her back he didnt cared the emberassement or what people were calling himfor taking her back.He stood by her at the promo for BD2.He stood by her through all those months.Then May happen and sense then we havent see them really together.So thats why some fans from your fandom are so bitter because hes never been unfaithful or caught kissing a girl during the relationship with her.You guys see him happy and successful and that kills you and even hes caught with another girl holding hands and kissing.He has a right to do that because hes single and has a right to be happy.Honestly both of them deserve to be happy they deserve happiness and is really sad that they have hateful people talking ah*t about them.

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